It turns out that the majority of dentists are positive about the universal dental checkup system

Branding Technology Co., Ltd.
It turns out that the majority of dentists are positive about the universal dental checkup system
Dentistry Town conducts a questionnaire to 31 dentists and publishes real voices about the system

A group company of Branding Technology Co., Ltd. (President: Yuki Kimura, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Securities code: 7067), Symphonical Co., Ltd. (Representative), which supports branding and digital marketing of medical institutions as a medical branding company President: Yusuke Sawada, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), a dental clinic search and reservation portal site “Dental Town”, has conducted and announced a questionnaire regarding the “Universal Dental Health Checkup System”.
In this questionnaire, a questionnaire was given to 31 dentists. We will deliver a real voice to the “universal dental checkup system”. See detail page: [Image 1

[Questionnaire overview]
The government has decided to consider the introduction of a “universal dental examination system” with the aim of maintaining the health of teeth and mouth and extending the healthy life expectancy of the people. In response to this decision, Dentistry Town conducted a questionnaire for dentists. Based on the opinions of the 31 dentists who responded, we summarized the dentists’ thoughts and opinions on this system.
[Table 2: ]
Question 1: “Do you think the universal dental checkup system is good?” [Image 2

The total of 77% of the respondents answered that they were “very good” or “good” about this system. The majority of dentists seem to take it positively.
See details: Question 2: What do you think frankly about the universal dental checkup system? *Multiple answers allowed
[Image 3

The most common answers were, “I think it’s a great opportunity to promote the importance of oral care (48.4%)” and “If it becomes a national system, we can expect a change in the mindset of Japanese people (48.4%).” . Most of the opinions were generally positive, but there were only a few negative opinions, such as “I don’t think there will be much change in attitudes or behavior even if the system is established (32.3%).”
See details: Question 3: What do you think about the use of tax money for the universal dental health checkup system this time?
[Image 4

Approximately 61% of respondents answered “very good” or “good”. In general, it turned out that there is a positive view that tax money is used.
See details: Question 4: According to the user survey, 35% of people do not know that oral care is important to prevent systemic diseases. What do you think about this number? *Multiple answers allowed
[Image 5

In the past, we conducted a questionnaire on the “importance of systemic disease prevention and oral care” to general patients who made an appointment with a dentist using Dentistry Town. As a result, 35% of the respondents said, “I don’t know that oral care is important to prevent systemic diseases.”
This time, as an opinion on this result, “I want more appeal / enlightenment from the government and dental associations (58.1%)” “I want more appeal / enlightenment from media such as TV, newspapers, and the Internet (51.1%)” 6%).
See details: Question 5: Are there any cases where other diseases have been cured or physical condition has improved due to the improvement of the oral environment at your hospital?
[Image 6

32.3% answered “frequently”. 45.2% answered that it is “rarely”, and it was found that treatment and care at the dental clinic may improve it. Please see the details below for specific improvements.
See details: Question 6.: What are the characteristics of clinics that focus on or are good at dental checkups? What kind of points should I look at to make a decision?
[Image 7

In this question, we ask you to answer freely about the
characteristics of dental clinics that focus on or specialize in dental checkups, and what points you should look at when making a decision. I was. In terms of inspection, dental clinics that conduct detailed examinations such as “intraoral bacteria test” and “oral function test”, in terms of treatment, “focus on periodontal disease treatment”, “treatment using a microscope”, “self-cleaning It seems that there are dental clinics that carry out such as.
Please see the details below for specific details.
See details: Question 7: What do you focus on when conducting health checkups at your own hospital? *Multiple answers allowed
[Image 8

In this question, multiple answers were given for the items that are emphasized when performing dental checkups at their own clinics. The top three answers were 96.8% for 1st place, “tartar adhesion status and presence or absence of periodontal pockets, etc.”, 2nd place for “examination of the number of teeth and gingival condition” at 93.5%, and 3rd place for “cavities and tooth decay”. 90.3% for “checking engagement”.
See details: Question 8: Do you think that the implementation of the universal dental checkup system will change the attitudes of patients and increase the frequency of their visits to dental clinics?
[Image 9

About 45% of the respondents answered that they think it would go up, which was the most common result. It seems that nearly half of the dentists think that they will go up.
Please check the specific answers from the answers below.
See details: 【summary】
From the results of this survey, I hope you can see that many dentists have a positive view of the universal dental checkup system. The introduction of this system is expected to change people’s awareness of dental and oral health, leading to more active dental checkups. As a result, it will increase healthy life expectancy and lead to benefits such as reduced medical expenses.
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