It’s kind of addictive A stuffed toy of the original character “Osage-chan” by illustrator Nuku Nuku Nigiri Meshi!

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[It’s kind of addictive] A stuffed toy of the original character “Osage-chan” by illustrator Nuku Nuku Nigiri Meshi!
Straight bangs and pigtails. Somewhat languid atmosphere becomes a habit!
From CAMPFIRE Co., Ltd. (CAMPFIRE Creation), illustrator Nukunuku Nigirimeshi’s original character “Osage-chan” plush toy is now available!
This is now available at Village Vanguard Online.

[Image 1d18131-3950-909e833b7f4ce5addf3f-0.jpg&s3=18131-3950-16ab2e5397358c48944b3ea90212cb55-1500x1024.jpg
Straight bangs and pigtails. It’s a stuffed animal with a somewhat melancholy atmosphere!
What is “Osage-chan”?
An original character by illustrator Nukunuku Nigirimeshi.
Profile: Pigtails
Features: Pigtails, a girl with straight bangs and a straight eye. ▼Sales page
Osage-chan stuffed toy 7,480 yen (tax included)
[Image 2d18131-3950-9f7e187e5a583142bb35-1.jpg&s3=18131-3950-d42c8177519b88d391131a08e13ded95-3000x2001.jpg
How about this cuteness, the pigtails are also faithfully reproduced! ! The size is about 20 cm in height. It’s just the right size to put on your lap. [Image 3d18131-3950-df468c1f3fa1ea7f95aa-2.jpg&s3=18131-3950-05b273bf24c188d3ef5dfd9519a2c2b6-3000x2001.jpg
The reproducibility of the hood is also high! A very cute finish! [Image 4d18131-3950-7a0321ad59d2e2bdf091-3.jpg&s3=18131-3950-8c2f49a0fe7819a8eb024760cb1680a9-3000x2001.jpg
This ennui atmosphere, irresistibly cute pigtails.
Take me to a cafe…
[Image 5d18131-3950-c923b32b0c6fcb224349-4.jpg&s3=18131-3950-03c80b2b562ed220a780844b17c29e6b-3000x2001.jpg
Let me warm you up at home…
Please welcome pigtails and give them lots of cuteness.
[Image 6d18131-3950-20bd52c0dbfe4f61efe6-6.jpg&s3=18131-3950-8eefcd555fbbcff51ff255076d54ced5-3000x2001.jpg
[Image 7d18131-3950-7b371ac2f765e44531cd-5.jpg&s3=18131-3950-fb284b66e7570de2620ad34a9ec9ceaf-3000x2001.jpg
▼Sales page
▼Product details
pigtails stuffed toy
Price: 7,480 yen (tax included)
Size: Width 18cm Height 20cm Depth 16cm
Material: 100% polyester


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