Itty Co., Ltd. Limited time campaign held November 8th is the “Elea Night Bra & Shorts” campaign, which is more advantageous than the bust care brand that sold a total of 500,000 copies (*) of the “Good Oppai” Day Series . In session

Itty Co., Ltd.
[Limited time campaign held] November 8th is “Good Oppai” Day Series A total of 500,000 copies (*) have been sold from the bust care brand, and the “Elea Night Bra & Shorts” campaign is being held
From Tuesday, November 8, 2022 to Wednesday, November 30, 23:59
Itty Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hiroshi Takimoto), which develops independently developed products related to beauty and health with the philosophy of “producing attractiveness”, announced on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. In connection with the day of “good boobs”, a campaign is being carried out for the “Elea Night Bra & Shorts” product for a limited time from the 8th (Tuesday) to the 30th (Wednesday).
[Image 1d88556-17-1e19788f3c0f825ff5e7-6.png&s3=88556-17-1cde87aecdbb0f27b24568ab2158f6df-640x627.png
The “Good Oppai Day” campaign that is being held is a campaign where you can get up to 57% off the set of Elaine Night Bra & Shorts, and if you buy a set of 3 to 5 pieces, you will get more than half the price, which is more advantageous than anywhere else. In addition, if you purchase a set during the campaign, you will receive one “Elea Night Bra” as a gift. In addition, we have prepared three major benefits that present a bust care pack (Night Rabbit) and a bust-up tape. Don’t miss this great opportunity!
Campaign site URL: [Image 2d88556-17-bec6955a43a73e7f6c9c-12.png&s3=88556-17-3baafce93bb3d200ba61f28f36a75cc0-1920x476.png
*Eleary series cumulative sales count period: October 18, 2018 to September 30, 2022.
■ Campaign details
Benefit 1. Save even more from the set discount price!
Only for this campaign, Elea Night Bra & Shorts are up to 57% off from the set discount price! Save more than half the price by purchasing a set of 3 to 5
▼Set of 3
For those who purchase 3 Elea Night Bra & Shorts sets, the normal price is 26,940 yen (tax included), but 2 bust care packs, bust-up tape, and 1 Elea Night Bra are also available for a 54% discount of 12,219 yen (tax included). ) (14,721 yen discount)!
▼ Set of 4
For those who purchase 4 sets of Elea Night Bra & Night Shorts, the normal price is 35,920 yen (tax included), but 2 bust care packs, bust-up tape, and one Elea Night Bra are also available at 15,599 yen (56% off). Tax included) (20,321 yen discount)!
▼5 piece set
For those who purchase 5 sets of Elea Night Bra & Night Shorts, the normal price is 44,900 yen (tax included), but 2 bust care packs, bust-up tape, and one Elea Night Bra are also available at 18,999 yen (about 57% off). Tax included) (25,901 yen discount)!
Privilege 2. Luxurious Privilege Gift
A gift for all those who have purchased 3 or more Elaine Night Bras! We will present a bust care pack and bust-up tape that you can feel the effect even more when you use one piece of “Elea Night Bra” in your favorite color and a night bra as a set.
[Image 3d88556-17-8f95575a1ee270bfe498-13.png&s3=88556-17-3e63508fbd55b337afe1b53d7d1d500b-640x476.png
[Image 4d88556-17-35dbe2dec2b8501e1254-9.png&s3=88556-17-161cf27dae7e19aebd93f1342f46b77b-640x476.png
・ Bust care pack “Night Rabbit”
Filled with beauty ingredients that make your bust firmer and firmer, A handy bust care product that you can just put on and sleep on. It also features a unique rabbit-shaped pack that covers the decollete. * It is more effective if you wear the Elea Night Bra over the pack. ・Bust-up tape
By pulling up the bust, the top line is raised, creating an ideal bust with increased volume.
* It is more effective if you wear the Elea Night Bra over the pack. [Image 5d88556-17-41c7c0a19e3c33870d92-1.png&s3=88556-17-d8ef1ae82f6a6ce0c1a034603bc24922-640x281.png
*It is a temporary effect by wearing it.
■ What is the popular “Elea Night Bra” born from the voices of 200,000 people? Elea Night Bra is a product that was born from the voices of 200,000 people, such as “I want to make my breasts look beautiful!”, “I want a stress-free bra!”, and “I want a night bra that looks cute!”. It is a very popular night bra that has achieved 10 crowns in the past and won first place in the Rakuten ranking.
The 4 special structures allow you to rest while you sleep, creating a firm and upward bust.
It comes with an adjuster that is not found in other night bras, so you can not only bring your bust together, but also raise it firmly to keep your bust looking upward while you sleep.
POINT 1. Bust-up adjuster that lifts the bust
Comes with an adjuster, which is rare for a night bra, to keep your bust upward. The adjuster is wide, so it does not dig into your shoulders and is stress-free.
[Image 6d88556-17-396700bef9c02a828514-10.png&s3=88556-17-e39007e37995a1c88fb1cb792385a807-640x980.png
POINT 2. Guide the bust to the golden ratio
Wraps your bust that tends to flow to the sides while you sleep. [Image 7d88556-17-b2aa517e9a9b6f1d6cdd-8.png&s3=88556-17-85a543f3f491e53b7f6974b93004b64b-640x1045.png
POINT 3. The high side structure makes the back look neat and clean! Firmly lifts the meat from the back to the armpits
[Image 8d88556-17-228fff43fb1a6dc12dc7-11.png&s3=88556-17-cf2fe2c1187c86978375aa548aba0ef5-640x1011.png
POINT 4. Wire-free to keep beautiful underlines
Supports around the ribs and keeps the bust from escaping. Because it is wireless, you can sleep comfortably even if you wear it while sleeping.
[Image 9d88556-17-8c300958eb82bf277ec9-4.png&s3=88556-17-3e0db1654003c362d2ab8878822e2281-640x376.png
In addition, the water-absorbing and quick-drying fabric keeps you comfortable even when you sweat.
You can wash it in the washing machine by removing the pad and putting it in the laundry net, so it is easy to clean.
There are 12 colors and 3 sizes, S, M, and L.
For more information, please visit the official page.
■Not just cute! What are the super-excellent “Elea Night Shorts”? Elea Night Shorts are not only cute with “Elea Night Bra”, but also super excellent as shorts! I would like to introduce three happy points.
With the “hip lifting line” that brings you closer to the ideal round buttocks, and the “style support line” that leads to a beautiful posture just by wearing it, you can improve the style of your buttocks.
In addition, the “water-absorbing and quick-drying fabric” keeps you dry and comfortable even when you sleep.
POINT 1. Raise the top line of the hips for the ideal round buttocks POINT 2. Style support that leads to a beautiful posture just by wearing it Point 3. Moisture-absorbing and quick-drying fabric keeps you comfortable! [Image 10d88556-17-7921a2c4990796b6804c-5.png&s3=88556-17-0b84c755da15f6d19e4b60cf7fdd45ea-640x407.png
[Image 11d88556-17-acdf2b94f3329b2c7d44-7.png&s3=88556-17-3b7784a8f13909ca838d9cc8490c2aea-640x576.png
■ Color development
A total of 12 colors are available for both Elea Night Bra and Shorts! [Image 12d88556-17-9353b24d3d3af153296b-2.png&s3=88556-17-4aa716f5a0424f9dbd2332ac60da9060-640x452.png
* The M size of “Milk Tea Chocolat” and “Bitter Chocolat” was well received by many customers and was sold out. We appreciate your understanding.
■Size chart
[Image 13d88556-17-2b4fc4010604f6484cc7-0.png&s3=88556-17-3668f72287c1fb45fed28c2c39e960b4-640x263.png
Precautions by size
Depending on your bone structure and body shape, this size may not always be suitable.
In addition, those who fall under the size other than the applicable size may not be able to wear it depending on the customer’s feeling of use, so please consider it before purchasing.
Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges due to size differences. ■ Product overview
Product Name: Elea Night Bra
Official URL: Price: Single item 5,500 yen (tax included)
3 piece set 13,200 yen (tax included)
Set of 4: 16,500 yen (tax included)
5 piece set 19,250 yen (tax included)
Size: S size (top bust 72-82cm / underbust 60-70cm)
M size (top bust 79-87cm / underbust 70-80cm)
L size (top bust 86-94cm / underbust 80-90cm)
Material: Body fabric: 100% polyester
Lace: 90% nylon, 10% polyurethane
Lining: 95% rayon, 5% polyurethane
Product Name: Elaine Night Shorts
Official URL: Price: Single item 4,500 JPY (incl. tax)
Size: S size (Hip 82-90cm)
M size (hip 87-95cm)
L size (hip 92-100cm)
Material: Body fabric part… 100% polyester
Lace part: 90% nylon, 10% polyurethane
Power net…88% polyester, 12% polyurethane
■Company Profile
[Image 14d88556-17-bd466b7e4bb405da9e15-14.png&s3=88556-17-db6de79118d25469c26cf4d163a50d07-300x168.png
Trade name: Itty Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Hiroshi Takimoto
Location: 2-14-18 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Shibuya Building 8F
Founded: September 2009
Business description: Product planning and development, EC site management, direct sales business, TV mail order, storefront, catalog mail order, wholesale business, overseas wholesale business, container OEM service
Capital: 138 million yen
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