ITX Japan Co., Ltd. ZARA SRPLS 2022 Fall/Winter Collection

ITX Japan Co., Ltd.

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The SRPLS Fall/Winter 2022 collection is a fusion of mastered sharpness and enlightened sophistication. It was born out of a new quest to transcend the basics. Zara’s capsule collection continues to offer a worn-in fresh take on the intersection of fashion and function, built on a utilitarian base. The strength and glamor that characterize the city look is applied to zippers, see-through and hardware details to sublimate the collection as a sophisticated wardrobe.
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Soft-shoulder suits and washed outerwear are fitted with adjustable D-lock belts. Long-sleeve buttoned shirts and shirt dresses are layered with form-fitting pieces for a dimensional look. In addition, the detail using eyelets further enhances the softness of the rib knit material. Luxuriously voluminous, the poncho has practical patch details borrowed from Navy submarine sweaters. The finely tailored tailored pants can be worn with slit details and drape by opening and closing the buttons on the hem. Patchwork skirts deconstructed from cargo pants, bold crimson hues reimagined, and aviator jumpsuits offer uniforms for navigating the modern world. A contemporary monochromatic bomber has a modern off-white finish, while a short hoodie is embellished with a dramatic flare of faux fur. Brushed leather trousers with double belt construction. We are developing a collection that can be freely adapted regardless of gender, including functional zipped Aran knit.
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Tough, tactical, and utilitarian themes: zips down sleeve sleeves and pant legs complement the SRPLS’s signature fabric and knitwear textures. The argyle cut-out knit, the translucent skin captivated by the layering of sheer shirts, and the unconventional button placement are like silhouette-defining details. Become.
Key items: leather motor pants, field jackets and shirts, powerful chevron knits, snow parkas, high-waisted wide-leg chinos with embellished belts, reimagined patchwork bombers, and reimagined two-color peacoats.
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Complementary to women’s and men’s designs, it’s never just a ‘mini size’ collection. Its design incorporates the elements of comfort, practicality and unpretentious coolness. Based on bold color-blocked casual pieces, washed fabrics soften the neutral palette. The collection focuses on comfort for all kids, regardless of gender. The ZARA SRPLS Fall/Winter Collection will be available on November 3, 2022 (Thursday) at Drop 1 in Japan at the Shinjuku store and the official online shop, followed by Drop 2 on the 11th (Friday) of the following week.
・Creative Director and Stylist: Karl Templer
・Photographer: Craig McDean
Models: Jeanne Cadieu, Rossana Ovalles, Beauise Ferwerda, Dyanira Hurbuscher, Awar Odhiang, Rayssa Medeiros, Aivita Muze and Iza Dantas. Fabien Naiivo, Dante Scheck, Freek Iven, Antoine Brabant, Tunji Obeme, Steven Groen, Issa Naciri and Joshua Seth .
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