Izanagi Games Izanagi Games will hold an offline event just before the release of Episode II of the VR investi gation game “Disklonia: CA” with MyDearest on Thursday, December 8th! Ticket sales start today, November 22nd!

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Izanagi Games and MyDearest will hold an offline event just before the release of Episode II of the VR investigation game “Dischronia: CA” on Thursday, December 8th! Ticket sales start today, November 22nd! Shoya Chiba, who plays the main character Haru Saion, and Yu Serizawa, who plays Airi Clover, will appear at the event!

Izanagi Games Co., Ltd. (Koto-ku, Tokyo, Producer and CEO: Shinsuke Umeda) and MyDearest Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kento Kishigami) will release on Friday, December 9th. We have announced that a commemorative event just before the release of the VR investigation game “DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate (hereafter “Discronia: CA”) -The Final Bullet-” will be held on Thursday, December 8th at LOFT HEAVEN in Shibuya. .
■Mr. Shoya Chiba and Mr. Yu Serizawa appear! 『EMERGENCY MEETING』 A commemorative event just before the release of the VR investigation game “Disklonia: CA EP II -The Final Bullet-” will be held!
[Image 1

An “EMERGENCY MEETING” was held likened to EP II, where further incidents occurred beyond the development of EP I and faced a crisis. At the event, Shoya Chiba, who plays the main character Haru Saion, and Yu Serizawa, who plays Airi Clover, will appear!
In addition to the director of this work, Ao Sueoka, general producers Kento Kishigami and Shinsuke Umeda will also be on stage to explain the highlights of EP II, which will be released the day after the event.
■We will deliver special content such as the first performance of a new song by episode theme song artist YuNi, and a reading drama by voice actors!
《Project introduction》 *The contents of the description are part of the entire project.
– First public release in Japan! The first stage of the new theme song by episode theme song artist YuNi
*It will be a video appearance, not a live appearance.
● Event limited scenario! Reading drama by Shoya Chiba and Yu Serizawa ●You can get autographs from Shoya Chiba, Yu Serizawa, and YuNi! Venue attendee-limited autograph lottery
●Explanation of EP II points of interest by the development staff ● EP I & EP II production secret story talk
■We are looking for letters to the event!
We are looking for letters for the talk corner in the event! The two voice actors will take on the challenge of “mentoring” by the main character, Haru, as an inspector!
We will mentor all of you by recruiting troubles from the participants and solving them!
Application form: https://forms.gle/wsVeKpwSzm7qJeLs9
■Ticket information
[Image 2

“Sales period”
November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) 18:00- (Limited quantity for all ticket types / First-come-first-served basis)
《Ticket sales URL》
《Ticket type and benefits》
1. Premier ticket ¥9,900 (tax included) [Includes event limited goods & front area seats (1st and 2nd seats)]
・Front area seats (1st and 2nd rows)
・Event limited T-shirt
・Neck strap
・Event pass
・Can batch (set of 2)
・Commemorative coin
・2 lottery tickets
2. Ticket with merchandise ¥7,500 (tax included)
・Intermediate area seats
・Event limited T-shirt
・Neck strap
・Event pass
・1 lottery ticket
3. Standard ticket ¥3,900 (tax included)
・Normal seat
・Neck strap
・Event pass
・1 lottery ticket
4. Online participation ticket ¥ 5,900 (tax included) [Special ticket for participating in the event online]
・Event limited T-shirt
・Neck strap
・Event pass
*This event is a one-drink system. Please order either “normal drink (¥600)” or “event drink with sleeve (¥1,000)”.
* The “lottery ticket” included in the bonus is a ticket to
participate in the autograph lottery held at the event venue. One person each will receive an autograph from Shoya Chiba, Yu Serizawa, or YuNi.
*Part of the program for this event will be distributed free of charge. You can watch the entire program by purchasing an “online participation ticket”. In addition, there is no distribution of patterns such as lottery held only at the venue. Please note. ■ Event overview
DYSCHRONIA: CA EP II -Shutai no Gundan- Release Commemorative “EMERGENCY MEETING”
Date: December 8, 2022 (Thursday) 19:15 Open / 19:45 Venue Limited Program Start / 20:00 Start
Venue: LOFT HEAVEN (Shibuya, Tokyo)
Venue access: https://www.loft-prj.co.jp/heaven/access.php
Cast: Shoya Chiba (role of Haru Saion), Yu Serizawa (role of Airi Clover), YuNi (episode theme song artist/video appearance), Kento Kishigami (general producer), Shinsuke Umeda (general producer), Aoi Sueoka (Director/Draft/Scenario)
[What is “Dischronia: CA”]
[Image 3

The stage is far in the future, in a sea city with a crime rate of 0.001%. Your mission is to become the inspector general “Hal Scion” and solve the “murder case that should not have happened”.
Explore a mysterious city and uncover the truth of the incident while making full use of the special ability to dive into the “owner’s memory” of objects touched with your left hand. It is a VR
investigation game where you can enjoy the experience of entering the world of movies and a magnificent story.
■ Work details
Title: DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate
Compatible hardware: Meta Quest 2 (VR) / Nintendo Switch (Non-VR) Developer: MyDearest Inc. / IzanagiGames, Inc.
Genre: VR Nonstop Investigative Action (VR) / Cinematic Investigative Adventure (Non-VR)
Players: 1
Availability: [Meta Quest 2nd edition (VR)]
Episode I – False Awakening -: Friday, September 23, 2022 JST Episode II -The Final Bullet-: Friday, December 9, 2022 JST
Episode I – False Awakening – : ¥2,208 (tax included)
Episode II -The Final Bullet- : ¥1,490 (tax included)
*The Meta Quest 2 version of this work is developed in all three parts. “Dischronia: CA” official website https://dyschroniaca.com/
“Dischronia: CA” Official Twitter https://twitter.com/dyschronia_jp Chronos Universe Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/chronos_unv Chronos Universe Official YouTube Channel:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzYfmRE2d6uWI3WorYAbXTw/videos User participation type accomplice community “Chronos Ajito”: https://chronos-universe.com/lp/chronosagit_2/
About MyDearest
Company name: MyDearest Inc.
MyDearest Co., Ltd. is a VR startup that released “Tokyo Chronos” in 2019 and “Altodeus: BC” in 2020. Planning and development. There are creators in all fields such as music, programming, and design, and Mr. Kazuma Miki, the representative director of Straight Edge Co., Ltd., who is famous as the editor in charge of “Sword Art Online”, is also participating as an advisor.
・MyDearest official website
・MyDearest official Twitter account (@MyDearest_corp)
About Izanagi Games
Izanagi Games is an interactive entertainment production company focusing on consumer games, with the philosophy of directly appealing to the global market for games created with Japanese creators. Headquartered in Koto-ku, Tokyo. By expanding the range of
fundraising, we will increase opportunities for excellent creators to create new IP and games, and by approaching the whole world as a sales market, we will deliver an interactive entertainment experience centered on games to a large number of users. The aims.
Works such as “Death Come True”, “World’s End Club”, and “Yurkil” have been released to the world on various platforms.
・Izanagi Games Official Website
・Izanagi Games official Twitter account (@izanagigames)
▼When posting, please include the following copyright notation. (C) Project DYSCHRONIA.
・The Nintendo Switch logo and Nintendo Switch are trademarks of Nintendo. Details about this release:


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