Izu Shaboten Park Co., Ltd. Izu Granpal Park “Izu Kogen Gran Illumination” has won first place for the third consecutive year at the “10th Illumination Award”!

Izu Shaboten Park Co., Ltd.
Izu Granpal Park “Izu Kogen Grand Illumination” has won the 1st place for the 3rd consecutive year at the “10th Illumination Award”! Received first prize in the Professional Performance Category for the third consecutive year following 2020 and 2021

Japan’s first! The hands-on illumination “Izu Kogen Gran Illumination ~8th Season~” will be held from November 11, 2022 (Friday) to the end of August 2023 in the special area of ​​Izu Granpal Park.
[Image 1d38159-83-de28ad06d3b72f5b2f37-5.jpg&s3=38159-83-c25035c54997cc33a0c9565c7bcadcc1-3383x1701.jpg
Izu Granpal Park “Izu Kogen Gran Illumination” will be held on November 11, 2022 (Friday), the “10th Illumination” sponsored by the General Incorporated Association Night View Tourism Convention Bureau (Tokyo: Marumaru Motoo) and Pia Corporation. Award”, won first place in the “Professional Performance Category” (*). This is a remarkable achievement of being No. 1 for 3 consecutive years following last year and the year before.
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Granilumi ~8th Season~
The Illumination Award is given to more than 6,000 night view and illumination appreciators nationwide managed by the Night View Convention Bureau, a general incorporated association. We conducted a questionnaire on the item, and decided the ranking of three
categories, “Comprehensive Entertainment Category”, “Illumination Category”, and “Professional Performance Category”, based on the number of votes.
[Image 3d38159-83-3ed15db8cf810dc8f363-0.jpg&s3=38159-83-2a256fa01ded87575e5c624f1851754f-2100x1400.jpg
The theme of the 8th season is “great adventure”
In recent years, unique illumination events that have been elaborated all over the country have appeared, and have been upgraded to more “attractive illuminations”. Among them, “Izu Kogen Gran Illumination” achieved the remarkable achievement of winning first place in the “Professional Performance Category” for three consecutive years. [Image 4d38159-83-878ff53deeb2dde04c21-4.jpg&s3=38159-83-0292b058a90744c68fee04684f842974-2700x1800.jpg
Photogenic spots too
Based on the concept of Japan’s first “experience-based illumination”, “Izu Kogen Gran Illumination” continues to evolve in its own style, with night attractions, show times, interaction with nocturnal animals, and other “illuminations that are not just for viewing.” increase.
[Image 5d38159-83-3261120c28597eeae83a-3.jpg&s3=38159-83-b63d49c3530698315c2f0816f3504345-2700x1800.jpg
Be captivated by the colorful lanterns
In the “8th Season” starting today, November 11, 2022 (Friday), the main area will be renewed under the theme of “Great Adventure”. More three-dimensional, more colorful! Please enjoy the world of Gran Illumination, which continues to transcend the boundaries of illumination.
(*) The 10th Illumination Award “Professional Performance Category” tied for first place

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