J Corporation Co., Ltd. A place where anyone can casually stop by and feel the paintings up close

J Corporation Co., Ltd.
A place where anyone can casually stop by and feel the paintings up close “Small Museum Jspot” Opens November 15th!

J Corporation Co., Ltd. will open “Small Art Museum Jspot” in Oshikuma-cho, Nara City, where anyone can easily enjoy various paintings on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Admission is free, so come visit us anytime. You can also use it as a “rental gallery”. [Image 1d111088-2-59cf4f2c750ef0ad94b5-0.jpg&s3=111088-2-da0fb4430e64e416c5f8c8c32d59ca26-2560x1702.jpg
[Image 2d111088-2-b15aa6882233bd2a9941-1.jpg&s3=111088-2-5f5ef75a8ac5b50ba2c2c83389c8c33f-1000x665.jpg
An art space with high-quality collections, including prints by well-known overseas artists
“Small Museum Jspot” Webpage: https://jspot-museum.com/
5 Features of “Small Museum Jspot”
You can enjoy a large number of collections centered on prints by world-famous overseas artists anytime and for free.
You can also use the “small art museum J-spot” as a “rental gallery” as a place for presenting works such as paintings, ceramics, calligraphy, and photographs.
We also sell paintings suitable for gifts (10,000 to 30,000 yen). In addition to exhibitions of works by famous painters such as Picasso, Miró, and Chagall, special exhibitions will be held to discover new artists. It will be a place to connect those who love paintings with those who have yet to see the light of day.
As a countermeasure against infectious diseases, we are constantly replacing the air with the latest automatic ventilation system according to the CO2 concentration, so you can use it with confidence. Emergency Earthquake Early Warning We have installed an automatic broadcasting system.
Background of the birth of “Small Museum Jspot”
J Corporation Co., Ltd., which operates the “Small Art Museum Jspot”, is a developer and seller of emergency earthquake warning receivers. I thought it would be nice if people could feel free to become familiar with paintings, which led me to launch an art space where people can casually stop by whenever they feel like it. I will do my best to create a comfortable space where you can expand the space for interaction through art, heal yourself with paintings, and spend time in a relaxed mood.
About rental gallery
You can also use the “small art museum Jspot” as a “rental gallery” as a place to present works such as paintings, ceramics, calligraphy, and photographs.
In addition to introducing the latest automatic ventilation system as a countermeasure against infectious diseases, we have adopted an emergency earthquake early warning automatic broadcasting system so that everyone can use it with peace of mind.
It is also a feature that you can use full-fledged facilities unique to art museums.
[Image 3d111088-2-c8bcc07821c72c5c5535-2.jpg&s3=111088-2-c383be238fad47da32bb748db9adfb04-960x634.jpg
Center light: 10 (dimmable/color adjustable)
Rail light (spot): 40 pieces (dimmable)
Exhibition stand: 1 place (317cm x 50cm)
Folding table: 4 (180cm x 50cm)
Reception table: 1 (110cm x 35cm)
Cafe table: 1 (80cm x 80cm)
Staff storage: 1 place
Wired LAN: 4 ports
Wi-Fi: Gallery dedicated Wi-Fi
Number of power supplies: 26
Paintings can also be displayed in the business meeting room. Gallery overview
[Image 4d111088-2-1659c22d69a113b1a1e9-3.jpg&s3=111088-2-6a11f690f5957ff6cfa108b216f4253c-1000x665.jpg
Gallery name: Small Museum Jspot
Phone: 0742-53-5556
Address: 〒631-0011 557-7-4F Oshikuma-cho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture access:
-By train-
12 minutes by taxi, 25 minutes by bus from Kintetsu Saidaiji Station 8 minutes by taxi from Kintetsu Takanohara Station, 30 minutes on foot 25 minute walk from Kintetsu Heijo Station (no taxi)
-By car-
Keinawa Expressway Yamadagawa IC 8 minutes
Keinawa Expressway Seika Gakken IC 10 minutes
*Parking lot: 5 cars can be parked in the “Trunk Room Hirota no Kura” parking lot diagonally across from the hotel.
Business hours: 10:30-16:00
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, closed in summer and winter (you can check the exhibition schedule on the website for other temporary closed days)
URL: https://jspot-museum.com/
About J Corporation
We are a leading company that has been working on earthquake early warnings since the Meteorological Agency’s demonstration experiment started in 2006.
[Image 5d111088-2-832ac2694edd20ecb414-4.jpg&s3=111088-2-7a25d2464a65449ab6b405d3b41a2f38-600x430.jpg
【Company Profile】
Company name: J Corporation Co., Ltd.
Location: 557-7-4F Oshikuma-cho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture 631-0011 Representative Director: Jotaro Arakawa
Business description: Handling and sales of emergency earthquake early warning receivers
Established: April 8, 1994
HP: https://www.jcorp.co.jp/
Details about this release:

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