JA Zennoh’s direct mail order JA Town This year’s year-end gift campaign is being held at the direct delivery mail order site “JA Town”

JA ZEN-NOH direct marketing mail order JA Town
A year-end gift campaign is being held at “JA Town”, a mail-order site direct from the production area this year
-The second campaign is a gift card gift for large orders-

JA ZEN-NOH is holding a “year-end gift campaign” on the “JA Town” direct delivery site, and will start the second campaign from November 14th (Monday).
The second campaign is the “Large Order Campaign”, during which 100 people who purchase a total of 20,000 yen or more of eligible products will be given a JA Town gift card worth 5,000 yen by lottery. At JA Town, we have more than 9,000 products such as fruits and vegetables from all over the country, meat, rice, and specialty products from all over the country, so you can always find something that will please your recipient.
Fruits are the most popular gift items for year-end gifts, but other regional specialties besides fruits include Nagasaki Wagyu beef (for sukiyaki and shabu-shabu), Oita sweet potato “Amata-kun”, and Kagoshima sweet potato “Marongold”. , Ishikawa’s rice “Hyakuman Koku” is also a popular product.
[Image 1

Beni Madonna, Nagasaki Wagyu Beef, Sweet Takun
At the same time, a free shipping campaign is also being carried out, and more than 4,000 items are eligible for a great bargain. If you are looking for local JA specialties but can’t go home, or if you are wondering what to give to your loved ones who have been indebted to you, please use JA Town’s year-end gift campaign as a greeting and thank you for the year. .
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JA town year-end gift campaign
Campaign details URL: https://www.ja-town.com/shop/e/e10000505/ [Campaign details]
● 2nd early reservation campaign
Target period: November 14th (Monday) to December 16th (Friday), 2022 Contents: When purchasing a total amount of 20,000 yen or more during the target period, 100 people will be selected by lottery to receive a JA Town gift card worth 5,000 yen.
[JA Town]
 JA Town is a direct-to-farm mail order site operated by the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (JA Zennoh). Based on the theme of “Let’s live with delicious Japan,” agricultural cooperatives (JA) nationwide, which have stores in “JA Town,” offer seasonal agricultural and livestock products and specialty products grown in each production area directly to customers via the Internet. We aim to deliver and realize a rich life through food.
“Jeta” is the image character for JA Town.
The JA Town official ambassador is Kasumi Ishikawa (ZEN-NOH). URL: https://www.ja-town.com/shop/f/f0
[Twitter account “JA Town [Official]”]
“JA Town [Official]” regularly sends information on seasonal agricultural and livestock products from production areas nationwide and information on advantageous campaigns.
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ja_jatown
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