JAC Recruitment received the highest rank of “Gold” in the “PRIDE Index 2022” evaluation index for LGBTQ+ initiatives

JAC Recruitment
JAC Recruitment received the highest rank of “Gold” in the “PRIDE Index 2022” evaluation index for LGBTQ+ initiatives
Establishment of an internal committee, awareness-raising activities, system development, etc. were highly evaluated.

JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd. operates a recruitment business in 11 countries around the world and boasts the largest scale (*1) in Southeast Asia.
(Chairman and President: Hiromi Tasaki) has recently announced that in the evaluation index “PRIDE Index 2022” (* 2) for initiatives for sexual minorities such as LGBTQ + formulated by the voluntary organization work with Pride, Received the highest rating, Gold. (*1) In-house research (compared with other companies in the same industry that operate recruitment businesses in Asia) (*2) Supplementary explanation on the next page
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Since its founding, JAC Recruitment has set “Fairness” as one of its Philosophy & Policies, and fairly evaluates the abilities and achievements of each employee regardless of age, gender, or
nationality. We have an organizational culture. As part of this, we are focusing on diversity and inclusion, working on “promoting the active participation of female employees” (*3) and promoting “improving employee awareness and understanding of LGBTQ” as a company-wide project. increase. (*3) Supplementary explanation on the next page
[About our LGBTQ+ initiatives]
Starting in 2021, we will launch an LGBTQ Committee within the company, and with the aim of raising awareness and deepening understanding of LGBTQ within the Group, we will hold seminars by inviting external lecturers and hold seminars as an “alai” (*4). We are carrying out various activities such as distributing stickers that express our intentions.
(*4) A word derived from the English word “ally,” which means “to agree, support, cooperate,” etc., and refers to people who understand and support LGBTQ+, or their way of thinking.
-Main Activities-
・Twice a year, we conduct an in-house awareness survey.
・Training for executives and managers
・Conduct video training for employees
・Implementation of ally development training for committee members ・Meetings to exchange opinions with departments in charge of LGBTQ+ at other companies
・Distribution of ally stickers to those who wish to declare their ally status ・ Partial revision of the personnel system, such as making same-sex and common-law employees eligible for congratulatory and condolence payments, etc.
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These activities have led to clear results, such as a 41.8% increase in awareness of Arai from the initial results in a questionnaire survey of all employees. JAC Recruitment will continue to engage in various activities with the aim of realizing a society in which everyone respects human rights.
(*2) What is the PRIDE Index?
Established in 2016 by the voluntary organization “work with Pride,” this is Japan’s first evaluation index for evaluating workplace initiatives for LGBTQ+ and other sexual minorities. The evaluation index consists of the following five items.
1. Policy (Declaration of Action)
2. Representation (Party Community)
3. Inspiration
Four. Development (Personnel System/Program)
Five. Engagement/Empowerment (social contribution/external relations activities) (*3) Efforts to promote the utilization of women by our company We have established the Women’s Empowerment Committee, which is divided into the following two teams.
・Team 1: Life & Career
In order to enable all female employees to realize their careers while maintaining a balance between life and career, we also offer various challenges within the company, including careers to become managers. We will contribute to the creation of an organizational climate that allows us to think positively about business and realize it. ・Team 2: Unconscious Bias
By being conscious of, aware of, and responding to various unconscious prejudices centered on gender, diverse employees can demonstrate their abilities, and the entire Group
Contribute to the creation of an organizational culture for sustainable growth. [JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.]
Established in 1988. Specializing in recruitment of specialists and managers, it is one of the largest listed companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market with a “double-sided” business model in which one consultant is in charge of the company and human resources at the same time. One of our strengths is the introduction of human resources with international business experience. In Japan, more than 50% of sales in the global domain, such as the overseas businesses of foreign-affiliated companies and Japanese companies, account for more than 50% of the total sales. A group company of JAC International, which specializes in recruitment for foreign-affiliated companies, C.C. Consulting, which operates the job site CareerCross, and JAC Recruitment International Ltd., which operates recruitment businesses in the UK, Germany and eight Asian countries. , is a global company that operates in 25 locations in 11 countries around the world under the umbrella of Vantage Point, which develops a recruitment business specializing in the consulting and financial industries.
[URL] http://corp.jac-recruitment.jp (Corporate site)
http://www.jac-recruitment.jp (Job change site)

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