JAF Fukuoka December 12th, practical training at Higashi Fukuoka Driving School

General Incorporated Association Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) [Local] [JAF Fukuoka] December 12th, practical training at Higashi Fukuoka Driving School
Sudden jump while driving! Judgment on the spur of the moment, are you confident?

The JAF Fukuoka Branch (branch manager Shinichi Uchino) co-sponsored with the All Japan Traffic Safety Association on December 12th (Monday) at the Higashi Fukuoka Driving School (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture) to hold a practical training course “Drivers Seminar General” using private cars. course” will be held.
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“Danger avoidance” experience
The purpose of this seminar is to help you understand your own driving skills and the characteristics of the car through driving experiences that cannot be done on public roads, using your own car, which will lead to safe driving. You can reconfirm the basic driving operations “run, turn, stop” and “see, judge, and operate” that are essential for safe driving. In one of the curriculum, “Danger Avoidance,” you will experience whether you can instantly judge and avoid dangerous situations that occur while driving.
Participant’s voice
I was able to participate in the course with confidence because I participated in my own car, which I am used to. I felt that my body could not keep up with “immediate judgment” more than I thought in my head.
Overview of the event
■ Date and time
Monday, December 12, 2022
■ Venue
Higashi Fukuoka Driving School
(1-14-1 Maimatsubara, Higashi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture) ■ Participation conditions
Ordinary driver’s license (AT only available) with more than 1 year of driving experience
Those who can come by private car with 3, 5, or 7 numbers (vehicles with ABS only, modified cars are not allowed) with voluntary insurance.
■ Participation fee
JAF/Traffic Safety Association member: 1,100 yen,
General public 2,200 yen
■ Vehicle used
Trainee’s own car (private car)
■ Application deadline
Wednesday, November 30th
* Apply to the two-dimensional code below
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■ Organizer
JAF Fukuoka Branch, All Japan Traffic Safety Association
[Image 3d10088-4305-38b909de4d938f107087-4.jpg&s3=10088-4305-9c5f05a4fb2f5756e8e3e2363d212afc-179x118.jpg
Let’s spend New Year’s Eve by safe driving

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