JAL Concluded new contracts for SAF procurement with renewable fuel manufacturer Neste and ITOCHU Corporation

Concluded new contracts for SAF procurement with renewable fuel manufacturer Neste and ITOCHU Corporation
-In addition to overseas, we will expand the procurement and use of SAF in Japan-

November 7, 2022
No. 22070
 The JAL Group is working to make all flights sustainable, such as aiming for net zero CO2 emissions by 2050, and to transform air travel into a value to be proud of. As part of these efforts, Neste OYJ (headquartered in Finland, hereinafter “Neste”) (*1), one of the world’s largest renewable fuel producers, and ITOCHU Corporation, Neste’s general agent in Japan (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “ITOCHU”) has signed a contract for the procurement of SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel).
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[Three initiatives to be promoted with Neste and ITOCHU Corporation] ・As an overseas initiative, we have concluded a contract with Neste to procure SAF at Los Angeles International Airport, and plan to install the SAF supplied by Neste on our regular flights during November. ・As a domestic initiative, Itochu Corporation and Neste have signed a contract to import and procure SAFs manufactured by Neste to Japan, and JAL is scheduled to operate on the Tokyo (Haneda) – Okinawa (Naha) route on November 18. It will be installed on sustainable charter flights (*2).
・As a future initiative, we have signed a memorandum of understanding with ITOCHU Corporation to discuss SAF procurement in FY2023. By March 2023, Neste plans to have a large-scale manufacturing facility in Singapore capable of producing 1 million tons of SAF per year, which is expected to significantly increase production. We will continue to work with Neste and ITOCHU to procure SAF overseas and in Japan.
(*1) Neste OYJ:
One of the world’s largest renewable fuel producers. It owns manufacturing facilities in Finland, the Netherlands, and Singapore, and produces approximately 100,000 tons of SAF per year from waste cooking oil, animal fats, etc. Going forward, production capacity in Singapore and the Netherlands will be increased, with plans to produce approximately 1.5 million tons of SAF per year by the end of 2023 and approximately 2.2 million tons per year by the first half of 2026. (*2) September 22, 2022 press release No. 22051 “Japan’s first flight with virtually zero CO2 emissions on the Tokyo-Okinawa route” https://press.jal.co.jp/en/release/ 202209/006915.html
[Toward net zero CO2 emissions in 2050]
This agreement with Neste and Itochu Corporation is based on JAL’s SAF usage targets (1% of all fuel capacity in FY2025, 10%), it will further advance the procurement and use of SAF. In North America, we have already concluded SAF purchase agreements with oneworld alliance airlines (*4) (*5). procurement and use of
Going forward, we will aim to procure SAF overseas and accelerate our own and oneworld procurement activities. We will work on
commercialization, popularization and expansion.
In addition, in order to make all flights sustainable toward 2050, the JAL Group will introduce in-flight meals in consideration of SDGs and reduce single-use plastics in addition to SAF procurement efforts. increase.
that’s all
(*3) Press Release No. 22010 dated May 6, 2022 “JAL Group Medium-Term Management Plan Rolling Plan 2022 Formulated for 2021-2025”
https://press.jal.co.jp/en/release/202205/006652 .html
(*4) December 1, 2021 press release No. 21082 “JAL and oneworld alliance members to procure SAF at San Francisco International Airport, USA” https://press.jal.co.jp/ja/release /202112/006392.html (*5) March 22, 2022 press release No. 21130 “JAL and oneworld alliance members to procure new SAF at US West Coast airports”
https://press.jal.co.jp/ja/ release/202203/006591.html
(*6) Press release dated March 2, 2022 “Establishment of ‘ACT FOR SKY’, a volunteer group working on the commercialization, spread and expansion of domestic SAF (sustainable aviation fuel)”
https://press.jal.co .jp/ja/release/202203/006558.html
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