Janome Co., Ltd. adopts eSOL’s real-time OS for high-end computer sewing machine with embroidery function for overseas market

eSOL Co., Ltd.
Janome Co., Ltd. adopts eSOL’s real-time OS for high-end computer sewing machine with embroidery function for overseas market

eSOL Co., Ltd. will use eSOL’s real-time OS “eT-Kernel(TM)” as the core for the “Continental M17” computerized sewing machine with high-end embroidery function that Janome Co., Ltd. sells in North America, Australia and Europe. Announced that the software platform has been adopted.
November 8, 2022
eSOL Co., Ltd.
Janome Co., Ltd. adopts eSOL’s real-time OS for high-end computer sewing machine with embroidery function for overseas market

eSOL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Katsutoshi Hasegawa, hereinafter eSOL) is a high-end embroidery machine for overseas markets sold by Janome Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Janome) in North America, Australia, and Europe. We are pleased to announce that the computerized sewing machine “Continental M17” has adopted eSOL’s real-time OS “eT-Kernel(TM)” as its core software platform (hereafter referred to as “eT-Kernel”).
The Continental M17 is the top-end model released by Janome (April 2022) and is a flagship model with the industry’s largest embroidery area as a home sewing machine, the industry’s first two-screen touch screen, and the industry’s fastest embroidery sewing speed. It is equipped with high-performance and full-featured functions unique to the model.
The eT-Kernel used in this product contributed to the construction of the basic parts of the main system, such as the ability to draw embroidery on the touch screen and communication control. In addition, through eSOL’s professional services, eSOL took care of porting the OS from the previous model, and provided a BSP (Board Support Package) to support smooth development. In the future, eSOL’s real-time OS will be used in other Janome products.
eT-Kernel is a real-time OS with improvements and extensions to the open source T-Kernel 2.0 in terms of performance and functions. In addition to automotive equipment, it is used in a wide range of fields, including industrial equipment, satellites, and consumer electronics. eT-Kernel is a real-time OS with a small footprint*[1] and excellent real-time performance. For the first time as a domestically produced OS, we acquired product certification for both the highest safety levels (ASIL D, SIL 4) in the functional safety standards ISO 26262 (automobiles) and IEC 61508 (industrial
equipment). For software development, the development environment “eBinder(R)”, which is closely integrated with eT-Kernel, is used. eBinder provides functions and tools specialized for software development for real-time OSs, enabling efficient development of high-quality software.
Comment from the person in charge of development at Janome Co., Ltd. “The decisive factors for adopting eSOL’s eT-Kernel were its high portability from μITRON, which was used in the previous model, and the well-developed professional service system, such as the provision of BSPs. We were able to develop a high-performance, high-quality product.”
Comment from Masaki Gondo, Senior Managing Director, CTO and General Manager of Software Division, eSOL Co., Ltd.
“We are very honored to have eT-Kernel adopted for Continental M17. eT-Kernel has a track record of being installed in a wide variety of devices globally, and is also used in many high-performance, multi-functional consumer devices. We will continue to strongly support software development for embedded systems by providing software platforms that include professional services that meet the needs of user systems.”
▽ “Continental M17” product details: https://www.janome.com/cm17/ ▽ Janome Co., Ltd. Website: https://www.janome.co.jp/
▽ eSOL product user case study:
■ Supplementary material
About eT-Kernel
eT-Kernel is a real-time OS with a small footprint and excellent real-time performance. Memory protection is achieved with the unique ring protection function. In addition, since it uses a flat memory space without using MMU*[2], provides services, and has similarities to μITRON in terms of internal OS configuration, it is ideal for migration from μITRON. Equipped with a configuration switch that can select the same direct function call as μITRON, it can speed up the operation of eT-Kernel.
▽ Details of eT-Kernel: https://www.esol.co.jp/embedded/et-kernel.html About eSOL Co., Ltd.
eSOL is a leading global company in the fields of embedded systems and edge computing, aiming to contribute to the realization of a safe and superior connected society through innovative computer technology. Founded in 1975, it is currently listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. (Securities code: 4420) eSOL’s unique
multi-kernel technology (patented) eMCOS(R) real-time operating system (RTOS) centered on high-performance and scalable software platform products and excellent professional services It is used around the world in all embedded application fields, including automotive systems that require strict quality, safety, and security standards, FA, artificial satellites, medical equipment, and digital home appliances. In addition to research and development of cutting-edge in-house products and joint research with major manufacturers and universities, we are actively promoting standardization activities for AUTOSAR, Autoware*, and multi-many-core technology.
▽ Esol Company Information: https://www.esol.co.jp/company/greeting.html

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