Japan Benex Co., Ltd. Japan Benex operates Japan’s largest mega solar power plant (approximately 3.7 MW) for renting a roof in Chiba City

Japan Benex Co., Ltd.
Japan Benex operates Japan’s largest mega-solar power plant
(approximately 3.7 MW) in Chiba City
One of the largest in Japan, surpassing the Benex Inzai Solar Port (approximately 3.0 MW) scheduled to start operation in 2020

Nippon Benex Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture; President: Yohei Kobayashi; hereinafter referred to as Nippon Benex Co., Ltd.) has established a solar power plant called Benex, which rents the roof of the logistics facility Prologis Park Chiba 1 in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. We are pleased to announce that the Chiba 1 Solar Port has started operation. It will be one of the largest in Japan (output of approximately 3.7 MW) as a roof rental type solar power generation facility (“roof rental mega solar”). [Image 1

“Benex Chiba 1 Solar Port” is the 16th roof rental solar power plant for Benex Japan. 6,786 solar modules have been installed on the roof of the logistics facility “Prologis Park Chiba 1”, and construction has started. Annual power generation is expected to be approximately 3.86 million kWh, which is equivalent to approximately 1,300 households. In 2020, Japan Benex started operation of Benex Inzai Solar Port (approximately 3 MW), which was one of the largest roof rental mega solar plants in Japan at the time, but this time, the output will be approximately 3.7 MW, exceeding that.
[Outline of Benex Chiba 1 Solar Port]
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32810/table/35_1_4cf320cc663738e71b4604f6742faf02.jpg ]

With the operation of “Benex Chiba 1 Solar Port”, the number of in-house power plants owned by Benex Japan has increased to 33 (approximately 34 MW). Of these, 16 solar power plants (approximately 25 MW) are leased roofs.
Japan Benex will contribute to the further spread of renewable energy through the construction of solar power plants.

[Image 2d32810-35-4604e7d650c73194d6c5-2.png&s3=32810-35-bf9d8d9c55154866bf49f5bce6af882f-1766x832.png
Based on our 65 years of experience in precision sheet metal processing since our founding, we entered the renewable energy business in 2012 and established a new pillar of our business. With the purpose of “continuing to do good work”, we are developing a business that creates new value for society. Owns a power plant of about 15 MW in Chiba Prefecture and will serve as an official sponsor of the Chiba Lotte Marines from 2021.
[Image 3d32810-35-6e3fc07db254e1286d80-1.jpg&s3=32810-35-16f63ed03288eeac9176934ba9cc7f8d-3500x1509.jpg
zozo marine stadium
URL: https://www.japan-benex.co.jp/
Headquarters: 99-48 Tsukuba-cho, Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture Representative: Yohei Kobayashi, President and Representative Director Established: 1957
Number of employees: 196 (including group companies)
Business description:
・Contract manufacturing (precision sheet metal processing)
・Environmental energy business (development of solar power plants and related in-house products)

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