Japan Functional Cosmetics Laboratory Co., Ltd. Thailand x Japan Planning A 100% vegan tint trip from the ne w brand frunflynn! Even if you remove the mask, you can achieve a sexy “moisturizing complexion”

Japan Functional Cosmetics Laboratory Co., Ltd.
[Thailand x Japan project] A 100% vegan tint trip from the new brand frunflynn! Even if you remove the mask, you can achieve a sexy “moisturizing complexion”
A mask-proof tint that lasts with moisture with an “oil in water formula”!
Japan Functional Cosmetics Laboratory Co., Ltd.
(https://www.cosmelabo.shop/) is pleased to announce the first landing in Japan of the Thai cosmetic brand [frunflynn]. [frunflynn] means “glittering, glittering, dazzling” in Thai. It is a brand that has such thoughts so that you can feel the power of wearing a glittering veil just by holding it. Cosmetics like amulets that snuggle up to you land from Thailand. From December 1, 2022 (Thursday), at the official mail order site Laforet Harajuku 5F store “JF LABO COSME (JF Labo Cosmetics)”, 100% vegan prescription “frunflynn” that achieves “gloss x moisture x hard to fall off” Pre-sale of Shine You Glow Tint” will start.
★ Frunflynn official website https://frunflynn.com/
[Image 1d43421-67-a8c2d2feffa09056e08c-1.jpg&s3=43421-67-aecbffcde601f21f9fc80ced0a2927f2-3900x3900.jpg
An Asian trend created by a joint project between Japan and Thailand! As a pioneer of Asian cosmetics, Japan Functional Cosmetics Laboratory Co., Ltd. handles many Japanese cosmetics such as Thai cosmetics and Chinese cosmetics. There are many products with excellent quality, functionality and design, and we have received many positive comments from users. However, among them, there were some products that, while boasting high quality and functionality, did not match the Japanese market trends and could not be released. Therefore, we teamed up with a Thai company to launch a new brand that combines the goodness of a hybrid that has not been found in Thai cosmetics so far.
◆ About frunflynn
[Image 2d43421-67-92847a30fece2075a9b0-0.jpg&s3=43421-67-75a91c5ab4c2fb003ec6dbaefc812920-1280x1919.jpg
I will never forget the glittering heart.
Gentle and comfortable with less burden on the skin
Just holding it will make you feel excited with its cuteness. Fulfilling your “Non-negotiable Conditions”
Natural cosmetics “frunflynn”.
I will gently snuggle up to you and deliver a glittering everyday. For you to shine like yourself. Furunfrin’s products are vegan and cruelty-free (no animal testing), and we try to be as considerate as possible.
-Furnfurin Official Site-
-Furnfurin Official SNS-
frunflynn shine you glow tint
A tint lip that does not use any animal-derived ingredients and is made with 100% vegan ingredients that are both gentle on the lips and have good color development. The “oil in water formula” that forms a glossy film on the lips provides plenty of moisture, while achieving a “glossy, moisturizing, non-sticky” finish that does not make the surface sticky. Gloss oil with a high refractive index is used to bring out the fresh luster to the maximum. The nuanced color with a loose feeling melts into the lips, and the sexy “moisturizing complexion” persists even after removing the mask.
[Image 3d43421-67-daf08753706918f99020-2.jpg&s3=43421-67-d79d96f13173db5eb9d69ff13b51b5cd-2234x2234.jpg
-Product Features-
“Difficult to fall” is natural.
Even though it is a tint, it gives your lips a gloss-like gloss. ■ Oil in water formula
The “oil in water formula” that forms a glossy film on the lips provides plenty of moisture while giving the surface a non-sticky finish. Gloss oil with a high refractive index is used to bring out the fresh luster to the maximum.
■ All day long*
It is both smooth and comfortable to use like water and has a long lasting color. A tint rouge with a nuanced color that melts into your lips and maintains a sexy “moisturizing complexion” even after removing the mask. *According to our research. Activity time during the day
■ “Glossy” like gloss in 5 minutes
By leaving it for a while after application, the surface of the lips overflows with a wet gloss and the lip color is fixed. Even if you eat and drink, the color will not fade easily, and the natural complexion will continue.
◇How to use
Twist open the cap, take an appropriate amount on the tip and apply it to your lips. It is recommended to leave it for about 5 minutes to make the color last longer (there are individual differences in fixation).
[Image 4d43421-67-9ece9a7da24f19055014-3.jpg&s3=43421-67-b213d2f00f6e4c77d2ea3ee31286fb0e-2700x2700.jpg

Color variations -6 colors-
Inspired by the plants that vividly color the streets of Thailand, such as the water lily that blooms on the waterside of Thailand and the auspicious tree of Ratchaphruek (Golden Shower), this translucent skin-friendly product is inspired by Good nuanced color. Each color carries a wish derived from the flowers it is inspired by. Even if you choose the wish you want to grant or the power you want to obtain. [Image 5d43421-67-8e71d0811b67e75187ae-5.jpg&s3=43421-67-d48b64edfd7ea53bcb71823e1748943a-3900x2278.jpg
01 Pink carpet: “Fairy pink” with pure transparency
Flower language (water lily/pink): Trust
Wish: To be one of your trust that protects your strength and loveliness like the sun.
02 Old rose: “Misty pink” that gives a refined bruise
Language of flowers: Grace
Wish: You are invincible, dressed elegantly and armed with an abundance of good taste.
03 Fig: “Nude Brown” with calm mucosa color
Language of flowers: fruitful love
Wish: Entrust the warmth of parental affection to the color that gently supports your love.
04 Peacock’s Tail: “Brick Red” that creates a mature and mature sex appeal Language of flowers (Ogocho/Yellow Phalaenopsis): Shining individuality Wish: With the thought that you are the most beautiful person who lives in your own way.
05 Golden Shower: “Healthy Yellow” that gives off a casual feeling Language of flowers: pretty
Wish: In Thailand, the national flower is familiar with the tree of kings and the tree of victory. Make you a goddess of victory. 06 Chocolate Cosmos: Chic and unflattering gap love “Terracotta Brown” Language of flowers: Unchanging feelings
Wish: With the desire to support your future, with a hidden complicated love. Product Summary
[Image 6d43421-67-c88aca8aa555aaa92796-4.jpg&s3=43421-67-ff6d5cdf971aa216540de9ee6f451120-750x750.jpg
frunflynn Shine You Glow Tint
Furnflyn Shine You Glow Tint
Color: 6 colors
Capacity: 4.5ml
Price: 1,200 yen (tax excluded) / 1,320 yen (tax included)
Release date: Pre-sale starts at 12:00 on Thursday, December 1, 2022 Sales: Official EC site, Laforet Harajuku 5F store “JF LABO COSME” -Official mail order site-
*) JF Labo Cosmetics has inspected all overseas cosmetics in Japan. Consumers can purchase with confidence.
JF Labo Cosmetics Official Instagram / @jflabo_cosme
JF Labo Cosmetics Official Twitter / @jflabo_cosme
Direct sales store
Store name: JF LABO COSME
Place: 1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Laforet Harajuku 5F Opening hours: 11:00-20:00 (subject to change based on Laforet Harajuku’s opening hours)
Pioneer of Asian cosmetics such as Chinese cosmetics and Thai cosmetics List of brands handled by “Japan Functional Cosmetics Laboratory Co., Ltd.” SRICHAND, CathyDoll, BabyBright, Beauty Cottage, MISTINE, idolo, SO GLAM / Kailijumei, AURORA KITTY Kahime/Aurora Kitty), BLACK TIME, VCND, ZEESEA, etc.
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