Japan Grand Prix Series Member tournaments for the 2023 season have been decided: The series has expanded to a record 18 tournaments!

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[Japan Grand Prix Series] Member tournaments for the 2023 season have been decided: The series has expanded to a record 18 tournaments!
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We are pleased to announce that the 18 member tournaments of the 2023 season of the “Japan Grand Prix Series” have been decided.
The “Japan Grand Prix Series” is a general term for track and field competitions that started in 2018 and compete for points throughout the year for designated competitions. By competing through the series as a domestic high-level tournament that leads to international competitions, we aim to strengthen and nurture athletes who can play an active role on the world stage.
13 tournaments nationwide in 2018, 14 tournaments in 2019, 4 tournaments in 2020 (9 tournaments canceled or postponed due to the spread of new coronavirus infection), 10 tournaments in 2021 (due to the spread of new coronavirus infection) 1 competition was canceled), and 12 competitions were held in 2022.
In 2023, the 6th year, we will openly invite competitions that meet the membership conditions set by this federation, decide membership competitions after membership screening, and 18 competitions, the largest number ever in the series, will participate in the series. We will inform you about the grade, date, event, and point system of each tournament around January 2023 (planned).
[2023 Japan Grand Prix Series Member Tournament]
1) The 31st Kanaguri Memorial Invitational Athletics Middle and Long Distance Tournament 2023
Scheduled: April
Venue: Kumamoto Prefecture
Venue: Egao Health Stadium
Last competition: https://www.jaaf.or.jp/competition/detail/1637/ 2) The 71st Hyogo Relay Carnival
Scheduled: April
Venue: Hyogo Prefecture
Venue: Kobe Universiade Memorial Athletics Stadium
Last competition: https://www.jaaf.or.jp/competition/detail/1640/ 3) Takanori Yoshioka Memorial 77th Izumo Track and Field Tournament Scheduled: April
Venue: Shimane Prefecture
Venue: Shimane Prefectural Hamayama Park Athletic Stadium
Last competition: https://www.jaaf.or.jp/competition/detail/1638/ 4) The 57th Mikio Oda Memorial International Track and Field Tournament Scheduled: April
Venue: Hiroshima Prefecture
Venue: Hiroshima Wide Area Park Athletic Stadium
Last competition: https://www.jaaf.or.jp/competition/detail/1642/ 5) The 10th Michitaka Kinami Memorial Track and Field Tournament Scheduled: May
Venue: Osaka Prefecture
Venue: Yanmar Stadium Nagai
Last competition: https://www.jaaf.or.jp/competition/detail/1650/ 6) The 38th Shizuoka International Athletics Championships
Scheduled: May
Venue: Shizuoka Prefecture
Venue: Ogasayama Sports Park Shizuoka Stadium
Last competition: https://www.jaaf.or.jp/competition/detail/1646/ 7) 34th Golden Games in Nobeoka
Scheduled: May
Venue: Miyazaki Prefecture
Venue: Nishishina Athletic Stadium, Nobeoka City
Last competition: https://www.jaaf.or.jp/competition/detail/1647/ 8) 2023 Mito Invitational Athletics
Scheduled: May
Venue: Ibaraki Prefecture
Venue: K’s Denki Stadium Mito
Last competition: https://www.jaaf.or.jp/competition/detail/1648/ 9) 2023 Fuse Sprint
Scheduled: June
Venue: Tottori Prefecture
Venue: Tottori Prefectural Fuse Comprehensive Athletic Park Athletic Stadium Last competition: https://www.jaaf.or.jp/competition/detail/1662/ 10) The 36th Nambu Chuhei Memorial Track and Field Tournament Scheduled: July
Venue: Hokkaido
Venue: Sapporo City Atsubetsu Park Stadium
Last competition: https://www.jaaf.or.jp/competition/detail/1713/ 11) Athletics Challenge Cup 2023
Scheduled: October
Venue: Niigata Prefecture
Venue: Denka Big Swan Stadium
Last competition: https://www.jaaf.or.jp/competition/detail/1716/ 12) The 20th Naoto Tajima Memorial Track and Field Tournament Scheduled: October
Venue: Prefecture
Venue: Ishin 100th Anniversary Park Athletics Stadium
Last competition: https://www.jaaf.or.jp/competition/detail/1673/ 13) TOKYO Spring Challenge 2023 *1 (Co-sponsored Tokyo Athletics Championships) Scheduled: April
Venue: Tokyo
Venue: To be adjusted
New tournament: Co-sponsored with the Tokyo Athletics Championships 14) 2023 All-Star Night Athletics *1 (business team/student competition) Scheduled: July
Venue: Kanagawa Prefecture
Venue: Lemongas Stadium Hiratsuka
Last competition: https://www.jaaf.or.jp/competition/detail/1655/ 15) Athlete Night Games in FUKUI 2023 *1
Scheduled: July
Venue: Fukui Prefecture
Venue: Fukui Prefecture Fukui Sports Park Athletic Stadium
Fukui Athletics Association website
16) Fuji Hokuroku World Trial 2023 *1
Scheduled: August
Venue: Yamanashi Prefecture
Venue: Yamanashi Prefecture Fuji Hokuroku Park Athletics Stadium Yamanashi Athletics Association website
https://yamanashitf.com/2022nendo-taikai/20220827fuji-hokuroku-wt 17) TWOLAPS MIDDLE DISTANCE CIRCUIT in TOKYO 2023 *1
Scheduled: October
Venue: Tokyo
Venue: Komazawa Olympic Park General Sports Ground Athletics Stadium TWOLAPS TC Homepage
18) Distance Challenge 2023 *1
Scheduled: December
Venue: TBA
Venue: To be adjusted
Business Federation Homepage
* Listed in order of schedule for the 2022 series
(*1: Tournaments not designated as part of the Japan Grand Prix series until 2022)
▼About the introduction of the 2023 Japan Grand Prix Series membership system https://www.jaaf.or.jp/gp-series/news/article/17059/
▼2023 Japan Grand Prix Series Membership Requirements
[Japan Grand Prix Series 2022 season]
■2022 season series champions and event champions decided!
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■Japan Grand Prix Series Special Site
■Japan Grand Prix Series Official Twitter
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