Japan Heart Started operation of “Heart Stock for Disaster” in Saga. Completion of relief supplies in collaboration with local student volunteers

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“Disaster Heart Stock” started operation in Saga. Completion of relief supplies in collaboration with local student volunteers

Japan Heart (Taito-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Haruna Yoshioka), a specified non-profit organization that provides medical support in Japan and overseas, has launched a disaster heart system that provides free supplies to elderly people, infants, and other people who require special care in the event of a disaster. Stock” started operating today in Saga City, Saga Prefecture, and on Saturday, November 12th and Sunday, November 13th, we packed supplies together with local student volunteers.
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Japan Heart and Accenture jointly developed a browser-based platform called “Heart Stock for Disasters” that provides relief supplies prepared for people who need special assistance. We have been operating in Toyama Prefecture since September 1, 2022 as a mechanism to quickly deliver to facilities. This time, as the second initiative following Toyama, we will promote the development in Saga Prefecture, where Japan Heart has an office, and strive to reduce disasters by building a support system in the Kyushu area, where disasters have occurred frequently in recent years. .
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With the start of operation of this project, on November 12th and 13th, at the Nabeshima Campus of Saga University (Saga City, Saga Prefecture), with the cooperation of student volunteers from Saga University and Nishikyushu University and Japan Heart supporters, A total of 100 sets (80 for the elderly and 20 for infants) of disaster relief packages were created. The package consisted of supplies provided by various manufacturers, including local companies, and on the day of the event, staff from the Saga office and a total of 24 volunteers worked on the packing work.
The relief supplies prepared this time will be stockpiled at the Japan Heart Saga office, and in the event of an emergency, paramedic staff will quickly deliver them to facilities such as medical and welfare facilities that require supplies. .
In the early stages of the provision of supplies by local governments and support groups, priority is given to supplies that are commonly needed by all people, and supplies that meet special needs such as those requiring nursing care and infants tend to be delayed. is in “Disaster Heart Stock” will continue to aim to expand the operating area nationwide as an effort to solve the social problem of lack of support for those who require special care. Combining Japan Heart, which has experience in providing emergency relief for natural disasters and COVID-19, and Accenture, a comprehensive consulting company, the technology and knowledge necessary to effectively and quickly introduce the technology By developing a supply system for supplies that are specialized for those who need care as a “Heart Stock for Disasters,” we aim to contribute to the realization of “disaster support that leaves no one behind.”
In addition, Japan Heart’s efforts in Saga include a volunteer registration system specializing in disasters, “Disaster Volunteer Registration Training”, which will be held at Saga University for two days from December 3rd (Sat) to 4th (Sun). (Simultaneously held online).
Details: https://www.japanheart.org/join/event/seminar/2022120304saga.html [Image 3d12298-245-7977fb0a6e4aafdf98bb-2.jpg&s3=12298-245-212a24f78b4b5d748f15f9e67870f221-2500x833.jpg
(Left) Package for seniors (Right) Package for infants
Click here for details on “Heart Stock for Disasters”.
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