Japan Management Association Held for the first time! “Student Project Design Competition 2022” winners decided! The grand prize goes to the “Future station that connects people and people and people and towns.”

Japan Management Association
First held! “Student Project Design Competition 2022” winners decided! The grand prize goes to the “Future station that connects people and people and people and towns.”
On October 28th (Friday), the final screening, awards, and exhibition were held at the Japan Home & Building Show 2022, an exhibition specializing in housing and construction.

The Japan Management Association (JMA, Chairman: Masami Nakamura), which hosts the Japan Home & Building Show 2022 (October 26-28, 2022, Tokyo Big Sight), is one of Japan’s largest housing and construction related exhibitions. , Japan Home & Building Show special project “Student Project Design Competition 2022” was held, with the theme of “My Vision Connected to Society”, mainly from architecture students, laboratories, architecture circles and student groups. We are looking for projects that are currently being envisioned or are in progress. In this competition, judges who are active in related industries will select excellent projects based on the theme from among the projects solicited. About 6 projects that have passed the primary screening will be selected for the “Student Project Competition 2022 Final Judging and Award Ceremony” at the Japan Home & Building Show 2022 venue on October 28th. conducted and decided on the best prize.  Out of the 16 works that were submitted, the highest award was given to “Musubi Station” by Ms. Saki Hamada of the Ito Laboratory of Nagoya Institute of Technology.
“Student Project Competition 2022” official website
https://www.jma.or.jp/homeshow/tokyo/exhibition/competition.html [Image 1

Award-winning students and judges
Grand Prize Musubi Station – Connecting People, People and People at “Stops” Representative: Saki Hamada, Ito Laboratory, Nagoya Institute of Technology [Image 2

・Inventor’s comment
 Not only will the use of the interior of the car become richer due to the practical application of self-driving, but there is also a need for a richer space for the stops that connect self-driving and the city. Utilizing the sidewalk space in the Meieki Minami area where autonomous driving runs, we propose a future station that connects people and people and people and towns, not just waiting.
◆Guest Judge Awards
Guest Judge Chikara Kanda Prize Beha Hut Revitalization Project Representative: Shukazu Sato, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Kohanawa Laboratory
[Image 3

・Inventor’s comment
The purpose is to regenerate and utilize the Beha hut, a tobacco drying hut that was once a part of Mashiko’s daily life. Focusing on the fact that Mashiko Town does not have a library, we will attempt to revitalize it architecturally by adding a library function.
Guest Judge Noriyuki Tajima Award Sowing Seeds A vision of creating a place to live in urban abandoned farmlands and productive green spaces Representative Kogakuin University, Kashihara Laboratory Ms. Sakura Kitamura [Image 4

I came up with a vision of creating a place where everyone can sow seeds and nurture them by citing the simple details and wisdom of agriculture for the productive green areas that are being turned into residential land due to the abandonment of cultivation. As a first step, we are planning to install an awning that reinterprets agricultural materials in a rental farm cafe.

Guest Judge Tsukasa Nishida Award General Voting Award Tsukuba Bath Project Representative Mako Kijima, Graduate School of Hosei University [Image 5

By continuing to work in Tsukuba for 10 years, it has gradually become a part of the local community. In this year’s bath project, I felt the potential of community design by getting involved with many local people in the manufacturing process. I would like to explore further into the future what kind of design architecture students can do for local cities in Japan.
Guest Judge Masataka Baba Award Asakayama Yatai Project
Representative: Mifu Kawai, Graduate School of Kansai University [Image 6

In the Asakayama area, where there are many people who tend to be isolated, such as single elderly people, single-parent households, and people with mental disabilities, activities are being held at the Edible School Yard as a platform for a new local community. expands as Guest Judge Sotaro Yamamoto Award Setouchi Creators HUB “Shima Kaigi” Representative Student Group Island Conference Mr. Haruhi Yabuki [Image 7

 The only goal was to renovate an old private house purchased on the Seto Inland Sea island of “Kubi”. Students who are passionate about manufacturing in Hiroshima Prefecture, graduate students, alumni, teachers, and even residents of the island will be involved in an attempt to “get back to life” by “designing thoroughly” without being bound by time or money. .
◆ Incentive award winner (5 points)
Encouragement Award Small collaborative project between students and citizens for library construction
Representative: Kaito Katsumi, Niigata Institute of Technology [Image 8

The former Ojiya General Hospital had a history of contributing to the creation of liveliness and interaction in the central city area, and its relocation was one of the factors that reduced the vitality of the central city area. This project is expected to create new liveliness and vitality by utilizing the former site as a complex facility such as a library.
Encouragement Award Building and revitalizing communities by architectural students Idobata Project
Representative: Takumi Wada, Inatori Design Office, Empty House Renovation Project
[Image 9

This is a project to refurbish a bench in Inatori, Higashiizu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture to protect the place where residents hold well-end meetings.
Encouragement Award Bicycle Terrace
Representative Yoshihide Watanabe, Shibaura Institute of Technology Project Design Laboratory
[Image 10

In order to change the form of the conventional parking lot, which can be regarded as a box for storing bicycles, we will add a function that allows people to create activities as a bicycle parking lot in a society where the use of bicycles is promoted. I made it
Encouragement Award Student-Proposed Spatial Proposal for a Private Square in the City Town Development Project in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture
Representative: Rika Suzuki, Graduate School of Niigata Institute of Technology [Image 11

Set in the changing town of Miyamachi, Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, in order to increase the number of “town fans”, students interact with various people such as local residents and store owners to find out what is needed. It is a project to create a plaza space that will actually be used, considering whether it is required. Encouragement Award Construction of a stage using bamboo and performance of an outdoor play Theatrical space ROCKAKNUT IKAIME. “Here and there, play”
Representative: Ryosuke Hara, Team Bamboo, Kyushu University [Image 12

Mt. Kaya used to be the center of industry in the Oyayama district of Itoshima City. Currently, bamboo is rampant and is a local nuisance. Is it really okay to leave it as it is? Therefore, we carried out bamboo grove maintenance activities locally, and built an outdoor theater stage using the bamboo that was cut there. We present a new breakthrough for the abandoned bamboo grove problem.
“Student Project Design Competition 2022” planning background and overview [Image 13

“Student Project Design Competition” logo mark
■ What is project design?
Project design is to solve social problems by designing from the prerequisites. We set the site, usage, and management body by ourselves, such as what kind of people should be involved in which area and what kind of people should be involved, and set the conditions by design.
■ Background of the project implementation
What is the “Japan Home & Building Show”? Japan’s largest construction show, attended by professionals involved in construction, such as contractors, house builders, design and design offices, construction companies, developers, and renovation companies. This is an exhibition dedicated to This project is a stage where experts in the construction industry gather, gathering projects planned and implemented by students in one place, and by exhibiting and competing with each other, it is an attempt to create new connections between companies and students. . We hope that the student projects will bring a breath of fresh air into society, and that they will become a place for creating new connections between society and students.
 The Japan Management Association and the HEAD Institute will hold the official awards for the “Japan Home & Building Show” for the first time this year. A judge will be invited to select and award the best work from about 6 works that have passed the first screening based on the theme from among the products submitted.
■ Organizer: Japan Management Association / HEAD Study Group [Image 14

Judges (in no particular order) (corporation status omitted) “Student Project Design Competition” Winning Works
For details of each work, please check the “Notice” on the website below. http://www.jma.or.jp/homeshow/tokyo/exhibition/competition.html [Inquiries regarding the competition]
JapanHome&BuildingShow Student Competition 2022 Executive Committee Secretariat Japan Management Association Industrial Promotion Center Ishigooka, Obata, Horiuchi
3-1-22 Shiba Park, Minato Ward, Tokyo 105-8522
TEL: 03-3434-1988 E-mail: jhbs@jma.or.jp
that’s all
◆ Detailed press release can be downloaded from here.
https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d16501-20221110-0d957a31c09dc5fdb20603c68ffabacc.pdf Details about this release:


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