Japan National Padel Team Finished in 16th place at the World Padel Tournament

[Japan National Padel Team] Finished in 16th place at the World Padel Tournament
At the Padel World Tournament held in Dubai, UAE from October 31st to November 5th, 2022, Japan finished 16th out of 17 countries. Thank you to all the companies that sponsored the Japanese padel team, everyone who supported FiNANCiE, and everyone who supported us locally.
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World padel championships Dubai 2022
The 16th Padel World Tournament was held at Avition club dubai in Dubai, UAE. 17 countries participated in both men’s and women’s competitions, and the top players from each country gathered as a competition to compete for the best in the world with a total prize money of €1,000,000 (equal for men and women).
Argentina won the men’s tournament for the first time in three tournaments, and Spain won the women’s tournament for the fifth time in a row.
Tournament URL: https://www.padelfip.com/world-padel-championships-dubai-2022/ Men’s Tournament Results
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Women’s match result
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Japan Padel Women’s National Tournament Report
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The Japan Women’s National Team was in the same group as last year’s 2nd place Argentina, 6th place last year Belgium, and 11th place last year Uruguay.
Although the match against Argentina was a complete loss, the matches against Belgium and Uruguay were even closer than the scores. Japan, who were completely defeated in the preliminary round, played in the league match for 13th-17th places.
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13th-17th place match
In the 13th-17th place league match, they were placed in the same group as last year’s 7th place Mexico, last year’s 10th place Paraguay, last year’s 14th place Japan, last year’s 15th place Chile, and first-time appearance (host country quota) UAE.
They lost to Chile, whom they won last time, in two consecutive final sets, and lost with 1 win and 2 losses.
In the match against Paraguay, the Kitao/Tsukamoto pair, who had 1 win and 1 loss, lost in the final set.
In the match against UAE, they won as well as in the Asia/Africa qualifiers, but even in the final match against Mexico, two matches reached the final set.
Defeated without being able to capture the important points of Ikumono. As a result, they finished in 16th place with 1 win and 3 losses in the 13th-17th place match.
There were 7 matches in 6 days, and there were many close matches, so it was a very hard tournament both mentally and physically.
For Japan, who had placed 14th in the previous tournament, the result was a drop in the rankings.
While the padel level of each country has risen significantly, the Japanese team has also improved, but it has become a tournament that clearly shows that the gap with the world has widened.
The Japan Padel Association takes the results of this tournament seriously, and will implement a new strengthening program from 2023, and will work to aim for the top 10 at the world tournament to be held in two years.
Thank you for your continued support of the Padel Japan National Team. [Image 8

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