Japan Newspaper Association’s “Regional Contribution Award” Award Ceremony Live streaming on YouTube from 16:10 on Thursday, November 17, 2022! We will introduce local contribution activities such as “Island newspaper shop” that is close to the commu

Japan Newspaper Association
Japan Newspaper Association’s “Regional Contribution Award” Award Ceremony Live streaming on YouTube from 16:10 on Thursday, November 17, 2022! We will introduce local contribution activities such as “Island newspaper shop” that is close to the community in Nagasaki Prefecture and the Goto Islands.

This year marks the 16th anniversary of the “Japan Newspaper Association Regional Contribution Award,” which recognizes regional contribution activities conducted by newspaper sales offices. This year, we have decided to award 1 “Regional Contribution Award” and 7 “Regional Contribution Awards”! The award ceremony will be streamed live on YouTube from 16:10 on Thursday, November 17th.


Award-winning activities are also introduced on the website of the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association. Please take a look! https://www.pressnet.or.jp/about/commendation/chiikikouken/2022/p02.html 2022 “Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association Regional Contribution Grand Prize” Activities Overview
-Regional Contribution Grand Prize- (1 case)
◇ “Island newspaper store” that is closely related to the community Ryosuke Haga, Director of Nagasaki Shimbun Aokata Sales Center (Homura Newspaper Store)
●Implementation period: From 2010
●Implementation area: Shinkamigoto Town, Nagasaki Prefecture ●Outline of activities: The Nagasaki Shimbun Aokata Sales Center (directed by Ryosuke Haga) in the Goto Islands, Nagasaki Prefecture, regularly holds workshops on how to make newspaper eco-bags using old newspapers, mainly for the elderly. . The Shinkamigoto district is the second fastest aging town in the prefecture, with an aging rate of 42.7%. Yoshimi, his wife who returned to the area in 2010 to take over the family business, and Director Haga, who was fascinated by Kamigoto and decided to take over the family business, run the restaurant as a couple. In addition to creating a community where men and women of all ages gather in an area where the population is aging, they are playing a role in preventing dementia and nursing care by using their fingertips to make eco bags and small items. Since the desire to spread awareness of recycling was the impetus for the activity, they also hold workshops and trash pick-up events on the beach. In 2009, an eco-bag exhibition was held at the Arikawa Port Terminal, which is the northern gateway to Kamigoto Town. Also, since October 2018, it has been publishing and distributing a monthly A3-size mini-comic paper, Shima no Shimbunya-san, which introduces local topics and plans to look back on the town’s history. There is also a reader’s letter, and many readers look forward to it every month.
*Ryosuke Haga
-Regional Contribution Award- (7 cases)
◇ Contributing to local efforts to register the Jomon archaeological sites as a World Cultural Heritage site
Daishi Kawashima, owner of Tou Nippo wooden shop
●Implementation period: 2007-
●Implementation area: Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture, etc.
●Activity overview: In July 2021, the “Jomon Archaeological Sites in Hokkaido and Northern Tohoku,” including eight archaeological sites in Aomori Prefecture, were registered as World Cultural Heritage Sites. Of these, Tsugaru City, where the Tooku Nippo wooden store is located, has two ruins: the Kamegaoka Stone Age site and the Tagoyano shell mound. In addition to running the store, Daishi Kawashima, the owner of the store, has long contributed to fostering momentum in the region toward the realization of registration through activities to protect local cultural properties and pass them on to future generations. When the prefecture decided to aim for registration, the owner Kawashima realized that “it was essential to revitalize the area” in order to realize it, and in 2007 he established the NPO “Tsugaru Jomon no Kai” with like-minded friends in the area. Since then, with the cooperation of the government, etc., we have continued to work together with local residents, such as study sessions and hands-on learning for children, Jomon culture forums, volunteer guide training courses, and ruins festivals.
As the third president of the Jomon Association, the owner of the shop, Kawashima, witnessed the registration of the site as a World Cultural Heritage site, and was deeply moved by the achievement of his long-cherished wish. I am motivated to continue.
* Daiji Kawashima
◇Practice of “Newspaper Day” in cooperation with the Board of Education to improve the Japanese language skills of elementary and junior high school students for the 7th year
Yomiuri Center Yokote Director Jun Fukui
●Implementation period: From 2016
●Implementation area: Yokote City, Akita Prefecture
●Outline of Activities: Jun Fukui, Director of Yomiuri Center Yokote, has been providing newspapers as teaching materials for Yokote City Newspaper Day, which has been established by the Yokote City Board of Education in Akita Prefecture on the third Friday of every month since 2016. In 2010, 5,500 children and students were sent to 20 elementary and junior high schools in the city.
In 2015, Yomiuri Shimbun’s Goro Hashimoto, special editorial committee member from Yomiuri Shimbun, held a newspaper course for junior high school students. There was a request to use one paper. In response to this, as a countermeasure against non-subscribers, we have started eight times a year from April 2016 with the aim of developing the habit of reading newspapers in elementary and junior high school students and developing their “reading” and “writing” skills through school education. started providing newspapers. As a thank you, we donate books to elementary schools that use newspapers every week. The activity has entered its seventh year in 22 years, and each school uses the Yomiuri Shimbun, the Yomiuri KODOMO Shimbun, and the Yomiuri Junior and Senior High School Newspaper depending on the grade. In addition to classes in which children and students select articles and express their opinions and impressions, the creation of wall newspapers and impression writing contests are very useful in acquiring Japanese language skills, and are highly evaluated by educational sites. Since April 2018, the town of Misato and the city of Daisen since May 2020 have spread the practice of Newspaper Day. *Jun Fukui
◇ Contributing to community crime prevention by issuing minicomic magazines Sobu Yomiurikai Sagamihara Branch
●Implementation period: 2014-
●Implementation area: Sagamihara City
● Activity overview: The Sabu Yomiuri Association Sagamihara Branch, which is organized at the Yomiuri Center in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, has received information from the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Sagamihara Police Station since June 2014 in order to use it for crime prevention and safety in the area. It publishes the original case files that are not published in newspapers.
Hideo Sato, director of Yomiuri Center Fuchinobe Chuo, is in charge of publishing and editing, and publishes on the 4th Sunday of every month, and has been inserting it into the morning edition for 8 years at 10 Yomiuri Center stores in the Yomiuri Center area.
The “Case Book” contains detailed information about incidents that occurred in the area over the course of a month, such as the date, time and location of the incident, the name of the incident, and the items damaged. It is also calling for attention to special fraudulent calls and raising awareness of traffic safety. In March 2009, he was awarded a letter of appreciation from the police station for his strong promotion of community-based crime prevention activities and his great contribution to creating a safe and secure community. * Folded sales locations: Central Fuchinobe, Southern Fuchinobe, Northern Fuchinobe, Western Fuchinobe, Central Sagamihara,
Shin-Sagamihara, Minamihashimoto, Osawa, Kamimizo, Tana (total of 10 sales locations)
*Publication/editor: Hideo Sato
◇ Regional contribution activities centered on the publication of the monthly mini-comic paper “Watanabe Shinbunten News”
Watanabe Shinbunten CEO Jiro Watanabe
Implementation period: From 2002 (providing newspaper clipping files) / From 2005 (publishing mini comic paper) / From 2006 (newspaper scrap workshop and competition held)
●Implementation area: Minami Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture ●Outline of activities: Watanabe Shimbun in Minami-Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture contributes to the promotion of local
communication, mainly through the publication of the monthly mini-comic paper “Watanabe Shinbunten News.” President Jiro Watanabe launched the newspaper in 2005 with the desire to let people know more about the region. The 6-page, full-color page has become popular for introducing people who are active in the community and the president’s column, and the paper is over 200 issues old.
Every year during the summer vacation, we hold a “Newspaper Scrap Seminar and Contest” with the cooperation of the Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun, etc., in order to get parents and children interested in newspapers again. Participants are solicited every year through minicomics and other media, and the winners of the contest are awarded.
As a support program for schools and local communities, in addition to the provision of newspapers and visiting lectures by President Watanabe himself, we are actively engaged in activities such as announcing about 40 annual events held by schools and local
organizations in the “News” extra issue. is doing.
In addition, we are also planning to promote newspapers by exhibiting booths at local events and holding newspaper extra exhibitions. *Watanabe Jiro
◇ I’m home! Support SOS email
Yomiuri Center Yushima Director Go Ogawa
●Implementation period: From 2015
●Implementation area: Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo
●Outline of activities: Mr. Go Ogawa, the director of Yomiuri Center Yushima, is carrying out activities to watch over the elderly living in Bunkyo Ward as a cooperating supporter of the welfare measure “I’m home! Support SOS Mail” implemented by Bunkyo Ward.
When a registered elderly person goes missing, “SOS Mail” sends information to cooperating supporters all at once by e-mail. Efforts are being made to quickly discover and protect them.
In 2015, immediately after receiving information on the missing person and informing the staff, an elderly person was found walking across the street from the store and safely rescued. The temperature was high that day, so the seniors who were sheltered were given a cool place to rest in the store until their families came to pick them up. It plays an important role in the local monitoring system so that elderly people with dementia and their families can continue to live with peace of mind in their familiar towns.
*Go Ogawa
◇”Regional monitoring activities” that save lives
Shikoku Newspaper Dealer Association “Shikoku”
●Implementation period: From 2015
●Implementation area: Kagawa Prefecture
●Outline of activities: Since 2015, Shikoku, which is organized by 59 Shikoku newspaper sales outlets, has been working on monitoring activities during delivery in order to make use of the newspaper delivery network and lead to the development of a safe and secure community.
By the end of August 2010, 31 people had been rescued by the Shikoku region, which detected the reader’s anomaly from the newspapers that had accumulated in their mailboxes. He has received 15 letters of commendation and letters of appreciation from the Kagawa Prefectural Police and others.
Since 2016, we have signed agreements to watch over the region with local governments and the prefectural police, including Kagawa Prefecture. We are also cooperating in raising the level of
prefectural-wide activities, such as teaching know-how to other business operators and public welfare children’s committees. In addition, as the watching activity was made into a TV commercial and widely recognized, it became possible to obtain cooperation from local residents, such as providing information. In 2017, all Shikoku residents took a dementia supporter training course to learn more practical ways to deal with dementia. Residents have commented on the activities, such as, “Amidst less exchanges with the community, the Shikoku Shimbun’s watch over is reassuring.” With the trust of the local community in mind, each and every staff member takes pride in their work.
*Chairman = Tetsuo Kamoi
◇Prepare flyers about the results of the calf auction and deliver them to readers
Miyazaki Nichi Nichi Shimbun Takachiho Sales Office Director Hisatsugu Wada -Implementation period: around 1980
●Implementation area: Takachiho Town, Miyazaki Prefecture
●Outline of activities: Miyazaki Nichinichi Shimbun Takachiho sales office manager Hisatsugu Wada will create a handwritten extra leaflet summarizing the results of the JA Takachiho area calf auction held every other month, and prepare a reader service that will be included in the morning edition of the day after the auction. It’s been over 40 years since I took over from the director.
Flyer production was started around 1980 by the former Director, who was Director Wada’s uncle. At that time, there was a growing trend toward branding Takachiho beef in the region, and requests for information on the auction market increased. Using my experience in editing an information magazine, I created a leaflet and delivered it to all readers.
The leaflet is a single-sided black and white B4 size, and lists the highest selling price, producer, pedigree, etc. by region. Employees go to the bidding market, which is held for two days, every day to write down the results, and continue to deliver them to readers at a printing cost of about 200,000 yen per year.
Wagyu farmers have said, “It’s helpful to know the detailed results immediately,” and “I’m grateful that I was able to know the market price earlier than JA.”
※Hisatsugu Wada

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