Japan Open Poker Tour Co., Ltd. Japan’s largest poker event “JOPT” will be held in Osaka for the first time in half a year

Japan Open Poker Tour Co., Ltd.
Japan’s largest poker event “JOPT” will be held in Osaka for the first time in half a year

Poker is the mind sport that is currently attracting the most attention. Japan’s largest tournament, “JOPT”, is scheduled to be held at the Namba SkyO Convention Hall. JOPT Osaka #02 has prepared a player contract totaling 15 million yen.
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Tokyo #02
Do you know the game called poker, which is currently causing an unprecedented boom?
This competition, which is held at overseas casinos, is now gaining popularity as a mind sport where you can enjoy thrills and bargaining with just one card.
The Japan Open Poker Tour (JOPT), the largest poker tournament in Japan, is in the midst of this poker boom. The JOPT 2022 Grand Final, held in May this year, recorded 10,133 entries over eight days, making it the largest number of participants in the history of the
tournament. This tournament, which will be held at the Namba SkyO Convention Hall from November 25 to 27, 2022, is scheduled to be the largest in the Kansai region.
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Tokyo #02 Final Table advancers
Among this large number of participants, only a handful can win the domestic title. It’s a unique chance to earn honors and medals and make a name for yourself as a poker player in no time at all, and the winner will go on to become a famous player in the poker world. The JOPT contracted players who have made it through to the finals are aiming to reach the top by challenging themselves to numerous world competitions from Japan with the prizes they have won. It can be said that the biggest attraction of this tournament is that the road to the dream big stage opens in a few days.
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Sasaki Yuki 7th Dan
In addition, famous celebrities have participated in past
competitions. Comedian Antony (Matenrou), former Brilliant (comedian) / current actor Daiki Sugiura, mahjong professional Yoshihiro Matsumoto who is participating in the M League, web cartoonist / businessman Azuki Yashiro, streamer. Nohatsume, voice actor Mayu Sagara, manga artist/Youtuber Pyokotan, GGPoker official ambassador Nanachara, Youtuber Usatani Paisen, and other influencers from all walks of life are also aiming to win the JOPT title. They are all participating.
In JOPT, professional shogi players are also showing remarkable performances. Yuki Sasaki 7th Dan and Leo Okabe 4th Dan fought fiercely for about 10 hours and advanced to the final table where only 9 out of 172 players could advance to the final table. Courage 7th Dan won a prize. Another professional shogi player, Reio Kurosawa, 6th Dan, has made spectacular progress such as advancing to the final table among a total of 375 players. Being able to compete side-by-side with such celebrities is one of the attractions of Japan’s largest tournament.
[Image 4d76570-38-871cea473156a9245ec4-0.jpg&s3=76570-38-b8467181938f85319fbf7d2622239c15-3000x2001.jpg
Tokyo #02 Winner
JOPT 2022 Osaka #02 will be held at the Namba SkyO Convention Hall for a total of three days from November 25th to 27th, 2022.
Age and gender are irrelevant. Everyone has a chance to grab a dream with just intelligence and luck. That romance and fun is the real pleasure of poker, and the reason why the competitive scene continues to expand rapidly. It may be you, reading this now, who will take the crown this winter.
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