Japan Package Design Association Japan Package Design Award 2023 Grand Prize winner “BAUM” free course wil l be held on December 2nd

Japan Package Design Association
Japan Package Design Awards 2023 Grand Prize winner “BAUM” free course held on December 2nd
“Package Design School 2023” will be held online as a commemorative course
The Japan Package Design Association (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Ryo Ogawa, hereinafter referred to as JPDA) will hold Japan Package Design on Friday, December 2, 2022 as a commemorative lecture for the opening of “Package Design School 2023”. Shiseido Creative’s Yoji Shindo, Package Design School Principal Yoshio Kato, JPDA Chairman Ryo Ogawa, and Director Satomi Fukumoto will hold a dialogue about Shiseido’s BAUM, which won the Grand Prize 2023. Participation fee is free. [Image

“Package Design School 2023” Commemorative Free Course
Date: Friday, December 2, 2022, 15:00-16:30
BAUM’s experiential brand design
BAUM is a cosmetics brand based on the concept of “coexistence with trees.” In addition to working on the sustainability of the wood resources used for the contents and packaging, we aim to achieve both the emotional richness of touching trees in our daily lives. The wood used for the package uses scraps generated in the furniture
manufacturing process, so you can enjoy the charm of natural materials that are different one by one. In this course, we will introduce how BAUM’s experiential brand design, starting with products, was born, as well as examples of sustainable activities that BAUM is actually working on and gifting that shares experiences on SNS.
Yoji Shindo (Creative Director, Shiseido Creative Co., Ltd.) Yoshio Kato (Principal of Package Design School)
Ryo Ogawa (President of JPDA, CEO of Plug Co., Ltd.)
Satomi Fukumoto (Director of JPDA, Director and Design Director of iDnet Co., Ltd.)
For details and applications, please see the dedicated website for “Package Design School 2023”.
[Package Design School 2023 Program Overview]
Date: Thursday, January 19, 2023-Thursday, March 23, 15:00-16:30 (1 hour lecture + 30 minutes Q&A)
(The commemorative free course will be held on Friday, December 2, 2022. Archive distribution will be from January 1 to March 31, 2023) Purpose: “Become a ‘orderer’ who draws out 120% of the designer’s power and creates a strong brand.”
Theme: “Brand and Package Design”
Recommended for: Brand managers who order and direct designs, product managers, design department directors, owners of regional brand products, government agencies aiming to revitalize regions with products and brands, etc.
Holding method: Online (Zoom) webinar
Participation fee: 5,500 yen (tax included) per course or
 All 10 online courses + all 16 archive courses Batch purchase application 55,000 yen (tax included)
*20% discount for JPDA members
Details and application: https://www.jpda-school.jp/
Organizer: Japan Package Design Association
Please see below for an overview of the Japan Package Design Awards 2023, images of award-winning works, and a list of selected works. https://www.jpda.or.jp/award/4663.html
*Creator information of winning works will be posted on the above site at a later date.
The Japan Package Design Association (JPDA) was established in 1960 and became a public interest incorporated association in 2013 as an organization that conducts projects to improve, disseminate, and enlighten package design culture. The JPDA’s activities cover a wide range of activities, including awards such as the Japan Package Design Award, yearbook publication, exhibitions and seminars, research studies, domestic and international exchanges, and public relations activities. In order to convey the value of package design and create appeal, there are various forms of “place creation”, and we are active in a wide range of international exchanges, domestic and local areas. Details about this release:


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