Japan Package Design Association “Package Design School 2023” will be held from January

Japan Package Design Association
“Package Design School 2023” will be held from January
A total of 26 lectures by instructors representing Japan, the theme is “brand”. On December 2, 2022, a commemorative free lecture on Shiseido’s “BAUM”, which won the Japan Package Design Award 2023 Grand Prize, will also be held.

The Japan Package Design Association (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Ryo Ogawa, hereinafter referred to as JPDA) will start “Package Design School 2023” online from January 2023. This program has 10 lectures on the theme of “brand and package design” with the aim of “becoming an orderer who draws out 120% of the designer’s power and creates a strong brand”. This is a program that utilizes the extensive knowledge and expertise of the JPDA’s many excellent personnel who have specialized experience, knowledge, and wisdom regarding package design.
The package design school was held for the first time in June last year with the concept of “become the strongest orderer”, and more than 500 people participated in all 16 courses, and it was well received. We received many voices saying “I want to see it again”, and we will also archive 16 courses during the period.
In addition, as a commemorative lecture on Friday, December 2, 2022, Mr. Yoji Shindo of Shiseido Creative, Mr. Yoshio Kato, principal of the school of package design, about Shiseido “BAUM”, which won the Japan Package Design Award 2023 Grand Prize. , JPDA Chairman Ryo Ogawa and Executive Director Satomi Fukumoto will hold a dialogue. Participation fee is free.
With a total of 26 courses, we strongly support value creation through package design from a wide range of perspectives, including product planning, development, design, and branding.
* All 26 courses: 2023 online all 10 courses (commemorative free course + 9 paid courses) + last year’s archive all 16 courses [Image

Organizer: Japan Package Design Association
[2023 paid 9 courses] (in order of date)
1.19 (Thursday) Wisdom and ingenuity for long-loved products Sapporo Beer’s design, a little good story
Mr. Akio Tanaka, Creative Director, New Value Development Department, Sapporo Beer Marketing Headquarters
1.26 (Thursday) Long-selling brand package design
Mizkan Marketing Headquarters Communication Strategy Department Kenji Ishida, Eiko Yamada, Miki Hirano
2.2 (Thursday) The secret of cosmetic packaging that creates the best “kawaii” Akemi Masuda, Creative Director, Design Office, Product Design Department, Kose 2.9 (Thursday) What is the technology that produces a better package? Mr. Gaku Nomura of Toyo Seikan Group Holdings × Mr. Norihito Niwa of Toyo Ink × Mr. Yasunori Kuze of Toray
2.16 (Thursday) Rebranding of Koikeya -Management and Design- Mr. Akira Sato, President of Koikeya
3.2 (Thursday) Packaging is the key to branding for local companies Mr. Hidekazu Hirai, Art Director and Graphic Designer, Peace Graphics 3.9 (Thursday) Shimanto Basin Agriculture Make the way of life of the basin a brand
Makoto Umehara, designer of Umehara Design Office
3.16 (Thursday) 1+1=1 new package design
Mr. Satoshi Otomo, Section Manager, Product Design Section, Planning and Design Office, Household Goods Department, Ryohin Keikaku 3.23 (Thursday) Toraya, art direction for TORAYA AN STAND
Mr. Kaoru Kasai, Sun-Ad Advisor
For details and to apply, please visit the package design school website. https://www.jpda-school.jp/
Please also see the press release PDF, including an overview of all 26 courses including archives from last year.
https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d87516-20221116-036d0c65b01bbdf41b1cfdf15e7be9be.pdf ――――――――――
The Japan Package Design Association (JPDA) was established in 1960 and became a public interest incorporated association in 2013 as an organization that conducts projects to improve, disseminate, and enlighten package design culture. The JPDA’s activities cover a wide range of activities, including awards such as the Japan Package Design Award, yearbook publication, exhibitions and seminars, research studies, domestic and international exchanges, and public relations activities. In order to convey the value of package design and create appeal, there are various forms of “place creation”, and we are active in a wide range of international exchanges, domestic and local areas. Details about this release:


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