Japan Red Cross Society The 40th NHK International Help-Aid Starting December 1st (Thursday) “No one will be left behind. From conflict and hunger.”

Japan Red Cross
[The 40th NHK Overseas Help-Ai] Starting December 1st (Thursday) “No one will be left behind. From conflict and hunger.”
Campaign period December 1st (Thursday) to December 25th (Sunday)
The Japanese Red Cross Society (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Atsushi Seike) will hold the “NHK Overseas Help” from Thursday, December 1, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022.
The Japanese Red Cross Society, NHK, and the NHK Public Welfare and Culture Corporation conduct a fundraising campaign every December to help people suffering from conflicts, natural disasters, diseases, and food crises around the world. welcomes
Conveying the need for continuous assistance for the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis, which has caused enormous damage, and the global food shortage caused by the armed conflict in Ukraine, especially the African food crisis, including the impact of climate change such as drought. We will raise awareness of the need for fair humanitarian assistance so that disparities between countries and regions do not arise.
[Table 3: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/33257/table/126_1_8f6bcb68d97c49df55b2d9022c25c248.jpg ]

[Image 1

2022 NHK International Cooperation Poster
■ Campaign period
December 1st (Thursday) to December 25th (Sunday)
■ Organizer
Japanese Red Cross Society, NHK, NHK Welfare and Culture Corporation ■ NHK Global Support Special Site
[URL: https://www.jrc.or.jp/lp/kaigai/]
■ About the campaign visual
Theme: “Leaving no one behind. From conflict and from hunger.” A visual comparison between a parent and child affected by the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis and a parent and child in Africa under food crisis.
At first glance, they seem unrelated, but the world is connected, and it communicates the need for equitable and continuous assistance in response to humanitarian crises, so that differences in interest do not lead to differences in assistance.
■Elementary school students experience being journalists. Interview with the JRCS about the world’s humanitarian crisis!
[Image 2

A child reporter asked the Japanese Red Cross Society! (Coverage video) A child reporter from the Asahi Shogakusei Shimbun wrote an article about an interview with a JRCS staff member who is responding to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. While capturing both the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis and the food crisis in Africa, and intertwined with international humanitarian law, the story is told from the unique perspective of a child journalist. The interviewed articles were made into A2 size article posters and sent to about 7,000 elementary schools nationwide that are affiliated with the Youth Red Cross. In addition, we have also produced and released videos summarizing the interviews conducted by child reporters.
Both the article poster and the interview video summarize the basics of humanity in an easy-to-understand manner, so please take a look. [Image 3

Asahi elementary school newspaper A2 size article poster
・Scheduled date of publication in the Asahi Elementary School Newspaper: December 1 (Thursday) *Scheduled to be published in the Asahi Shimbun Digital on the same day
・Interview video by a child reporter (15 minutes 14 seconds): “Child reporters interviewed the Japanese Red Cross Society! ~What we can do to save people suffering from humanitarian crises around the world~”
https://youtu.be/N-qCKp0-4OA (Transition to Japanese Red Cross Society official YouTube channel)

■ Distribution of animated commercials inspired by two-dimensional codes The video for this year’s NHK Global Support Campaign is an animated commercial inspired by two-dimensional codes.
Behind the conflict in Europe, the story of the Red Cross delivering aid to humanitarian crises that do not attract attention. It will be distributed mainly through YouTube ads on smart TVs
(internet-connected TVs) (December 1st to 25th), and if you read the two-dimensional code that continues to be displayed in the center of the screen with your smartphone, you will be transferred to the special campaign site. , You can know the details of NHK Kaigai Tusukeai.
・”NHK Overseas Cooperation 2D Code” (34 seconds)
https://youtu.be/aoWxZiEuHw4 (Transition to the official YouTube channel of the Japanese Red Cross Society)
[Image 4

animation commercial
[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/33257/table/126_2_e424408706dec9cccd909de16ba8641d.jpg ]

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