Japan Shogi Federation Shogi Japan Series JT Professional Official Match First Ever! The final match between the winners of the children’s tournament! Sota Fujii Ryuo vs. Shintaro Saito 8th Dan November 20th (Sun) Makuhari Messe International Exhib

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Shogi Japan Series JT Professional Official Match First ever! The final match between the winners of the children’s tournament! Sota Fujii Ryuo vs. Shintaro Saito 8th Dan November 20th (Sun) Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 4-6 (Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture)
The final match of the “Shogi Japan Series JT Pro Official Match” (JT Cup) is a battle between Ryuo Fujii, who defeated Yo Inaba 8th Dan in the semi-finals, and Shintaro Saito, who defeated Takuya Nagase 8th Dan. Both of them are aiming for their first victory, and both of them have won the “Table Mark Children’s Tournament” (hereafter referred to as “Children’s Tournament”). In addition, Ryuo Fujii will be required to break the record for the youngest victory (21 years and 2 months) held by Yoshiharu Hanyu 9th Dan. The game will be played in front of the spectators who won the lottery in advance and the participants of the “Children’s Tournament” held at the same venue. The match will be broadcast live on ABEMA from 16:00.
Final live broadcast “ABEMA” URL
[Image 1d44150-115-0472f0def9c8ba03cc96-0.jpg&s3=44150-115-80f6703d1e3ce432216ec0a2ba9279dd-387x322.jpg
                      Sota Fujii Ryuo
[Image 2d44150-115-345c4c4ca22c68ea2551-1.jpg&s3=44150-115-7554ce54e97e6f9eeff4fb5bb1b10a8b-251x206.jpg
Shintaro Saito 8th Dan
■ Highlights of the game
The match record between the two is 5 wins and 3 losses for Ryuo Fujii. As for the battle type, the corner change sitting silver is the most common with 5 stations. In the other 3 games, 2 games were progressing to the corner change and the silver pattern, and before the silver was seated, it became a sharp battle of Katsura bounce. The remaining one game was the first match, and Ryuo Fujii, the second player, avoided the exchange of horns and made gangi. Looking at these trends, no matter which one goes first, Kadokawari Koshikake Gin will be the favorite. There will be aspects where each other has a theme, but where is it? Also, regardless of who is first or second, which one will be the first to attack is the highlight of the early stages. As mentioned above, it is also possible that the battle will occur before it becomes stool silver. In the past matches, there was no game with a quick finger, and this is the first time for a confrontation at the “JT Cup”. The JT Cup, which has a short time limit, and the final in front of a large crowd, are both aiming for their first victory. A fierce game of shogi is expected.
■ These three people are the ones who liven up the game of interest [Image 3d44150-115-2cb67d9f8fdb12ce4325-2.jpg&s3=44150-115-66dbaef221ca662cc07822d3d491b90d-388x178.jpg
(Photo) Commentary from left: Masataka Goda, 9th Dan Listener: Aya Fujita, Female 2nd Dan Reading: Nanako Wakita, Female 1st Dan Masataka Goda, 9th dan, is the only JT Cup winner who has won three consecutive victories. Goda 9-dan is also good at the corner change seat silver, which is often used in matches between both players. Liven up the stage of the final with a dignified commentary unique to the orthodox rook party.
■ “JT Pro Official Battle” Tournament Table
[Image 4d44150-115-85343c9d2097d2689569-3.jpg&s3=44150-115-8649d867eb06e7b9e8e7cf5fb5d3cb23-600x343.jpg
*Titles and ranks are as of November 17, 2022. It may change depending on the results of other chess battles during the series.
* Ryuo Fujii is the title holder of Ryuo, Throne, Eio, Osho, Kisei, and Meijin Watanabe is the title holder of Master and Kioh.
■Just before the finals, a talk event will be held with the
participation of the game players and participating players! On November 18th (Friday) two days before the final match, Ryuo Fujii and Saito 8th Dan, the final match players, and the participating players (Gohda 9th dan as a commentator, Fujita Women’s 2nd dan as a listener, and Wakita Women’s 1st dan as a speaker) will participate. A talk event will be held. In the interviews with the players, they talk about their enthusiasm for the finals and their impressions of the opponents, and in the interviews with the participating players, they talk about their impressions of the players. At the talk show where everyone participates, you will be asked to share episodes that you don’t usually hear about, such as how you spend your days off when you don’t have hobbies or games. The talk event will be streamed live on JT’s official YouTube channel from 18:30. URL:
* The event venue will be held only for related parties.
*You can watch from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Data communication charges related to viewing will be borne by the user. ■ Tournament Sponsorship Purpose (JT Group)
The “Shogi Japan Series” is a tournament where the 43rd “JT
Professional Official Game” and the 21st “Table Mark Children’s Tournament” will be held on the same day and at the same venue this year. “Thinking about a moment. JT” is a tournament that provides a new experience to each and every one of you through the traditional Japanese culture of shogi, and enriches the hearts of all who love shogi. I’m rooting for you.
■ Tournament name
Organizer: Japan Shogi Association, each district newspaper company (Kanto and Osaka are Japan Shogi Association only)
Sponsored by: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, local government and board of education in the host district, Junior Chamber International in the host district, etc. Sponsor / JT, Tablemark
■ Tournament official website
“Shogi Japan Series” General Secretariat TEL/03-5166-0290
1-8-10 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-6038 Harumi Triton Square X Building, I&S BBDO Co., Ltd.
*We will also provide “pictures of shogi players” and “various research data.” Details about this release:


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