Japan’s beating now. General sales of “Tezuchi”, a hammer exclusively for camping, supervised by a swordsmith and pursuing ease of hitting, are now on sale.

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Japan’s beating now. General sales of “Tezuchi”, a hammer exclusively for camping, supervised by a swordsmith and pursuing ease of hitting, are now on sale.
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MS Seisakusho Co., Ltd. will start general sales of the camping hammer “Hand Hammer” from Friday, November 11th.
Craft x industry. A camping hammer made in Japan by a swordsmith, a woodworker, and a metalworking master.
Make camping easier with traditional Japanese blacksmithing techniques that pursue ease of striking.
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We will improve the “Tazuchi”, which was very popular in the crowdfunding “Makuake”, and start general sales. In order to reduce the burden on the wrists when camping, pegs down, and when chopping firewood, this hammer is specially made in Japan and developed under the supervision of a swordsmith from Asano Blacksmith who continues to strike iron.
Origin of hand mallet
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The blacksmith hammer used by ancient Japanese swordsmiths for hand-forging is also called “fire hammer”. Thanks to this tool, many swordsmiths were able to keep hitting iron for a long time without hurting their wrists.

A swordsmith’s mallet now ~ There is a reason for the shape and weight [Image 3

The head is made of stainless steel and has a special shape in which the striking part extends only on one side. Since it extends to one side, the center of gravity attached to the front increases the falling speed of the head, and the power of each hit is transmitted well without applying force to the wrist. It is said that it is useful for accurately conveying power by aiming and shooting down rather than swinging it over.
Using the weight and center of gravity to do the work for the tools The “hand mallet” weighs about 730-50g, which is rather heavy. A lightweight hammer weighing less than 300g has the advantage of being easy to carry for solo camping booms, but it also has the disadvantage of requiring physical strength and time as the number of strikes increases, and it can also cause wrist strain. . By taking advantage of the weight, even women and children who do not have strength can drive.
Easy-to-grip handle for easy operation
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Each piece is carefully finished by skilled woodworkers. The design is also thick and gently curved handle, and the grip part has a non-slip function by spiral processing. The more you use it with a design that gives you an authentic feel, it will age beautifully and you will become attached to it.
Iron craftsmen, one by one.
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Craftsmen led by local Aichi brand companies and prefecture-designated Aichi master craftsmen.
A group of iron craftsmen who continue to make parts with metal processing at a long-established store that has been in business for half a century.
The head part is processed with a cutting-edge metal processing machine that supports Japanese manufacturing with an accuracy of 0.01 mm.
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Price: 19,800 yen (excluding tax)
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