Japan’s child-rearing trends for 2022, selected by child-rearing magazines, have been decided! 15th Parenting Awards

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Japan’s child-rearing trends for 2022, selected by child-rearing magazines, have been decided! 15th Parenting Awards
Natsuna, Akina Minami, JOY, Sosuke Genda & Misa Eto and his wife, Yuto Nagatomo, Mr. Ti, and Moran won the Human Division, and a total of 31 awards have been decided. I was.

An award ceremony event for the “15th Parenting Award” will be held to recognize child-rearing trends such as people who have influenced the child-rearing industry in 2022, hit products, and events that have become a hot topic. , 4 items in the “things category” and 20 products in the “goods and services category”, a total of 31 awards have been decided.
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Natsuna, Akina Minami, JOY, Sosuke Genda & Misa Eto and his wife, Ti-sensei, and Moran-chan appeared at the award ceremony. Yuto Nagatomo appeared in a video message.
On November 29, 2022, the “Parenting Award Executive Committee” (Access International Co., Ltd., Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, secretariat representative: Naoya Uto) announced the talents who influenced the childcare industry in 2022 and hit products. , The “15th Parenting Award” award ceremony event was held at “Sakura Hall” to recognize child-rearing trends such as events that have become a hot topic. The “Parenting Award” is centered on popular childcare magazines, and each year, it awards trends (people, things, things) related to childcare, and provides highly reliable and timely information. We aim to create a child-rearing society in which Japanese fathers and mothers can enjoy child-rearing even more and be able to interact with their children with confidence.
At the award ceremony on the day, there were 4 items in the Koto category, 20 products in the goods and services category, and in the human category, Natsuna (Mama category), Akina Minami (Mama category), JOY (Dad category), Sosuke Genda & Misa Eto and his wife (Couple Category), Yuto Nagatomo (Sports Category), Mr. Ti (Cultural Person Category), Moran-chan (Influencer Category), a total of 7 groups, 31 awards in total were awarded. .
Akina Minami is fiercely white about “I want my husband to stop”! The winner of the dad category is JOY. He appeared with a big smile while waving to each person at the venue. The JOY family has only one childcare rule. Always say thank you for what the other person has done for you. The words are simple 5 letters, “thank you”. “These words are the key to a harmonious family life,” he said.
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[Papa category] JOY (talent)
2 people from the mom department. The first is Ms. Natsuna, an actress who returned to work after about three months. After that, I confessed that my body had a backlash, such as being unable to walk, my pelvis shaking, and feeling tired. He encouraged mothers around the world to take care of their children without working too hard, saying, “Don’t work so hard and return to work early. Take your time and heal your body after childbirth.”
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[Mom Division] Natsuna (Actress)
Another winner is Akina Minami, who is on good terms with her husband Yoiko Hamaguchi Yu. Mr. Hamaguchi was very happy with his child, saying, “Cute and Chune (Heart)” and that my husband had returned to the baby. At the award ceremony, I confessed for the first time that I wanted my husband to stop. “My 50-year-old husband calls me diapers. The audience was filled with laughter.
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[Mom Division] Akina Minami (talent)
In the influencer category, 5-year-old YouTuber Moran-chan. After a splendid photo session on her own, she was escorted out while being gently held by Mama, Joy-san, and Mr. Ti, the winner of the cultural figure category. I was so nervous that I couldn’t speak, and a strange voice called out “○o$W&$%#\”. The appearance of JOY casually supporting Mouran-chan beside her cheered, “As expected of Papa!” [Image 5

[Kids Division] Chibi Miran-chan (YouTuber)
The Cultural Person category is Mr. Ti, a nursery teacher. “In the past, it was difficult for parents to raise children, but I feel that raising children is especially difficult these days. Various social systems have been created for children, but There is still not enough support for fathers and mothers. I want to create a society where modern fathers and mothers can enjoy raising children.”
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[Cultural Person Category] Mr. Ti (Nursery teacher)

Genda is more happy than the Golden Glove Award! ?
The sports division is Yuto Nagatomo, who is currently preparing for the World Cup match against Spain in Qatar. In the video message, I received a comment saying, “As a husband and a father, I want to take responsibility and push forward every day.”
The winners in the couple category were professional baseball player Sosuke Genda and model Misa Eto. It seems that the two of us have a couple meeting every night before going to bed. On stage, the two of them looked at each other from time to time, and the way they snuggled up to each other conveyed their closeness.
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[Couple category] Sosuke Genda (professional baseball player) & Misa Eto (model) Mr. Genda said, “When I was a child, I was very fast, so I was very popular. So Mr. Ti, please teach me how to make my son faster.” His wife, Misa, asked him, “What should I do to make him a child who is not afraid of failure?” Mr. Ti gave accurate advice, saying, “Anyway, find one thing that your child is passionate about. It’s important to create a big core.”
The talk session will be a counseling session for Mr. Magara Tei’s child-rearing worries. The awardees raised their concerns about child-rearing one after another, and Mr. Diti on the spot quickly and brilliantly solved them.
Mr. and Mrs. Genda asked Mr. and Mrs. Genda about the fastball, “Which do you prefer, the Golden Glove Award for the fifth time in a row or the Couple Award in the Parenting Award?” ’ the couple looked at each other with smiles.
With the wave of DX in the childcare industry, digital devices and subscriptions are also on the rise!
Revision of the Child Care Leave Act has increased the number of childcare opportunities for fathers, leading to decentralization of childcare
Four awards were given in the Koto category. “Revision of the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act”, Sekisui House’s “IKUKYU.PJT”, which continues to have a 100% rate of childcare leave taken by men, and “Breast Milk Bank” that contributes to the healthy growth of babies through stable supply to the NICU. , was awarded for “expanding the fertility treatment subsidy system” that reduces the economic and psychological burden of fertility treatment for couples. A video message was delivered from former Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, who is a person of merit, regarding the expansion of the subsidy system for fertility treatment.
20 products from the “things department”. The number of
subscription-type services has increased in the childcare industry, and there are items that allow you to enjoy your time at home and play outside, services that are useful for digital childrearing, and goods that protect your child’s health and growth. won the award.
2022 child-rearing trends selected by child-rearing magazines “15th Parenting Award” winners and award-winning products list
* The reasons for winning and the winning comments are posted on the parenting award official website (http://parentingaward.com/). [Couple Division]
Sosuke Genda (professional baseball player) & Misa Eto (model) [Papa Division]
JOY (Talent)
[Mom Division]
Natsuna (Actress)
Akina Minami (talent)
[Sports Division]
Yuto Nagatomo (soccer player)
[Cultural Person Category]
Teacher Ti (Nursery teacher)
[Koto section]
・Revision of the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act
・Sekisui House Co., Ltd. / Sekisui House’s “IKUKYU.PJT”
・Expansion of subsidy system for infertility treatment
・Nippon Foundation Breast Milk Bank/Breast Milk Bank
[Item category]
・Irobot Japan/Rumba i2
・Newell Brands Japan LLC/Luce
・Amazon Services International LLC/Amazon Kids+
・Amazon Japan LLC / Amazon Fire Kids Model Series
・Age of Learning Japan Co., Ltd. / ABCmouse English, an English learning app for children
・Carmate Co., Ltd. / “Kurutto R” series
・ Kao Corporation / Kao Smile Attendance
・ Kracie Home Products Co., Ltd. / ma&me Latte
・Call Doctor Co., Ltd./Mitene Call Doctor
・ Shinohara Chemical Co., Ltd. / “fossflakes” series
・Smile Care Japan Co., Ltd. / Mom substitute milk shop
・Sega Toys Co., Ltd./Disney & Pixar Characters Dream Switch2 ・Chainavi Co., Ltd. / Electric nasal aspirator “Sururuno”
・The Tokai Co., Ltd. / Urunon Parenting Plan
・Natural Science Co., Ltd./Mama & Kids Baby Line
・Haier Japan Sales Co., Ltd. / Second freezer “168L front-opening freezer” ・ Bsize Co., Ltd. / BoT Talk
・Meiji Co., Ltd./Meiji Miraful Co., Ltd.
・Hack Co., Ltd. / Outdoor Toy Series
・ LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd. Aiful Home Company / Houses that give shape to commitments FAVO
“15th Parenting Award”
Organizer: Parenting Award Secretariat
“Anfan” (published by Kodomo Living)
“FQKids” (published by Access International)
“FQ JAPAN” (published by Access International)
“kodomoe” (published by Hakusensha)
“Gyutte” (published by Kodomo Living)
“Zexy Baby” (published by Recruit)
“Happy-Note For Maternity” (published by Miki House Child Care Research Institute)

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