Japan’s first! Food truck “Manggi” that offers Guam and Chamorro cuisine is launched!

Guam Government Tourism Office
Japan’s first! Food truck “Manggi” that offers Guam and Chamorro cuisine is launched!
An American resort Guam that can be reached in 3.5 hours spreads its culture and charm through food

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With the relaxation and lifting of border measures around the world and the demand for overseas travel increasing in Japan, the Guam Tourism Board (GVB) hopes that if you are interested in Guam’s culture, it will lead to actual travel. We will continue to promote Guam’s traditional Chamorro cuisine, which has not received much attention so far.

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Food truck “Manggi”
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lunch plate
The food truck “Manggi”, which offers Chamorro cuisine, means “delicious” in the local Chamorro language. .
The Chamorro cuisine menu provided by the truck is a lunch plate that combines barbecue chicken with soy sauce-based seasoning called “Fina deni sauce” that suits the Japanese palate and red rice, which is characterized by red rice. It is set at an easy one-coin price, and is a trial sale that allows more people to try it.
Gual Gutierrez, the director of Guam, came to Japan to teach cooking recipes and cooking methods directly to Mr. Daisuke Negishi, the owner and chef of Italian restaurant Capanna in Sakaisuji Honmachi, Osaka.

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Mr. Negishi and Mr. Karl
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During the recipe lecture
Starting with the opening of the “Unkai Natural Camp 2022” (held on November 5th and 6th) held at the Oashi Kogen Campsite in Okayama Prefecture, this food truck will go to Guam seminars for the travel industry and lunchtime in the office area. In addition, we plan to open stores at spring and summer music festivals and various events. While simultaneously developing promotions centered on SNS, we aim to acquire Guam fans through food.
What is Chamorro Cuisine?
Chamorro cuisine is a traditional dish from Guam.
It is a dish that has been influenced by various countries such as Spain, the United States, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries, and has absorbed the culture. Spices and ingredients that are frequently used are coconut, red chili pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, onion, lemon juice, sugar, etc., and any dish has a rich flavor of “sweetness, spiciness, or sourness.” It is the characteristic of the taste.
Due to the influence of Guam, which is a large family society, it is common to cook a large amount of each dish and share it with each person.
When you come to Guam, please enjoy the traditional taste of Guam. Entering Guam
Currently, it is possible to travel to Guam if you have received two or more doses of the new coronavirus vaccine. There is no local quarantine, so you can enter the country without quarantine. Also, when returning to Japan, if you have received three doses of the new coronavirus vaccine, you do not need to submit a negative certificate when returning to Japan. If you have been vaccinated twice, you will need to obtain a negative certificate locally. For more information on entering the country, please see the Guam Tourism Office website (https://www.visitguam.jp/entryintoguam/).
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