Japan’s Largest Zero Trust Event, “Zero Trust DAY” to be Held on Friday, December 2nd

Keyspider Inc.
Japan’s Largest Zero Trust Event, “Zero Trust DAY” to be Held on Friday, December 2nd
Lectures by 20 domestic companies and organizations, aiming to spread zero trust
Zero Trust Alliance Japan (Chairman: Yuichi Terada, Keyspider Inc.) will hold “Zero Trust DAY,” one of the largest zero trust events in Japan, on Friday, December 2nd, with lectures by 20 domestic companies and organizations. .

■ How to apply
Please apply from the URL below.
https://majisemi.com/e/mlt/events/ztaj-zerotrustday-2022/register/new ■What is Zero Trust?
With the spread of cloud services and telework, the idea that “the Internet is dangerous” and “the internal network is safe” is no longer valid. As a result, it is no longer possible to ensure corporate security with the conventional “perimeter-type defense” centered on F/W and VPN. Instead, the focus is on “Zero Trust”.
■ What is Zero Trust Alliance Japan (ZTAJ)?
An organization that aims to help companies understand their “Zero Trust” security strategy and review their own corporate security so that corporate security can be maintained even in this “new normal” era, and as a result, accelerate DX. is.
* Zero Trust Alliance Japan (ZTAJ) website: https://ztaj.jp/ ■ Introduction to Zero Trust “Super”, Zero Trust from an Attacker’s Perspective This time, Zero Trust Alliance Japan will hold “Zero Trust DAY”, one of the largest Zero Trust events in Japan, where 20 domestic companies and organizations will give lectures in order to promote the spread of Zero Trust in Japan.
Yuichi Terada, CEO of Keyspider Co., Ltd., who is the chairman of the board of directors, will give you an introduction to zero trust. I have a keynote.
■ Status of zero trust introduction Awareness and actual situation survey report 2022
In addition, we will also conduct a survey report on the awareness and actual situation of Zero Trust introduction targeting more than 400 users in related departments such as information system departments working in domestic companies.
In addition, the following lectures will be given by 18 member companies. Please apply from the URL below.
https://majisemi.com/e/mlt/events/ztaj-zerotrustday-2022/register/new [Keynote Speech]
“Introduction to Zero Trust and Configuration Patterns”
ZTAJ Terada
“Thinking from an attacker’s point of view, Zero Trust”
Toyo University Takukuni Mitsunaga Associate Professor
“Zero Trust Implementation Status Survey Report 2022”
ZTAJ Secretariat
[A track]
“Challenges for Realizing Zero Trust”
Fujitsu Limited
“What is EASM (External Attack Surface Management), which is attracting attention in the United States?
~ State-of-the-art Zero Trust seen at the world’s largest security conference ~ SB C&S Co., Ltd.
“Breaking away from the perimeter defense type network
~Issues and Zero Trust Security Seen in the GIGA School Concept~』 JMC Co., Ltd.
“What is the specific configuration of Zero Trust centered on Microsoft 365? 』 ICT Link Co., Ltd.
“Even if an accident occurs due to the negligence of an employee, in order to minimize the damage,
~Building an Insurance-like Zero Trust Ecosystem~』
Entrust Japan Co., Ltd.
“Why is Privileged Access Management Important for Zero Trust? -Description of specific countermeasure tools based on the
characteristics of recent ransomware-”
Encourage Technology Co., Ltd.
“Privileged ID Management in the Cloud Era and SaaS for Privileged ID Management”
Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Co., Ltd.
“Not just access control! What is cloud security monitoring in the cloud native era? 』
ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
“How to implement multi-factor authentication in AzureAD? 』
Styles Co., Ltd.
[B track]
“Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requirement issue and IDaaS utilization” ~Introducing GMO Trust Login as a Zero Trust Authentication Infrastructure~』 GMO GlobalSign Inc.
“Zero Trust implementation starting from IDaaS”
One login by One Identity
“Featured IDaaS, Okta Overview”
GFD Co., Ltd.
“Introduction of the one and only cloud-based ID management service “Keyspider” developed for Japanese companies”
Axio Co., Ltd.
“What is ZTNA? 』
Kamome Engineering Co., Ltd.
“Zero Trust Services Provided by NTT Advanced Technology Corporation” NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
“Zero Trust Security Required in the GIGA School Concept”
Asia Co., Ltd. Techno Horizon Co., Ltd.
“What is the best way to implement BYOD, learned from Zero Trust?” Lecomot Co., Ltd.
“(Tentative) Zero Trust starting with AzureAD and Keyspider” Keyspider Inc.
Please apply from the URL below.
https://majisemi.com/e/mlt/events/ztaj-zerotrustday-2022/register/new Details about this release:

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