Java Corporation Co., Ltd. From “la.f…”, which proposes simple and basic styles that are not trendy, the masterpiece series “Kiwami” 2022 AUTUMN & WINTER is now available!

Java Corporation Co., Ltd.
From “la.f…”, which proposes a simple and basic style that does not go out of fashion, the masterpiece series “Kiwami” 2022 AUTUMN & WINTER is now available!
A lineup that focuses on sustainability, functionality, materials, and silhouettes while incorporating the current sensibility.

At La F, we take the time to carefully craft each and every one of our masterpieces, “Kiwami”, which are comfortable to wear for many years to come, have silhouettes that show off your style, and have high quality materials. We are developing a series.
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What is the ultimate in La F…
La F proposes a simple basic style that is not swept away by trends. You will want to wear it for a long time now and next year.
The quality of the material, the quality of La F’s masterpieces that are carefully crafted over time and created with passion.
This autumn, we would like to introduce the ultimate items of La F that we would like you to experience.
[Image 2d25473-120-7e5e0821591c9b07de23-1.jpg&s3=25473-120-bddef43c44dd05e54431161d1133a510-584x935.jpg
No.o1/Fox plating knit
Fox Plating Knit
Main character knit with elegant brushed feeling
Knit using soft fox wool yarn with excellent heat retention. It has a long pile and a smooth texture that is as elegant as cashmere. It is a main class knit that boosts the grade of winter styling with lightness by blending nylon.
Knit ¥25,300
Blouse ¥19,800
Pants ¥22,000
* All available in L size
[Image 3d25473-120-f4fc0c7e1d6304128ac3-3.jpg&s3=25473-120-2385d783c4acc694ffc0539177855b57-544x790.jpg
The development of a pullover that gives a neat impression even with a hairy material, and a cardigan that is useful for layering that reduces the adhesion of hair to clothing.

[Image 4d25473-120-c940ef432268a3b6333f-4.jpg&s3=25473-120-a2f4ef0024e38847674f7fe4577af723-724x694.jpg

No.02/curl curl
Karl Karl
light and warm
Best-selling knitwear from La F
Knit with an airy process that allows air to enter inside the yarn. As a result, the yarn is about 1.5 times thicker than conventional wool, but weighs about two-thirds lighter. “Light, soft and warm”, La F’s best-selling item.

Basic cardigan ¥26,400
Vneck cardigan ¥23,100
* All available in L size
[Image 5d25473-120-836450f550ea51d85b3f-6.jpg&s3=25473-120-6253a3e0b797dfd7f4a529f48ef8c884-832x668.jpg
This year, in addition to the classic stand-up collar cardigan that has been neatly brushed up, we have added a V-neck cardigan with an oversilhouette.
Basic cardigan¥26,400
Vneck cardigan¥23,100
[Image 6d25473-120-c22c4d0dc2cb2d135c65-7.jpg&s3=25473-120-14516b9937c05ba0b61d261ad26c70c0-584x935.jpg
No.03/Thin Down
Achieving ultimate thinness
stitchless down
Stitchless down using sheet down made in Italy. It has the warmth of an original down coat, while the light finish with reduced volume is attractive. Hand-washing is also possible with technology that does not easily lose its shape. The outer material uses materials from Ishikawa Prefecture in Hokuriku. It features a powdery touch and an elegant luster that uses microfiber for the warp. It’s the warmth that makes you want to go out if you make it new.

Jacket ¥46,200
Knit ¥24,200
Pants ¥23,100
* All available in L size
[Image 7d25473-120-6cb830ec777a9aa21ea8-8.jpg&s3=25473-120-ac539a22a8d52995d04502ad24ca7bab-832x668.jpg
A beautiful long coat that incorporates a trendy tailored silhouette and a gorgeous short coat with a large shawl collar.
Coat ¥53,900
[Image 8d25473-120-93c409dbc393833fccbb-9.jpg&s3=25473-120-c2a27a52913efe87bb1d0582be5d7173-584x935.jpg
Knit that makes your skin happy just by wearing it
Jiron rum is especially fine among merino varieties. Among them, it is a knit that uses particularly thin fibers. A unique blend of puffy hair and smooth lustrous hair, high-quality yarn that combines the original swelling of wool with a smooth touch and soft feel is a special knit that is light and soft and pleasing to the skin just by wearing it. finished. The design is a warm high-necked pullover that makes the most of the goodness of the material. Even though it is roomy in size, the high neck gives it an elegant impression.

Jacket ¥46,200
Knit ¥24,200
Pants ¥23,100
[Image 9d25473-120-88cb73183abbf20e9bb7-10.jpg&s3=25473-120-166389dd26c2de0a497e3bc969cb616a-544x790.jpg
The geometric atmosphere is expressed by the knitting structure, giving it a modern impression. It is seamless and stress-free because it is knitted with WHOLEGARMENT.

[Image 10d25473-120-4e752b516549bd273d3b-11.jpg&s3=25473-120-bac9bab47dffe5d45ff9d2fde864b431-584x935.jpg
No.05/Down stretch fabric
Down stretch
Soft and warm comfort pants
A tapered pair of pants made from a three-layered material with 95% down and 5% feather sandwiched between the middle layers using our unique technology. It has a soft texture and excellent stretchability, and is gentle and warm to the touch. By putting the waist rubber on the side and adding three-dimensional darts toward the hip top, it is a design that combines the beauty of the silhouette and the comfort of wearing.

Coat ¥73,700
Knit ¥26,400
Pants ¥24,200
[Image 11d25473-120-18d09004b525ae505ed5-12.jpg&s3=25473-120-e84b99f45db45ed1378fb0a5fb48efe4-544x790.jpg
No.06/Super 140′ Wool River
SP140’Wool Rever
High quality lined river coat
Chester coat with high quality lining and river tailoring. At La F, we produce river-tailored fabrics that require special sewing machines and manual processes in carefully selected factories to match the quality of the materials. In addition to chester coats, we have developed short coats that are oversized and elegant, and hoodie long gilets that use plenty of fabric to make the most of the quality of the material.
Coat ¥73,700
Short coat ¥62,700
Gilet ¥53,900
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Java Corporation Co., Ltd. develops the brands of Lautreamont, Essen.Lautreamont, La F, Drowat Lautreamont, Kety, Mason Gray, Vicky, Queen’s Court, and Biagjo Blue.

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