JCB JCB sponsors the e-sports team “ZETA DIVISION”

JCB sponsors the e-sports team “ZETA DIVISION”

JCB Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and Executive Officer: Ichiro Hamakawa, hereinafter: JCB) is an e-sports team “ZETA DIVISION” (Headquarters: GANYMEDE Co., Ltd., Representative Director: Daisuke Nishihara). We are pleased to inform you that we will start sponsoring.

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Background of Sponsorship
JCB, the only international card brand from Japan, has decided to support the team activities, sympathizing with “ZETA DIVISI [GI1] ON”, which continues to challenge the world from Japan as a gaming lifestyle brand.
In recent years, the e-sports (*1) market has continued to expand dramatically, and the Japanese e-sports market is expected to grow to 11.6 billion yen in 2022 and 18 billion yen in 2025. *2). In addition, the number of e-sports fans is expected to exceed 8.68 million by 2022 and grow to 12 million by 2025 (*2).
In the booming e-sports market, “ZETA DIVISION” has many professional players who have achieved excellent results in world competitions for each game title, and many famous streamers who gather tens of thousands of fans in one delivery. We are sending out a new style that is not bound by existing culture. A gaming lifestyle brand that aims to foster a gaming culture and gaming lifestyle through activities that emphasize the fan community.
Through this sponsorship, JCB and “ZETA DIVISION” will conduct advance sales of fan meeting tickets and goods for JCB brand members. With this sponsorship, we will implement plans and services that will please all fans of “ZETA DIVISI [GI2] ON” and JCB brand members, and further develop “ZETA DIVISION” and the e-sports industry. I’m going to support you.
(*1) Abbreviation for electronic sports. A name used when a match using a computer game or the like is regarded as a sports competition. (*2) From “Japan eSports White Paper 2022”
-ZETA DIVISION uniform image-
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(1) Company name
(2) Head office location
 Barbizon 20 4F, 5F, 5-11-2 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(3) Team name
(4) Achievements in major esports competitions
August 2021: VALORANT category “2021 VALORANT CHAMPIONS TOUR STAGE 3 Challengers” winner
 November 2021: Winner of Brawl Stars World Finals 2021
March 2022: VALORANT category “2022 VALORANT CHAMPIONS TOUR STAGE1 Challengers Playoffs” winner
April 2022: VALORANT category “2022 VALORANT CHAMPIONS TOUR STAGE1 MASTERS Reykjavik” 3rd place
June 2022: Brawl Stars Division “ZETA DIVISION ONE” “Brawl Stars Championship 2022: MSI” Champion
August 2022: Winner of the fifth personality category “2022 Summer IdentityV Japan League”
September 2022: Second place in the PUBG MOBILE category “PUBG MOBILE RIVALS CUP 2022 JAPAN VS KOREA”
 October 2022: Second place in the fifth personality category “2022 Identity V Stellaris Challenge”
 October 2022: Winner of Super Smash Bros. Tea “L’Odyssee – Chant I”  October 2022: Winner of the Super Smash Bros. category acola “Let’s Make Moves Miami”
 November 2022: Winner of Super Smash Bros. Tea “Ultimate Fighting Arena” JCB will meet the expectations of each and every customer with a spirit of hospitality and attention to detail. And we will continue to aim to be the one in the world for our customers that makes them feel “convenient,” “reliable,” and “good to have.”
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