Jewelry Kamine Co., Ltd. Released 100 million yen tiara of Marie Antoinette from “Rose of Versailles”

Jewelry Kamine Co., Ltd.
“Rose of Versailles” Marie Antoinette 100 million yen tiara released “Rose of Versailles” 50th anniversary commemorative tiara studded with jewelry that bestows blessings and prosperity from the gods of the starry sky Rhodolite garnet 83.12ct, 17 large and small pearls, diamond total 10.21ct

Jewelry Kamine Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Kobe, President: Manabu Kamine) collaborated with Riyoko Ikeda Productions to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of “The Rose of Versailles”. Jewelry that receives blessings and prosperity from the gods of the starry sky The “Rose of Versailles” Marie Antoinette tiara will be completed and will be on sale from November 30, 2022. The selling price is 100 million yen (excluding consumption tax). This tiara will be on public sale at the jewelry Kamine shopping booth on the art stage of the 50th anniversary “Rose of Versailles Exhibition” (9th floor of Hankyu Umeda Main Store) to be held from November 30, 2022. The Jewelry Camine shopping booth is on the art stage on the same floor as the “Rose of Versailles Exhibition” and admission is free. *”The Rose of Versailles Exhibition” is a paid exhibition.
[Image 1

“Rose of Versailles” Marie Antoinette’s 100 million yen tiara [Image 2

Marie Antoinette wearing a tiara (C) Riyoko Ikeda Productions ■ About Marie Antoinette’s tiara in “The Rose of Versailles” The rose of the court is dignified and noble, and the masterpiece is eternal.To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of “The Rose of Versailles,” which set a milestone in the history of manga, this tiara was produced in cooperation with Riyoko Ikeda Productions and Jewelry Kamine Co., Ltd. .
In the 18th century, it was customary to change the jewelry attached to the tiara for ceremonies and social occasions, and enjoy the atmosphere. Reproduced at that time, it was made with 925 silver, and the pendant part is removable so that various jewelry can be set. We are devising ways to enjoy different atmospheres in various scenes. 83.12ct rhodolite garnet in the center, 17 large and small pearls throughout, and a total of 10.21ct diamonds. The production was commissioned to designers and craftsmen representing Japan. Yuko Yagi, a designer who has created numerous tiaras in the past, and Yuman Tanaka, a craftsman who pays attention to detail and breathes soul into jewels, took about a year to create.
*ct: carat
(C) Riyoko Ikeda Productions
●Overview of Marie Antoinette’s tiara from “The Rose of Versailles” [Body]
・Size: Length 11cm, Width 16.2cm, Depth 14cm
・Total weight: 282g
・Rhodolite garnet 83.12ct, 17 large and small pearls, diamond total 10.21ct ・Price: 100 million yen (excluding consumption tax)
・ Release: From November 30, 2022
[PT (platinum) rhodolite garnet diamond pendant top (front pendant top)] [Image 3

PT (Platinum) Rhodolite Garnet Diamond Pendant Top
The large pendant is made in the image of rose petals. The 83.12 ct mixed-cut rhodolite garnet emits a bewitching wine-red glow, and the 3.00 ct round brilliant-cut diamond above it emits seven colors of intense light. And the small diamonds of 1.62 ct surrounding it emit a chain of sparkling light, gently enveloping the two brilliance of rhodolite garnet and diamond. Please slowly enjoy the concertos of different attractive and gorgeous brilliance. In addition, this rhodolite garnet was mined in 2018 at Jewelry Kamine’s Ratnapura mine (Tiriwana Katia), Sri Lanka’s own mine.
◆ Jewels used
Front Garnet 83.12ct
Front top diamond 3.00ct
Entourage diamond 1.62ct
[PT (platinum) South Sea pearl diamond pendant top (two side pendant tops)] [Image 4

PT (Platinum) South Sea Pearl Diamond Pendant Top
The cute pendant attached to the side is also made with the image of rose petals. In the center is a pearl that Marie Antoinette liked. The 12.3mm South Sea pearl from Australia, called the “Queen of Gems,” emits a deep, shimmering silver color with a soft glow. The 2.04 ct and 2.01 ct round brilliant cut diamonds on top emit intense light in seven colors. The 5 large and small diamonds of 0.77 ct attached around the pearl complement the pearl with different brilliance. The brilliance of pearls and diamonds overlap to create an enchanting harmony of light.
◆ Jewels used
Front South Sea Pearl 12.3mm・12.3mm 2pieces
Two diamonds 2.04ct and 2.01ct on the front
Two entourage diamonds 0.77ct・0.77ct
● Thoughts on the creation of Marie Antoinette’s tiara from “The Rose of Versailles”
◆Jewelry Designer Yuko Yagi
Marie Antoinette, who was at the forefront of fashion at the time, seems to have preferred a style in which a pearl necklace was wrapped around her hair, a garnet necklace around her chest, and a bracelet around her wrist. Therefore, for the design of the tiara, we used a rose flower motif in a beautiful rococo style curve, and used garnet and pearls, which Marie Antoinette loved so much, to express “Queen Marie Antoinette” full of noble aura. rice field. Take a look at this tiara and imagine the world of the elegant Rose of Versailles and Queen Marie Antoinette.
◆Craftsman Yuuto Tanaka
I started by reading “The Rose of Versailles” and knowing the contents of the work. The rhodolite garnet frame has a rose watermark on the back side, and the nail on the lower abdomen is an image of a rose thorn. The 3.00ct diamond frame is set with a rose petal motif. I am grateful to have been involved in the milestone of the wonderful work “The Rose of Versailles”.
■ Public sales
・Date and time: Wednesday, November 30, 2022 to Monday, December 12, 2022 from 10:00 to 20:00 *Last day at 18:00
・Venue: Hankyu Umeda Main Store (8-7 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka), 9th floor “Rose of Versailles Exhibition” art space
“Jewelry Kamine Shopping Booth”
*Admission to the “Jewelry Camine Shopping Booth” in the art space is free. · Details: In addition to the public sale of Marie Antoinette’s 100 million yen tiara, Riyoko Ikeda’s
“Jewelry Painting (R) The Rose of Versailles Series”, “FEILER Rose of Versailles Handkerchief”,
“Versailles Rose Curry” and other items will be sold
     ※The tiara will be purchased after the exhibition ends. 【reference】
・For information on the 50th anniversary “Rose of Versailles Exhibition”, please refer to the website below.
■ About jewelry painting (R)
Jewelry Kamine produces jewelry paintings (R) as a new genre product that conveys the animation culture that Japan is proud of, and is developing it not only in Japan but also overseas. This jewelry painting (R) is made entirely of gemstones, except for the outline line drawing. It is pasted in powder form.
[Image 5

Jewelry Painting (R) The Rose of Versailles Series
To date, we have worked on timeless masterpieces such as Riyoko Ikeda’s “Rose of Versailles”, Osamu Tezuka’s “Astro Boy” and “Phoenix”, as well as “Sanrio Characters” such as Sanrio Co., Ltd.’s “Hello Kitty”. Jewelry painting (R)︎ is on sale. And in June 2021, we will sell “Fantasia” jewelry paintings (R) as Disney designs. ◆ About Jewelry Kamine Co., Ltd.
1906 (Meiji 39), 117 years since its founding in Motomachi, Kobe. The industry is jewelery retail. It has a total of 7 stores in Kobe, Nishinomiya and Ashiya. The only colored stone company in Japan that owns multiple mines in Sri Lanka and handles everything from mining to polishing and raw stones to jewelry.
・Company website:
・Jewelry Kamine shopping site ■ About Jewelry Kamine’s licensing business
Under a licensing agreement with Riyoko Ikeda Productions, Jewelry Kamine has collaborated on products such as “Jewelry Painting (R) The Rose of Versailles Series”, “FEILER Rose of Versailles Handkerchief”, “The Rose of Versailles Curry”, and “The Rose of Versailles Black Tea”. ] and so on.

Jewelry Kamine Co., Ltd.
〒650-0022 3-5-8 Motomachidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City
License Division
TEL: 078-332-5575 FAX: 078-332-5513
Jewelry Kamine shopping site

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