JGC HOLDINGS CORPORATION Establishment of New Company “SAFFAIRE SKY ENERGY LLC” to Realize Japan’s First Large-Scale Production of SAF Made in Japan

Regarding the Establishment of a New Company “SAFFAIRE SKY ENERGY LLC” to Realize Japan’s First Large-Scale Production of Domestic SAF
JGC Holdings Co., Ltd. (Chairman and CEO: Masayuki Sato, hereinafter “JGC HD”), Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. (President: Yasuhiro Suzuki,
hereinafter “Cosmo Oil”), Revo International Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Tetsuya Koshikawa) , hereinafter referred to as “Revo International”) will establish this business in order to manufacture and supply domestic SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) using waste cooking oil as a raw material (hereinafter referred to as “this business”). We would like to inform you that we have established a new company, “SAFFAIRE SKY ENERGY LLC” on November 1, 2019.
Since the summer of 2020, the three companies have been jointly studying the commercialization of a supply chain, from the collection of waste cooking oil in Japan to the manufacture, transportation and supply of SAF. The new company to be established aims to be the first large-scale domestically produced SAF in Japan, and will supply approximately 30,000 kiloliters of SAF per year to the domestic market using 100% waste cooking oil as a raw material. Construction of the SAF production facility is scheduled to start in the summer of 2023 at the Cosmo Oil Sakai Refinery in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. This facility will also produce bio-naphtha, which is a raw material for bio-plastics, and bio-diesel.
This project is a subsidized project selected* by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), a national research and development agency. The Energy Group (Cosmo Oil and Cosmo Oil Marketing Co., Ltd.) will be responsible for building a safe and stable fuel supply chain by bringing together the knowledge and know-how of each company. In addition, JGC Corporation will be responsible for the design, procurement, and construction services related to the SAF manufacturing equipment.
*NEDO website: https://www.nedo.go.jp/koubo/FF3_100312.html
[Outline of the new company]
Investment ratio: JGC HD: 48%, Cosmo Oil 48%, Revo International 4% Head office location: 2-3-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Date of establishment: November 1, 2022
Capital 100 million yen
Representative Masataka Akika (Managing Executive Officer, JGC HD) Business description Manufacture and sale of SAF, bio-naphtha, and bio-diesel made from domestic waste cooking oil
[Plant overview]
Planned construction site: Chikkoshinmachi, Nishi-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka (within Cosmo Oil’s Sakai Refinery)
SAF manufacturing capacity about 30,000 kiloliters/year
Ingredients: Domestic waste cooking oil
Plant operation: Scheduled to start in the second half of fiscal 2024 to the beginning of fiscal 2025

About Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.
The Cosmo Energy Group, to which Cosmo Oil belongs, is a company with a public mission to provide a safe and stable supply of the energy that is essential to our daily lives. In addition, we are developing a renewable energy business in anticipation of long-term environmental changes.
The Group’s philosophy is to “harmonize and coexist with the earth, people, and society.” Under the 6th consolidated medium-term management plan “Oil & New,” the Group utilizes its strengths and SS (service station) network. We are promoting efforts toward a next-generation mobility society, sales of environmentally friendly electric power, and expansion of clean energy centered on the wind power generation business. Through these efforts, including this project, we aim to achieve carbon net zero by 2050, solve social issues, and realize a sustainable society.
Homepage https://www.cosmo-oil.co.jp/
About Revo International Co., Ltd.
Revo International has built a nationwide collection network for used edible oil, and has been manufacturing and selling biodiesel fuel in Japan and overseas for many years, starting with Kyoto City, using an in-house developed manufacturing process, raw material procurement and technology development.・We have established an in-house integrated production and sales system, and have built up the best track record as a biofuel pioneer company, such as Japan’s first cooperation in the formulation of quality standards.
In the future, we will further expand our collection network for used cooking oil and start full-scale procurement of new raw material fats and oils. We will work to build a cyclical and regional symbiotic sphere.
Homepage http://www.e-revo.jp/

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