JIMOS Co., Ltd. It’s like a soy milk bath. New release of soy milk bath milk that contains fermented soy milk, ceramide, and rhododendron flower yeast.

JIMOS Co., Ltd.
It’s like a soy milk bath. New release of soy milk bath milk that contains fermented soy milk, ceramide, and rhododendron flower yeast.
Tofu no Moritaya (JIMOS Co., Ltd., Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture), which sells soy milk cosmetics and health foods, will sell bathing charges “Mame Flower Water Rhododendron Flower Yeast Soy Milk Bath Milk” from December 1st (Thursday). The original soymilk fermented liquid from Tofu no Moritaya, which has been researching tofu and soymilk for many years, is lavishly blended with moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide and rhododendron flower yeast extract. Please try soy milk bath milk, which turns your entire bath into a serum.
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Bathing was the cause of drying the body! ?
The season when the cold is in full swing and the air is dry. I’m also worried about the drying of my body after bathing.
Did you know that bathing actually causes your body to dry out? If you leave your skin alone after bathing, it will suddenly lose moisture and become overdried, causing itchiness and rough skin due to dryness.
However, when it’s cold, you want to get dressed as quickly as possible, and taking care of yourself after taking a bath can be very troublesome.
I think that many people find it difficult to take care of their whole body as carefully as skin care in their busy daily lives.
Therefore, we focused on moisturizing care for the whole body while bathing, and developed a soy milk bath milk containing beauty ingredients that completes body care simply by soaking in the bath without applying body cream after bathing.
A bath milk that feels like a soy milk bath, made only by Tofu Moritaya [Image 2

It has been 21 years since Tofu no Moritaya began as a tofu maker and started developing cosmetics using a unique fermented soymilk liquid as a raw material.
Isoflavones contained in soy milk have the effect of moisturizing the bare skin and bringing firmness and luster. In order to enhance this function, the fermented soybean milk fermented liquid, which is the original ingredient of Moritaya tofu, is made into a rich and highly effective ingredient by fermentation technology.
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While developing soy milk skin care, we received many voices from Moritaya customers with dry skin who were worried about dryness not only on the face but also on the whole body, so we started developing body care products. In the process of making tofu and soymilk, a soymilk bath milk was inspired by the voice of a tofu factory staff who said, “My hands were clean after soaking in soymilk.” I arrived at Soy milk fermented liquid and other moisturizing ingredients are carefully selected so that body care can be completed just by soaking. We focused on gentle formulations and fragrance-free products that can be used by the whole family, including seniors who have difficulty reaching every corner of the body, mothers who do not have time to take care of their skin, men and children.
Bathing, which should be dry, becomes a moist and luxurious bath time.

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During bathing, the keratin swells with the bath water, and
moisturizing ingredients in the skin such as natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and ceramide flow out from the gaps in the softened keratin. Furthermore, after bathing, the moisture in the horny layer evaporates, resulting in a dry state.
If you add soy milk bath milk, the beauty ingredients will steadily penetrate into the stratum corneum, which has become easier to penetrate due to the effect of bathing. After bathing, beauty ingredients such as olive squalane, which prevents the skin from evaporating, create a moisturizing veil that envelops the skin and creates moist skin that is resistant to dryness.
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In addition, by making the bathing agent liquid, it is possible to add plenty of emollient ingredients, which are oil-like beauty
ingredients. Due to the oil-rich formula design that specializes in moisturizing, it wraps your skin in a moisturizing veil, and you can feel the moist texture just by soaking in the bathtub.
3 elements for moisturizing just by soaking
1. Supplementing Moisture -Flower Yeast Extract-
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The Rhododendron flower that blooms in Shiiba Village in Miyazaki Prefecture, the origin of Moritaya Tofu, is a large and gorgeous flower, but it is a flower that feels soft and gentle in its gorgeousness.
The rhododendrons have a strong vitality, as they do not lose their leaves even in the harsh winter of Shiiba Village.
We researched the vitality of rhododendrons, which are resilient to environmental changes, and succeeded in extracting natural yeast from rhododendron flowers.
The yeast is a component similar to the “Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF)” that exists in the skin, and it quickly penetrates deep into the stratum corneum so that it can be absorbed by the skin.
By adding flower yeast extract to soy milk bath milk, it provides plenty of moisture and leads to plump and elastic skin.
2. Keeping Moisture -Soy Ceramide-
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“Ceramide” is an ingredient that has been attracting attention in recent years, but do you know why it is good for your skin?
Ceramide is a component originally present in human skin that fills the gaps between the stratum corneum cells to retain moisture. When ceramide is deficient in the skin, the barrier function of the stratum corneum may not work sufficiently, and external stimuli such as dryness make the skin more susceptible to roughening, making it an important ingredient for the skin.
The soybean ceramide used in soymilk bath milk is a composite component that is made by extracting ceramide from soybean seeds and transforming it into a lamellar liquid crystal. Since it is an ingredient formed with the same lamellar structure as the skin, it quickly adapts to the skin and penetrates.
In addition, it is excellent at protecting the moisture inside the skin, and it maintains moisture while preventing excessive evaporation of moisture, and exhibits high barrier power.
3. Protecting Moisture -Olive Squalane-
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Olive squalane is a valuable ingredient extracted from olive fruits. Squalene is also contained in human sebum, and plays an important role in protecting the skin from dryness by softening the keratin and preventing moisture evaporation from the skin.
However, sebum production decreases with age. A decrease in squalene not only leads to dryness, but also causes an imbalance in the sebum film, making the skin more susceptible to irritation from ultraviolet rays and dust.
Therefore, supplementing with squalane, which is similar to sebum, leads to skin that is resistant to dryness and external stimuli. Luxurious blend of beauty ingredients
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・Camellia extract from Nagasaki Prefecture
It is an upcycled raw material produced from pomace produced in the process of squeezing camellia oil from pesticide-free camellias that grow naturally in the mountains, and is an excellent anti-aging ingredient.
・Domestic toki extract
It is a perennial herb of the Apiaceae family that has been used since ancient times as a crude drug that enhances the effect of warm baths and promotes blood circulation. It is also used as an active ingredient in bath additives.
・Kurume Hatomugi Extract
About 10% of Hatomugi distributed in Japan is made in Japan, which is very valuable. It also regulates turnover and prevents sebum oxidation.
・Fermented vegetable collagen
Ingredients extracted from soybeans fermented using a special method. It has the same moisturizing power as animal collagen, and it also has the effect of promoting the production of PCA, a type of natural moisturizing factor, and has high moisturizing power.
Product Summary
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■Company profile
Company name: JIMOS Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-1 Reizeicho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 812-0039 Contact: https://www.tofu-moritaya.com/Form/inquiry/InquiryInput.aspx Details about this release:


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