Jinriki JINRIKI LLC Zero chronic disability from all over the world Notice of opening of a retreat facility in Kagawa Prefecture to “face the mind and body” From achieving Kurafan to the next goal!

[Chronic disorders from all over the world to zero] Notice of opening of a retreat facility in Kagawa Prefecture to “face the mind and body” [From achieving Kurafan to the next goal! ]
A crowdfunding project created by three people who hold national medical qualifications is underway with the aim of opening a guest house with services on the site of a former temple. Udon noodles, craft beer, accommodation coupons, etc. are available for return.
Jinriki JINRIKI LLC started crowdfunding on October 22 at 18:00 for the opening of Sanuki Retreat Tsunaan Shindo in the winter of 2023. Based on the three concepts of “Totou, Connect, and Live Together”, the name “Tsunaan Shindo” was born with the idea of ​​”a hall where you can notice connections, feel safe, and face your heart.” Crowdfunding is currently underway at READY FOR with a wide variety of rewards such as Sanuki Udon, craft beer, and accommodation vouchers. 100% of the target amount was reached in 4 days, and the project accelerated further.
We are continuing to challenge ourselves towards our next goal! [Image 1

A project to open a guest house where you can stay with experts who face your mind and body, started by three medical qualification holders
[The Attractiveness of the Pilgrimage and the Mental Health Issues of Modern Society]
In Shikoku, there is a cultural heritage known as the pilgrimage to the 88 temples of Shikoku. About 1,200 years ago, Kobo Daishi opened this sacred site as a place of enlightenment for people and to ward off disasters. When Emon Saburo realized his fault, he followed Kobo Daishi around Shikoku. things are said to be the beginning. Currently, about 150,000 to 200,000 people make the pilgrimage every year for various reasons, such as self-reflection, memorial services for relatives, and sightseeing.

[Image 2

On the other hand, according to a report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), mental health has deteriorated worldwide since the start of the new coronavirus pandemic in 2020. There are quite a few countries that have doubled or more than doubled compared to pre-coronavirus.
The OECD said, “The COVID-19 crisis has heightened risk factors that lead to poor mental health, such as economic insecurity, unemployment, and fear. Protective factors (=factors that help reduce or eliminate health risks) such as access to health care, daily life, and access to medical services have declined dramatically.”(*1)
*1 https://www.oecd.org/coronavirus/policy-responses/tackling-the-mental-health-impact-of-the-covid-19-crisis-an-integrated-whole-of-society-response- 0ccafa0b/

[About what Kagawa Prefecture can do and the direction this facility is aiming for]
In Kagawa Prefecture, where the culture of the pilgrimage resides, there is consistency in the way you spend your time facing your mind and body.
Akayama, who is one of the three founders and the representative of this facility, travels to various places and every time he returns to his hometown, he is reminded of the high rate of fine weather in Kagawa Prefecture, the warm climate, and the Seto Inland Sea. I felt that the calmness was an extremely suitable environment to have time to face myself slowly and carefully.
On top of that, I feel that there is a prefectural character that has a soil that welcomes people who come from outside, such as the recent tourism demand such as the Setouchi International Art Festival. Sanuki Retreat does not have a kitchen, so collaboration with local businesses and facilities, especially restaurants, is extremely important.
Along with the establishment of this facility, by creating
opportunities for local companies and facilities to be known and used again, it is consistent with the direction of the “symbiotic system” that we should aim for in a recycling society.
We would like to dare to promote the aspect that it cannot be concluded with only one facility as an advantage.
[Image 3

[Thoughts of the three founders]
Ryosuke Akayama (center of the photo) and Yuichi Miyazaki (left) are physiotherapists and sports trainers, and Ami Nakahara (right) is an occupational therapist and a yoga instructor.
While doing their best in hospitals, clinics, and sports sites as rehabilitation and trainers, each of them realized how to improve chronic disorders, and realized various mental problems (hereafter referred to as mental health). We have been earnestly facing the difficult problem of how to solve the health problem.
However, I have witnessed many cases in which no matter how seriously I study and how much I hone my skills, the current medical system alone does not provide a fundamental solution.
I have also become acutely aware of the fact that the content that I can convey and provide to the people beyond me will change greatly depending on how I face my mind and body and sharpen myself. Based on the experiences of the field and their own experiences over the past few years, in order to move one step further into the future, at this time, they should carefully face themselves and spend time as a retreat in the current society. I feel the need to expand my horizons.
First of all, those who have mental health problems in front of them, those who feel fatigue and depression in their daily lives, those who want to move forward one step ahead, and those who specialize in therapists, trainers, instructors, etc. I hope that it will reach those who are involved in mental health from a standpoint and those at various stages.
We ourselves will continue to greedily learn, face, and sharpen our mind and body, and grow together with everyone.
[What is Sanuki Retreat Kananshindo]
Many people may hear the word retreat for the first time.
Sanuki Retreat Kanan Shindo is, simply put, a guest house where you can stay with experts who treat your mind and body.
A guest house is a form of accommodation where there are shared spaces and there are many connections with others, but in addition to that, we place importance on the way of spending time as a “retreat”, and provide an environment, people, and services that can provide hints for facing the mind and body. I will prepare
What is a retreat? Reference site
[Image 4

-A way to spend a different time in a land away from everyday life- ■ Three concepts
“Toto, connect, live together”
[Image 5

■ How to spend time at the facility
Sanuki Retreat Kanan Shindo is a small inn with only 3 shared spaces and a guest room.
There are mountains surrounding the facility, a garden where you can feel the seasons, and the warmth of living with the people who gather there.
You can choose the time and method to prepare yourself through services such as meditation and personal sessions, tent saunas, and enzyme baths by professionals who prepare your mind and body. Try it once and find a way to relax yourself.
When you want to rest, when you want to take a deep look at yourself, when you want to talk slowly with someone, when you want to discover a new side of yourself, when you want to take the next step, two or three times in your life. We will aim for a place that makes you want to come back on stage.
◆Totou Hall
The temple is a place where tranquility spreads, and it is a place where you can deeply face your inner self as a place where you can relax. It can be used as a place for meditation, personal sessions, and the time not used for them.
[Image 6

◆ Library of the temple
We will start by collecting the books that the staff came up with, but after opening, we will also accept books contributed by everyone, and it will be a library created by everyone. You can immerse yourself in reading books of all genres collected anywhere in your favorite space in the retreat.
[Image 8

◆ Chat room in the hall
An open space where friends who gather at the same place on the same day can meet, and anyone can gather and connect.
When you want to get together, when you want to talk, we will create a space that reminds you to cherish the time you spend with someone, and sometimes creates new ideas or a turning point for someone.
[Image 8

[Schedule until opening]
August 2022 Conclusion of contract for planned opening site
September 2022 Start of construction
November 2022: Completion of construction – Acquisition of business license for lodging facilities
Pre-opening at the end of November 2022
Grand opening in January 2023
[Use of support money]
Facility construction cost
・Carpentry work
・Septic tank construction (currently very old, so new construction is planned) ・Water purifier construction (As a result of the water quality survey, the water cannot be used for drinking at present, so a water purifier will be installed.)
・Water supply and drainage work (Currently, it is a pumping type, so it will be changed to a flush toilet)
·Electrical construction work
New toilet installation cost
tent sauna purchase cost
Initial operating cost
READYFOR usage fee
[Greetings from Ryosuke Akayama, the first founder]
hello! My name is Ryosuke Akayama, the founder of Sanuki Retreat. Thank you for reading this far.
I was born and raised in Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture, and while working as a sports trainer, I have been supporting athletes who are active both in Japan and overseas with the desire to “zero chronic disabilities from all over the world”.
By taking a deeper look at the players, the team, and my own mind and body, and noticing various connections, I have had the experience of resolving my chronic ailments. At the same time, even with the best possible preparations, there have been many experiences where the athletes’ own anxiety and mental health issues did not lead to the best results.
In the true sense of the word, in order to create a “future in which chronic disabilities are eliminated from the world,” it is important for all people, not just those involved in sports, to be able to easily engage in “face-to-face physical and mental health.” I’m keenly aware.
I believe that increasing the number of people seeking the need to take care of their “mind and body” through the experience gained from this new retreat will be the best and shortest path to zero chronic disability. .
I will dedicate my life to the challenge of setting up a full-scale retreat facility in Sanuki.
All funds raised from this crowdfunding will be used for preparation costs and renewal costs associated with the opening of Sanuki Retreat. We are planning facilities and services that will set us apart from existing guesthouses and retreat facilities, so please look forward to it.
We would appreciate your support.
*Regardless of the total amount of support, preparations for opening the facility will be carried out according to the implementation details.
[Crowdfunding menu example]
[Image 9

☆Regional Industry Support Plan Masagoya Tenobe Somen 1 kg: 5,000 yen [Image 10

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