Jisedai Project Participate in “Jumful College”, a training program that expands the world by meeting people, regions, and experiences!

Jisedai Project
Participating in “Jumful College”, a training program that expands the world by meeting people, regions, and experiences!
Expanding the world with Jump x Playful Increase the number of Jumful human resources

Human resources development for corporations and students to increase the number of Jumful human resources who will expand their world by meeting people who live their own lives, sensory learning in unusual environments, and real experiences that allow them to take risks and challenge themselves. training program.
Jisedai Project Co., Ltd. participates in the planning and management of “Jumful College” hosted by KOYA Co., Ltd., meets people who live their own lives, learns sensory in a different environment, and takes risks and challenges. We will promote Jumful human resource
development that expands the world by itself through real experiences that can be done.
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▼What is Jumful College?
Expanding the world by meeting people, regions, and experiences is called Jumful, and people who embody it are called Jumful people. Jumful(R)︎ College is characterized by practical implementation of Jumful learning. By outputting what you have learned and demonstrating the results in your work, you can acquire the ultimate learning, and during the period of practice, you will meet people, regions, and experiences. It is a program that runs in an environment similar to We will increase Jumful human resources
To facilitate this, we will develop various human resource development training programs for corporations and students.
For more information: https://jumful.jp/college/
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▼Service list
1. New Business Development Department
Based on the thoughts of the new business development department, we will launch an internal project and propose a new business. During the period, various businessmen, including investors, will appear and get feedback on the business proposal and brush it up. Six months later, on the final day of the program, the new business that supports the company will be presented to an internal representative and judged. For more information: https://jumful.jp/college/start-up/
2. New employee training
New employee training is a one-month program with the final task of “Propose your company’s new product.” In the middle of the program, group training will be held for a week, and you will be asked to make proposals to solve the problems faced by local businessmen every day. We will learn how to think about business through the problems of other companies, and connect it to the final solution of our company’s problems. You will also have the opportunity to sell your own products and deepen your understanding of the company.
For more information: https://jumful.jp/college/new-emp/
3.Prospective employee training
Training for prospective employees This is a training program that enhances the loyalty of prospective employees to their company by deepening relationships through dialogue while working together in a natural environment. Even before joining the company, we will increase the potential of prospective candidates through work experience while maintaining connections while completing tasks. On the final day of the program, we will hold a sale at Marche, which has been planned so far, to increase the excitement before joining the company.
For more information: https://jumful.jp/college/prospective-emp/ 4. Internship training (uninhabited island training course)
Internship training (uninhabited island development course) An internship will be held on an uninhabited island floating in the Seto Inland Sea. You will gain a variety of hands-on experience, such as cultivating the jungle, harvesting lemons, making lemon oil, commercializing and selling. By experiencing comprehensively from the primary industry to the tertiary industry, you will not only gain an understanding of different industries, but also become more aware of where your own intrinsic motivation works and promote career independence.
For more information: https://jumful.jp/college/internship/
▼ Facilitator
Aya Sasaki / Representative Director of KOYA Co., Ltd.
Joined a venture company that provides management consulting services related to organizational personnel strategy and human resource development. Six months after joining the company, he moved to Vietnam alone to set up the company’s subsidiary in Vietnam. From recruiting local personnel to launching a business, from sales to operation, everything is done from scratch. Responsible for designing, managing, and facilitating training for global human resource development overseas training, management training, innovation creation lab-type overseas training, super practical business Japanese language training, etc. for not only Japanese but also multinational human resources. Involved in human resource development for a total of over 1,000 people. Founded KOYA Co., Ltd. in 2019, and launched the playground reservation service Jumful (https://jumful.net/) in 2021. From the following year, we took over an abandoned lemon field on an uninhabited island and built a system that allows us to manage everything from production to sales.
Masahiro Ohgami / CEO of Jisedai Project Co., Ltd.
Born in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture. At a venture company, he was in charge of a wide range of operations, from design to operation, including fan marketing, internship, and career projects. After that, while in charge of the toC business and long-term practical internship program at a professional baseball team, he was in charge of business promotion at the general incorporated association Apollo Project, which handles career education programs for athletes. Jisedai Project Co., Ltd. (https://jisedai-pjt.co.jp/) will be launched in 2021 to create a learning community that connects internship opportunities to further career development opportunities and personal career coaching for students and young adults. We plan and operate such as. Plans to acquire a nationally certified career consultant. Currently studying at Business Breakthrough University.
Click here for details: https://jumful.jp/college/
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