Jitera Co., Ltd. has raised a total of approximately 320 million yen in seed rounds. Started providing beta version and technical support plan of development automation platform “Jitera”

Jitera Co., Ltd.
Jitera Co., Ltd. has raised a total of approximately 320 million yen in seed rounds. Started providing beta version and technical support plan of development automation platform “Jitera”
– Low-code development and source code output reduce man-hours and achieve highly flexible development like full-scratch development –
Jitera Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Nao Yanagisawa) is a SoftBank Group company specializing in AI startups Deepcore Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Katsumasa Niki) as the lead investor. , East Ventures, the issuance of JKISS-type stock acquisition rights underwritten by multiple individual investors, and financing from financial
institutions, including Mizuho Bank’s proper loan, to raise a total of approximately 320 million yen in seed rounds. It was conducted. Today, we will start offering a beta version of Jitera, a development platform that automates the software development process, and a technical support plan. A wide range of automation from front-end to back-end, infrastructure, and API linkage. Low-code development and source code output reduce man-hours and realize highly flexible development such as full-scratch development.
The funds raised this time will be used for the development of “Jitera” and for strengthening the system of development support projects using “Jitera”. As a global startup from Japan, Jitera aims to build a de facto standard for software development and gain a global share in the autocoding market.
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About development automation platform “Jitera”
“Jitera” is a development platform that automates the process of software development.
A wide range of automation from front-end to back-end, infrastructure, and API linkage necessary for software release. Of the code that was previously written by humans one by one, code that does not require complex logic can be written with “Jitera” to reduce the man-hours of engineers. By outputting the source code, it achieves three times the development speed with the same flexibility as full scratch
So far, we have conducted demonstration experiments using “Jitera” in dozens of projects with multiple development companies, including GMO-Z.com Runsystem, and have achieved development automation of 60-70% on average and up to 90%. Succeeded.
-Voice of a customer after a demonstration test-
・GMO-Z.com Runsystem
“The code exported from Jitera is very readable, and the tech stack used in the exported code is great, which has helped me improve my skills.”
・ Tokyu Resorts & Stays
“Development was completed surprisingly quickly, and we were able to complete the project much faster than we expected.”
-Use target (example)-
・Software development company
・ Design firm and DX consulting firm
・Business company new business development office
・Individual engineers involved in software development
* The beta version offers a free plan and an enterprise plan that you can try for free.
Effect of introducing “Jitera”
・Reduction of development man-hours
Automate development to reduce man-hours required for implementation. You can expect various benefits from reduced man-hours, such as an increase in the number of projects, an improvement in the gross profit rate in commissioned development, and a reduction in the number of engineers employed.
In the demonstration experiments, there were projects that were completed in 20% of the man-hours estimated by other companies, and on average we succeeded in automating 60-70% of development.
・Increase the time spent on improving the skills of engineers and solving more essential problems
The Jitera code is designed by engineers who are familiar with React, Node.js, and Ruby, and it is expected to not only reduce man-hours, but also improve the skills of engineers and make development less stressful.
About 3 Technical Support Plans
We support simple review of project settings and Q&A about development. ・Introduction support
We support the introduction and utilization of “Jitera”, such as introduction lectures, review of project settings, and suggestions for areas that can be automated.
・Full support
Jitera’s development team (engineers, PM, QA, etc.) will fully support your project. We will handle “Jitera” utilization and subsequent coding. Linkage to core systems is also possible.
*Plan names and support content are subject to change.
*Please contact us for the cost.
Why “Jitera” is needed in the world
It is said that over 500 million pieces of software will be developed between 2019 and 2023, which is equivalent to the number of pieces of software developed in the 40 years leading up to 2019 (*1). In response to this explosive demand for software development, a huge market called public cloud was born in infrastructure.
In the application development market, no-code and low-code
development methods began to emerge around 2019, and while
cloud-native application development seemed to be democratized, it lacked the flexibility to withstand complex requirements. Issues due to platform restrictions and lock-in (difficult to switch or replace products) were also highlighted. In the autocoding market, there is still no fixed service that can solve such problems globally. In addition, the low-code market is expanding rapidly with a CAGR (annual growth rate) of 30%. It is said that 65% of software development will use low-code by 2024 (*2), and it is believed that the next revolution in software development will occur in the low-code market after the public cloud.
*1: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191029005144/en/IDC-FutureScape-Outlines-the-Impact-Digital-Supremacy-Will-Have-on-Enterprise-Transformation-and-the-IT -Industry
https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2019-08-12/low-code-is-the-future-outsystems-named-a-leader-in-the-2019-gartner-magic-quadrant- for-enterprise-low-code-application
[Image 2d110428-1-f9efdf72cadd58c772fe-1.png&s3=110428-1-d031a093c1144ac19f043ec0261b922e-2000x1061.png

[Image 3d110428-1-7212e5f0dcc9a1bf0f05-2.png&s3=110428-1-1a0cf661788f5a9c5c09d35417c46f37-1500x750.png
In the hotel reservation site and application renewal project jointly developed with Tokyu Resorts & Stays, we switched from existing ASP to full scratch development using “Jitera”.
It was a system involving complex logic such as reservation management and price fluctuations, and it was a project that was difficult to handle with other low-code tools such as third-party API linkage. We succeeded in developing a foundation construction that turns the measures of
It has greatly contributed to business figures such as the number of members and the improvement of reservation CVR, and we continue to support CVR improvement even after the renewal.
In addition, we have supported software development for dozens of projects, such as a monthly app release project for a venture company and MVP development support for a new business development office for a prime listed company.
Investor comment
Mr. Katsumasa Niki, Representative Director and President of DEEPCORE Jitera Co., Ltd. provides products that flexibly achieve software development with less development man-hours by outputting source code from a code generator, which was not possible with conventional no-code tools alone. Under the leadership of CEO Yanagisawa and COO Numata, we have already organized a team of 80% foreigners, and we are steadily preparing for global expansion. The software contract development market is still a large market with an inefficient structure, and we will support the company to become a leader in this area.
CEO profile

[Image 4d110428-1-28ee58ff92ab4c1c8e47-4.png&s3=110428-1-338d2e45f4051964a230c25d64d9f8fb-557x474.png
Nao Yanagizawa
Born in 1994. Established a software development company while studying at Keio University. Engaged in development work centered on rapidly growing startups that have achieved large-scale IPOs and M&As. Joined Recruit Holdings as a new graduate and was in charge of the development of SUUMO.
Established Jitera Co., Ltd. in 2017. While experiencing product development in a wide range of phases, such as fast-growing startups, before and after IPO, and sales of 100 billion yen, he got the idea of ​​​​improving coding efficiency and developed the development automation platform “Jitera”.
About Jitera Inc.
With the mission of “creating the next era of software development”, Jitera develops the development platform “Jitera” that automates the software development process, and provides development support and DX support using “Jitera”.
The company has a former director of a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime, a startup founder CTO with M&A experience, an engineer with Ruby on Rails and TypeScript commit experience, and members with management experience at a Fortune 500 company. More than 80% of our employees are foreigners, and we have a global and high-level workforce. The number of LinkedIn followers exceeds 10,000, and one of our strengths is overwhelming recognition in the global recruitment market among seed startups.
◾︎Company profile
Company name: Jitera Co., Ltd.
Head office: 1-28-2 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Nao Yanagisawa, Representative Director
Business description: Development of software development platform “Jitera”, DX support
URL: https://jitera.com/
Inquiries regarding technical support and DX support: sales@jitera.com Details about this release:



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