JOGMEC Held an online seminar on resource energy policy and coking coal project with the Queensland state government in Australia

Held an online seminar on resource energy policy and coking coal project with the Queensland state government in Australia

On November 2, 2022, JOGMEC held an online seminar co-sponsored with the Queensland State Government of Australia on the theme of “Queensland State Government’s Resource and Energy Policy Update and Coking Coal Project”.
The state of Queensland, Australia (hereinafter “QLD”) is one of the world’s leading coal-producing regions, and the resource sector is positioned as a major industry. For this reason, the QLD government and JOGMEC signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on a
comprehensive and strategic partnership in September 2013. Since then, JOGMEC has continued to hold investment seminars for Japanese companies with the aim of promoting investment in the state’s resource sector.
This time, we took up the general policies related to resources (including coal) announced by the state government this year. Lectures on the Resources Industry Development Plan, Energy and Job Plan, and Coal Plan by staff of the state government in charge provided an important opportunity to disseminate QLD’s comprehensive resource strategy to Japanese companies. .
In addition, due to the soaring market prices, many coking coal projects in the state are preparing for production, and among them, we introduced two projects and called for investment. We also introduced a project related to critical minerals.
This seminar was attended by 80 people from Japanese trading companies, steel companies, resource companies, etc. in Japan and Australia. During the question and answer session, there were many questions such as how coking coal importing countries and QLD should cooperate in reducing CO2 emissions, and how the QLD government should respond to the EU and other Russian coal embargoes, providing a valuable opportunity for exchanging opinions. I was able to.  JOGMEC will continue to hold seminars and provide useful information related to the stable securing of coal resources. For the latest information on coal resource development, please visit the JOGMEC Coal Development Department website or sign up for the JOGMEC Coal Newsletter.

[Image 1d12624-678-6fa1c0232d74eb6f0d60-0.jpg&s3=12624-678-d84a6c3af089f0d7f73a620d9ecce155-350x197.jpg
Yoshiaki Igarashi General Manager, JOGMEC Metals Environment, Marine & Coal Division
[Image 2d12624-678-7a02a0a157faf96a4cd1-1.jpg&s3=12624-678-c937c4d0ca2e0a1aff95d72cf0df906e-350x197.jpg
Mr. Cameron Dick, Minister of Finance and Promotion of Trade and Investment, QLD Government
[Image 3d12624-678-55b3ad46144032cb1945-2.jpg&s3=12624-678-ac72da84e33ea1d8cd740f9f53c56d5d-350x197.jpg
QLD State Government Ministry of Resources Mr. Carlye Sycz (on the right side) and Mr. Darren Moor (on the left side)
[Image 4d12624-678-cf296b4f0c0bf29db675-3.jpg&s3=12624-678-4d5e36d0d95d4a27886179b6c25f8a6b-350x197.jpg
Mr. Barry Tudor, Pembroke Resources
[Image 5d12624-678-be08f36cbf6c99230a59-4.jpg&s3=12624-678-a70c84d405860d691f555cdc0c15d43e-350x197.jpg
Mr. Nick Jorss, Bowen Coking Coal
[Image 6d12624-678-b5c132b3eb9d25d3cbfb-5.jpg&s3=12624-678-e159a756db7b61dd904d1c48dd3f345f-350x197.jpg
QLD State Government Department of Energy Mr. David Shankey
[Image 7d12624-678-496480da61de57aaf5a2-6.jpg&s3=12624-678-85474ec7c2eb37ff753cc50794e4eccd-350x197.jpg
Mr. Tony Knight, Ministry of Resources, QLD State Government ■ Provision of the latest information on coal resource development Coal resource information website
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