Johnson Healthcare Co., Ltd. A new gray color is now available in the compact but full-fledged “SYNCA Compac t Massage Chair”! On sale November 11th (Friday)

Johnson Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Compact yet full-fledged “SYNCA Compact Massage Chair” is now available in a new 5th color, gray! On sale November 11th (Friday) Color variations that can be selected according to the room

Johnson Health Care Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, President: Alex Wu), a new wellness business company managed by Johnson Health Tech, which boasts Asia’s No. 1 sales of fitness equipment, has launched the beauty and health brand “SYNCA.” From November 11th (Friday), we will release a new gray color, which is the fifth color of the compact but full-fledged “SYNCA Compact Massage Chair”. [Image 1

SYNCA Compact Massage Chair Gray
What is SYNCA Compact Massage Chair?
It is a massage chair that combines design and compactness that can be placed in a room with the same massage function as a “chair”. In addition to the four colors of beige, bordeaux, navy, and espresso that you can choose to match your room, gray has been added this time. The price is 119,900 yen (tax included), and it will be released sequentially at various EC sites and dealers, including the official online store.
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[Features of SYNCA compact massage chair]
■ Compact body with a beautiful form that blends into any living space The SYNCA compact massage chair has a design that will not feel out of place in any living space! Although compact, the rounded L-shaped design does not take up much space even in a single home, so it is attractive wherever you place it. Received the 2017 Good Design Award. Just by changing the interior, it will surely become a special place.

[Image 2

SYNCA compact massage chair color variations
■ Approach to “buttocks” that sticks
The muscles of the buttocks are an important place that connects the pelvis and the legs. When there is stiffness, the pelvis is distorted, which causes an imbalance in the muscles of the legs and buttocks. The SYNCA compact massage chair massages firmly from the buttocks to the back of the thighs!
With conventional massagers, the area around the buttocks is only air or rollers, but the SYNCA compact massage chair achieves fine “beating” and firm “massaging”!
[Image 3

SYNCA compact massage chair
■ Massage from shoulders to back and back of thighs
Massage a wide area from the shoulders, back, waist, buttocks to the back of the thighs with a rail of about 86 cm massage balls laid out in an L shape. You can feel the massage balls firmly because it is a deep L shape that you can rest your body on.
[Image 4

SYNCA compact massage chair
[Video Introduction]
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【Product Details】
Brand name: SYNCA
Product name: Compact massage chair MR320
Colors: Beige, Bordeaux, Navy, Espresso, Gray
Dimensions: W550 x H940 x D990mm
Mass: 31.5kg
Scheduled sales price: 119,900 yen (tax included)
Estimated electricity bill: about 20.40 yen/month
*When using 30 minutes every day for 30 days. Calculated based on the electricity rate guideline unit price of 27 yen/kWh (tax included). [About SYNCA]
A beauty and health brand that proposes a high-quality and healthy lifestyle with high functionality and sophisticated design. Starting in Japan in 2018, we are expanding to North America, Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world. We will deliver unique items that allow you to enjoy daily relaxation, including the popular “Compact Massage Chair” with a compact design that fits in with your living space.
Official site
[Image 5d24291-13-83965839510a1058af6a-9.png&s3=24291-13-c134de512e26abf6e7e3cb8eeb109416-1580x1043.png
Beauty and health brand SYNCA
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