Jonan Shingaku Kenkyusha x Gakken Signed a business and capital alliance agreement with Gakken in November. We will develop new services and products by linking various educational services and contents to meet various educational needs.

Jonan Shingaku Kenkyusha Co., Ltd.
[Jonan Shingaku Kenkyusha x Gakken] Signed a business and capital alliance agreement with Gakken in November. We will develop new services and products by linking various educational services and contents to meet various educational needs.
Aiming to secure superiority in the cram school industry by creating new markets through collaboration between the two companies

On November 25, 2022, Jonan Shingaku Kenkyusha Co., Ltd. (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and CEO: Katsumi Shimomura, hereinafter “our company”) will establish Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Miyahara). We have decided to enter into a business and capital alliance agreement with Hiroaki (hereafter referred to as “Gakken HD”).
Through this business and capital alliance, we will develop new services and products by linking various educational services and contents owned by our company with various educational services and contents of Gakken HD, and respond to various educational needs. [Image 1d91869-7-1aece1b32be28008f2a6-4.png&s3=91869-7-8d3890210ab079e122f280b34e7bbeb9-1340x153.png

Purpose of this business and capital alliance
Our predecessor was Jonan Preparatory School, which was founded in April 1961, and was established on September 16, 1982. Based on the philosophy of “students first”, we use various educational contents from infants to adults. is a comprehensive educational solution company that develops classroom business, develops and sells educational content, etc. Gakken HD was established on March 31, 1947, stating, “We, the Gakken Group, hope that all people can live a fulfilling life, and provide excitement, satisfaction, and peace of mind today, as well as dreams and hopes for tomorrow.” Based on the group philosophy, we are a holding company of group companies that develop educational businesses such as classroom and cram school management, publishing and kindergarten support, and medical and welfare businesses such as elderly housing business. Currently, in the cram school industry where both companies operate, the price competition to acquire customers is intensifying against the background of sluggish growth in the school age population due to the declining birthrate, and the competition between companies is extremely fierce. The educational scene is undergoing rapid changes, such as educational reforms and entrance examination reforms, and the rapid spread of online classes and the realization of GIGA schools in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In such an environment, we will develop new services and products and enter new markets by
collaborating with our various educational services and educational content and Gakken HD’s nationwide classroom and cram school business and various educational content. We believe that we will be able to secure our superiority in the cram school industry, and we have agreed to build a collaborative relationship with Gakken HD based on a medium- to long-term business and capital alliance.
Details of the business alliance
Based on the business alliance agreement concluded on August 26, 2022, we have already established a business alliance committee consisting of officers and employees of both companies, and are discussing collaboration. Through this business and capital alliance, we will consider the development of specific measures for the following. (1) Collaborative development and deployment of new learning services using the Metaverse
The Gakken Group has started developing an online cram school using the virtual educational space “FAMcampus” developed through joint demonstration with Fujisoft Co., Ltd. With FAMcampus, your avatar can attend a virtual cram school and receive services equivalent to attending a real cram school, such as classes, self-study, and interviews. In this Metaverse space, we aim to collaborate on the development and deployment of new learning services using our know-how in individual instruction.
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(2) Collaboration between classrooms and cram schools
The Gakken Group’s nationwide Gakken Classrooms and preparatory schools and tutoring schools under the Group’s umbrella, and the Jonan Covetts, Jonan Ishijuku, and Jonan Recommended Schools operated by the Company, each have their own characteristics. We are in a
complementary relationship. By mutually introducing curricula from both companies that are suitable for each child’s level of learning, it will be possible to meet a wide range of educational needs, from preschoolers to elementary school students, junior high school students, and high school students.
(3) Collaborative development of English learning content and services The Gakken Group offers a variety of English content and services, including study reference books, dictionaries, and other English publications, online English conversation services, and the Tokyo English Village (TGG). In addition, we have a TOEFL (R) Test, IELTS preparation school “Ringo L. L. C.” and “Zoo Phonics Academy” using the phonics method, and have a good reputation for English
instruction. We anticipate that the English learning market will continue to expand, and we aim to jointly develop new content and services that leverage the strengths of both parties.
(4) Joint development, production and dissemination of learning assessment At the Gakken Group, there is a learning assessment “Tomorrow’s Academic Ability” diagnosis (“Asugaku”) that visualizes “thinking ability, judgment ability, and expression ability”, and 100,000 people have already taken the test annually. On the other hand, we are actively working to respond to new education, such as the operation of “Ringo Juku”, which has strengths in mathematics instruction, and the development of educational materials such as “Dequitas”, an online learning product that corresponds to elementary and junior high school textbooks. We are doing. We will build a cooperative system in the assessment field, realize the evolution and deepening of “Asugaku”, and aim for further dissemination.
(5) Coordination of educational services for infants
At the Gakken Group, in addition to a wealth of published content for infants, preschool areas such as sales of monthly magazines and equipment for kindergartens and nursery schools are a major pillar of our educational business. The Group has knowledge of skills
development for preschool children, such as the brain training class “Kubota Noken” for children aged 0 to 5 and the international school “Zoo Phonics Academy”. Both companies are also actively developing the nursery school business. Through the utilization of various venues, content, know-how, and mutual introduction of the curricula of both companies, we will actively work to coordinate services so that customers of both companies can be more satisfied.
(6) Development and dissemination of new educational services for adults In the medium-term management plan “Gakken 2023” formulated in November 2020, Gakken HD places a priority on focusing on the adult business in the field of education. Through collaboration between Gakken Group’s TOASU (former J-Tex Management Center), which provides training services for companies, and our Group’s Ivec, as well as joint development of English learning services for working people, we are promoting learning in the age of 100-year lifespans. We aim to create new sales and profits through the creation of an environment. 【Company Profile】
■ Jonan Shingaku Kenkyusha Co., Ltd.
Representative: Katsumi Shimomura, President and CEO
Location: 22-2 Ekimae Honcho, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture Established: 1982
Corporate site:
Main business
-Management of cram schools and other various classrooms
– Recruitment and management guidance for preparatory schools and preparatory classes through a franchise chain system
-Planning, production and sales of teaching materials for college, high school and junior high school entrance exams
-Business related to childcare
■ Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hiroaki Miyahara, President and CEO
Location: 2-11-8 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Founded: 1947
Corporate site:
Main business
-Education field: Classroom/Cram School Business / Publication Content Business/Kindergarten/School Business
-Medical and Welfare Field: Elderly Housing Business / Dementia Group Home Business / Childcare Support Business
-Other service support business
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