JP Holdings Co., Ltd. “Kodomel” BabyTech (R) Awards 2022 Parent Support Service Category Grand Prize Comme morative Campaign is being held!

JP Holdings Co., Ltd.
“Kodomel” BabyTech (R) Awards 2022 Parental Support Service Category Grand Prize Commemorative Campaign is being held!
~ Just by registering as a member, you will receive a point gift worth 1200 yen. Picture book gifts! ~

The child-rearing support platform “Kodomel” operated by Japan Child Care Research Institute Co., Ltd., a group company of JP Holdings, the largest child-rearing support business, won the grand prize in the parent support service category of the “BabyTech (R) Awards 2022”. The campaign will be held from November 14, 2022.
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Child-rearing support platform “Kodomel” ( is a voice from parents of nursery schools operated by our group, “I want to pass on clothes and toys full of memories to the next generation.” It is a child-rearing support platform that was born based on. As the first service, we provide a matching service that allows you to purchase reusable items such as baby products, clothing, and other child-rearing-related items online, as well as information on child-rearing, based on the concept of “connecting waste to the future.” .
Two campaigns are being held as the “BabyTech (R) Awards 2022” parental support service category grand prize winning campaign. 1. A gift of 1,200 yen points to all those who register as new members during the period
* 300 points will be given at the time of member registration, and the remaining 900 points will be given within 10 business days.
※Member registration is free.
2. One picture book selected by the staff will be presented to 50 people who have registered as new members during the period by lottery!
*The winning announcement will be replaced by the shipping of the picture book. Campaign period: From November 14, 2022 (Monday) to December 27, 2022 (Tuesday) 23:59 Registration
About the child-rearing support platform “Kodomel”
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The child-rearing support platform “Kodomel” is currently providing information on child-rearing and a matching service that allows you to purchase reusable items, mainly child-rearing-related items, on the web as the first service.
In the future, we will collaborate with various companies and expand our service functions, aiming to solve the problems of the
child-rearing generation. We will build a child-rearing support platform that does not exist.
Furthermore, we will promote BtoB business that provides various child-rearing-related services, child-rearing-related programs, products, introductions and dispatches of specialized personnel, etc. We are also planning to expand our services.
Through the development of Kodomel, we will provide various products and services that match the needs of users not only during infancy and school age, but also throughout a wide range of periods until children reach adulthood. We will establish it as a pillar of our business. About the BabyTech (R) Awards 2022 Grand Prize Award Ceremony and Exhibition of Award-Winning Products
The BabyTech (R) Awards 2022 grand prize award ceremony and
award-winning product exhibition will be held at “Nursery Expo 2022” to be held at Tokyo International Forum (Yurakucho) on November 21 (Monday) and 22 (Tuesday), 2022. will be split.
●BabyTech (R) Awards 2022 grand prize ceremony
Date and time: Monday, November 21, 2022, from 12:00
Venue: Nursery Expo 2022 Organizer Seminar (at Tokyo International Forum Nursery Expo 2022 Seminar Area)
*The award ceremony will be broadcast live on the YouTube channel.
● Exhibition of award-winning products
Date: November 21 (Mon) and 22 (Tue), 2022
Venue: BabyTech (R) Awards 2022 booth in the nursery expo 2022 venue *For information on the Hoikuhaku Expo, please see the “Hoikuhaku 2022 Website”.
About the BabyTech(R) Awards
Papa Smile will be held for the first time in Japan in 2019 at an event that awards baby tech products, services, and childcare appliances distributed in Japan. In 2022, the fourth year, in anticipation of the development of the global baby tech market, after discussions with the organization that had the rights to the Baby Tech Awards in the United States, the “BabyTech (R) Awards 2022” will not be limited to Japan. It is held under a different name.
About JP Holdings Co., Ltd.
It is the largest child-rearing support company (TSE prime market, securities code: 2749) that mainly operates nursery schools, after-school clubs, and children’s centers. The number of facilities operated by the group as a whole will be 308 (as of July 1, 2022). Nihon Hoiku Service Co., Ltd., which operates nursery schools, after-school clubs, and children’s centers nationwide under its umbrella; J Kitchen Co., Ltd., which undertakes contracting of school lunches for nursery schools; and develops English, gymnastics, rhythmic dance, and early childhood learning programs for
child-rearing support facilities. and J-cast Co., Ltd., which provides and supports developmental support, J-Planning Sales Co., Ltd., which plans and sells childcare-related products, training related to childcare and developmental support, visit support business for nursery schools, etc., and child-rearing support platform “Kodomel” There is Japan Child Care Research Institute Co., Ltd., which operates Please see here ( for details. Details about this release:

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