JPR Co., Ltd. Published on November 29, a book that spells out team management know-how by an animal hospital group with nine hospitals in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

JPR Co., Ltd.
A book that spells out the know-how of team management performed by an animal hospital group with nine hospitals in the Tokyo metropolitan area, published on November 29.

Yasumichi Namatame, CEO of JPR Co., Ltd., the operating company of the Primo Animal Hospital Group, which operates nine hospitals mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture, published a book titled “People “, the team management that the largest veterinary hospital group in the Tokyo metropolitan area values” will be published by Ascom on November 29, 2022 (Tuesday).

Although he has a veterinarian license, he devotes himself to “running a veterinary hospital” instead of clinical practice, and is also working to expand the veterinary medicine and pet industry by developing related products and supporting entrepreneurs.
While touching on the waves of change that are coming to the veterinary medical industry, what is required of animal hospitals in the future? It explains the know-how of creating an organization that is important to him, such as the concept of Primo team management, which he learned from the challenges the author actually faced, and the expansion of his career as a veterinarian.
This is a book for those involved in the animal medicine and pet industry, those who aim to enter the industry, and those who want to grow their own team regardless of the industry.
book outline
■Main topics in this book
・Read changes in the business environment in which animal hospitals are placed ・ Reasons for completely separating management and medical care ・Think about the expansion of the organization in accordance with the “1-3-1-3 rule”
・”Ikebana-style management” to make the most of diverse human resources ・Dissemination of information to unify visions and philosophies in a larger organization
・Training system that thoroughly trains not only clinical skills but also basic skills as a member of society
・Expansion of business areas expands career options for veterinarians etc.
・Author: Yasumichi Namatame
・Publication: Ascom Co., Ltd. 208 pages
・ List price: 1,500 yen + tax
・ISBN 978-4-7762-1232-4
Click here for details Author profile
Yasumichi Namatame
Veterinarian Entrepreneur / President of JPR Co., Ltd.
Nihon University College of Bioresources Department of Veterinary Medicine After graduating from university, he was involved in the launch of stores, product development and service development at a restaurant venture company. After that, he learned how to start and operate various businesses at a veterinary publishing company. Established JPR Co., Ltd. with co-founder in 2003. In addition to operating the Primo Animal Hospital Group, which operates mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture, QIX Co., Ltd., which develops and sells products for veterinary hospitals, EduWordPress Co., Ltd., which develops education business, and business co-creation related to the pet industry. He is also involved in the management of group companies such as QAL Startups Co., Ltd. Together with partners inside and outside the industry, we are working every day to develop various products and businesses that contribute to improving QAL.
Company Profile
Company name: JPR Co., Ltd.
Address: 1-16-3 Nakamachi, Machida City, Tokyo
Established: June 2003
Primo Animal Hospital Group Site:


JPR corporate site:
-About Primo Animal Hospital-
A group of veterinary hospitals that operates nine hospitals mainly in the Kanagawa and Tokyo areas. Our group vision is “QAL = Quality of Animal Life,” which aims to create a world where animals can live comfortably as partners with humans. We continue to grow with the aim of becoming such an animal hospital.
■ What is QAL?
QAL = Quality of Animal Life
What is normal for humans is still not normal for animals.
We are focusing on the veterinary medical business at Primo Animal Hospital. A business aimed at “improving the quality of life for pets and pet owners” It has been produced continuously.
I want to make the world more convenient, easier to keep pets, and less troublesome.
We want people and pets to live safe and happy lives.
Such a society with high QAL that we envision, a town,
Together with like-minded colleagues, we will continue to create. [Inquiries regarding this release]
JPR Co., Ltd. Business Development Department
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