JPR Releases “Story of Logistics Pallets You’ll Want to Tell Someone About”

Japan Pallet Rental Co., Ltd.
JPR Releases “Story of Logistics Pallets You’ll Want to Tell Someone About” For the purpose of raising awareness of rental pallets on November 12, “Pallet Day”

Japan Pallet Rental Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Naomi Kano, hereinafter referred to as JPR), the largest logistics pallet rental service, has announced that November 12th will be “Pallet Day” established by the Japan Pallet Association. In connection with this, we created “The Story of the Logistics Pallet” for a wide range of people who are not logistics professionals.
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▼ “The story of the logistics pallet that you will surely want to tell someone” Download URL ▼ A tool called a tremendously niche palette. I want to tell you about the unexpected familiarity!
Delivering products that are essential for daily life.
Society’s interest in logistics, which is such a natural background, is increasing. In addition, many companies have set the construction of sustainable logistics as one of their management challenges. The logistics industry is currently facing challenges such as measures to deal with labor shortages and the reduction of environmental impact, and pallets are attracting unprecedented attention as a solution to these problems.
It seems that there is no relationship between the extremely niche tool called a palette and our daily life and work, but in reality, they are deeply connected. “The story of logistics pallets that you will surely want to tell someone” is a booklet that we would like people who are not familiar with pallets to read.
▼ Main contents
what is a palette
The concept of consistent palletization
The 2024 Problem and the Palette
environment and palette
[Image 2d102973-14-74cc97a95aeaf2ae56b5-0.jpg&s3=102973-14-51c0f87c797900b42f3aa7b2723c7373-901x695.jpg
It is made for such people.
Those who have more opportunities to touch on topics related to logistics at work
Those who have become involved in logistics due to job changes or transfers Students who want to learn about logistics
Media looking for topics in the logistics industry
▼What is Palette Day?
The Japan Pallet Association has designated November 12 as “Palette Day” and is working to raise awareness of pallets. JPR is a member of the Japan Pallet Association.
Please refer here for “Palette Day”.
Japan Pallet Association (
note JPR Public Relations Department article
▼ JPR’s efforts to improve awareness of pallets for the general public JPR holds lectures and lectures on pallets at universities, etc. through the activities of member industry groups and as JPR’s own activities, with the aim of spreading awareness about pallets and raising interest in the next generation of human resources. are doing [Image 3d102973-14-8414dce3806839fd90c5-2.jpg&s3=102973-14-1960f9c568675236da1adf10d8bbd268-3300x2475.jpg

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