JR-Cross Deployed for the first time in JR East’s in-station stores “Saiboku” freezer vending machine installed at Omiya Station

Deployed for the first time in JR East’s in-station stores “Saiboku” freezer vending machine installed at Omiya Station

●JR East Cross Station Retail Company Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Company President: Toshio Shiraishi) and Saitama Seed Ranch Co., Ltd. (Location: Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture; President: Koichi Sasazaki; ”) will install “Saiboku Original Frozen Vending Machines” in the south transfer concourse of Omiya Station Saikyo Line for the first time in JR East’s Ekinaka.
We will deliver the deliciousness of original frozen products such as pork buns, gyoza dumplings, and shumai using Saiboku’s brand pork “Golden Pork” to more customers with convenient and easy vending machines.
●By installing frozen vending machines from “Saiboku”, a meat processing manufacturer representing Saitama Prefecture, at Omiya Station, the largest terminal station in Saitama Prefecture, we will work to revitalize the region by communicating the appeal of local products and increase the convenience of the station. We will aim to improve the attractiveness of
1 Main products for sale
We sell the following frozen products filled with the deliciousness of Saiboku’s branded pork “Golden Pork”.
*All prices include tax
[Image 1d82978-262-021047239b83bab2650f-0.jpg&s3=82978-262-d2dea30e7b7c45192dc54e047daf6eca-1000x1000.jpg
Golden Pork Premium Frozen Gyoza (12 pieces) 600 yen
[Image 2d82978-262-3ef6b0f8858e869e2008-1.png&s3=82978-262-6ec744faf3334800a1ed9c66a84af0ae-285x285.png
Golden Pork Shumai (6 pieces) 600 yen
[Image 3d82978-262-e8535a5bc0aff8ac9f0a-2.png&s3=82978-262-c9c0c2e9c38eee4c4de00eb829cd1b70-287x286.png
Golden pork steamed buns (2 pieces) 650 yen
[Image 4d82978-262-7088800b07646e31ced2-3.png&s3=82978-262-dee0cb5e20473487184b3bfb73024bfd-286x286.png
Golden Pork Bacon Pizza (1 piece) 1,400 yen
[Image 5d82978-262-5cbad693f0a501280e2f-4.png&s3=82978-262-2f2b1f8ce8fdc17c7ffe932a80156440-394x677.png
Saiboku Original Frozen Vending Machine
2 Installation location
JR Omiya Station 1F Saikyo Line South Transfer Concourse
[Image 6d82978-262-1e2b6652779c4a8d2b2f-5.png&s3=82978-262-aa2cb3c5e1f2daa418ccb54a4db96877-698x411.png
3 Installation time
November 18, 2022 (Friday) Sales will begin as soon as preparations are completed
Reference 1 About Saiboku (Saitama Ranch Co., Ltd.)
●Founded in 1946, starting with breeding farms for breeding pigs, we operate an integrated system from pig production to processed product manufacturing and sales.
●In the head office area in Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture, there is a “Pig Theme Park” with the theme of “food” and “health” through pigs, which is visited by 4 million people a year. In the park, there are complex facilities such as “meat shop”, “cafe & kitchen”, “vegetable market”, “restaurant”, “hot spring hall”, and “athletic” that you can enjoy all day long.
●Saiboku’s hams, sausages, and delicatessens have won numerous awards at the European International Food Quality Contest, with more than 1,000 gold medals awarded.
Reference 2 About Saiboku’s branded pork “Golden Pork”
“Golden Pork” was born from breeding pigs of excellent pedigree recognized by Saiboku on a ranch rich in nature.
[Image 7d82978-262-5b12b722f2151c57fe94-6.png&s3=82978-262-91a66e4dc20943722f26fa6cd732d6b4-419x322.png
Ham and sausage made with golden pork
[Image 8d82978-262-3dc9f534caa5219af097-7.png&s3=82978-262-f5a207b953e23f0de31e775fcbce9ad5-493x322.png
2019 DFV German Meat Federation Ham and Sausage Contest “Ham and Sausage Champion Cup Winner”

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