JR East Commercial Development Co., Ltd. Granduo Tachikawa Christmas 2022 “Have a jolly GRANDUO”

JR East Commercial Development Co., Ltd.
[Granduo Tachikawa] Christmas 2022 “Have a jolly GRANDUO”
Order a special Christmas cake from the Tama area online! You can pick it up at the store! We are accepting reservations for ekinaka online until December 18, 2022 (Sun)!

At the commercial facility Granduo Tachikawa operated by JR East Commercial Development Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tachikawa City, Tokyo, President: Tomoko Onuma), until December 25, 2022 (Sun), titled “Have a jolly GRANDUO” , Special Christmas cakes from pastry shops in the Tama area and Christmas gifts for family and loved ones. Pre-orders for Christmas cakes are being accepted until December 18, 2022 (Sunday) at “Online Ekinaka”. A Christmas tree will appear at the 1F entrance of Granduo Tachikawa from Wednesday, November 16, 2022! We will prepare a lot of topics to enjoy Christmas in the hall. We will provide a comfortable place and time to snuggle up to the small happiness in our customers’ lives.
[Granduo Tachikawa Official Website] https://www.granduo.jp/tachikawa/

[Image 1

A Christmas tree appears at the Granduo Tachikawa 1F entrance ▲ 1. Granduo Tachikawa’s Christmas Cake Details
We have a lot of special Christmas cakes from pastry shops in the Tama area and cakes that you can enjoy the taste of the usual shop of Granduo Tachikawa for Christmas.
[Ekinaka on the Internet] https://www.net-ekinaka.com/shop/e/e1677/ [Image 2d21867-11-559930f3e661fb380943-1.jpg&s3=21867-11-de96aef54bd9b599624d5314e53116b9-567x567.jpg

[Image 3d21867-11-14d66a63338846a2c741-2.jpg&s3=21867-11-e8f48e5283f9fdecefa312bb7ea948c1-1049x1119.jpg

≪National≫ Les Entremets National
    Espoir 3,888 yen (tax included)
One of the patisserie representatives of Kunitachi City, “Les Entremets Kunitachi”.
In the strawberry chocolate mousse, roasted Italian pistachio cream, sweet and sour framboise, strawberry jelly, and bright red glasage create a gorgeous Christmas.
■Size: about 13.5cm in diameter
■ ekinaka reservation period on the Internet
 : On sale until December 18th (Sun)
■ Over-the-counter sales period (1F special)
 :December 23 (Fri)-December 25 (Sun)
[Image 4d21867-11-e0d0e849937295b448fe-3.jpg&s3=21867-11-a5349bc6cdd0c908abaeb4eeac5707ee-942x1125.jpg
≪Kichijoji≫Patisserie AK Lab
     Shanti Phrase Noel
             4,320 yen (tax included)
“Patisserie AK Lab” is a French pastry shop in Kichijoji that is loved by the locals.
A high-quality shortcake made with seasonal strawberries and cream from Hokkaido.
Accented with lemon cream gently hidden.
■Size: about 12cm in diameter
■ ekinaka reservation period on the Internet
 : On sale until December 18th (Sun)
■ Over-the-counter sales period (1F special)
 :December 23 (Fri)-December 25 (Sun)
[Image 5d21867-11-ecfcfa7727d450c8205a-5.jpg&s3=21867-11-9abee97e35b6f84f3851e806c630b346-2205x1470.jpg
≪Granduo Tachikawa 1F≫
 Patisserie a la Campagne
Tarte au phrase special
8,964 yen (tax included)
“A la Campagne” offers a wide variety of carefully selected tarts. A special tart that uses plenty of rare Kumamoto Prefecture “Awayuki” and seasonal bright red fresh strawberries.
(Pre-order limited production)
■Size: about 15cm in diameter
■Online reservation period
                              : On sale until December 18th (Sun) ■Over-the-counter sales period (1F)
                             : December 22nd (Thursday) to December 25th (Sunday)
*For other cakes, please check the URL below▼
https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d21867-20221115-ca0d09eeba78ee23708670722deec43a.pdf 2. Christmas concert 2022 ~3 weeks in a row! ~
We will hold a free concert for 3 consecutive weeks to liven up the Christmas mood!
♪ Week 1 ♪ Christmas handbell concert by Liriale
[Image 6d21867-11-0adc0db2fa229e037375-6.jpg&s3=21867-11-9dcfa4a5d3f3f13edab302e9013913f7-1478x1108.jpg
Established mainly by members who graduated from Kunitachi College of Music It is a performance of a song perfect for Christmas by the handbell circle “Lilliale”.
■Date and time: December 4th (Sun) 13:00-/14:30-
*About 30 minutes each time
■ Place: In front of the 4th floor pluste

♪ Week 2 ♪ Christmas concert with flute and violin
[Image 7d21867-11-9ab4c3c0d994fa8d19c5-7.jpg&s3=21867-11-07fafff277cf3bdb5d3a0b0a59a9525e-1134x720.jpg
He has a connection with the Tama area and has experience winning a competition. We will hold a concert by playing.
■Date and time: December 10th (Sat) 13:00-/14:30-
      ※30 minutes each time
■ Place: In front of the 4th floor pluste
▲ (From left) Mr. Shizuha Kuroda Mr. Hanae Wachi
♪ Week 3 ♪ Taisei High School Handbell Club Christmas Concert

[Image 8d21867-11-c78b61938498aeabb157-8.jpg&s3=21867-11-3f61f18b1cbd5c2c7aba1e8edeb4645e-3900x2925.jpg
We will hold a mini concert with the desire to spread the waves of happiness to as many people as possible through music.
■Date and time: December 18th (Sun) 12:00-
      ※Event time 20 minutes
■ Place: In front of the 4th floor pluste

3. About Granduo Tachikawa
[Image 9d21867-11-da2fa0e52fa979505919-9.jpg&s3=21867-11-b2709dd2153b369935e12ffb903825f1-2988x2100.jpg
Name: Granduo Tachikawa / GRANDUO TACHIKAWA
Location: 3-2-1 Shibasakicho, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-8554
Representative Director and President: Tomoko Onuma
Operated by: JR East Commercial Development Co., Ltd.
Opening date: April 18, 1999
Number of stores: 139 stores (as of November 2022)
Access: Directly connected to JR Tachikawa Station
business hours:
Shop 10:00-20:30 (until 20:00 on Sundays and public holidays) Restaurant 11:00-22:00


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