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Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki Replacing art exhibited during the period The in-house art from Christmas to the end of the year is the work of an artist from Kawasaki City

At Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki (Managed by Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd., General Manager Fuminori Kaneda), the theme of the hotel
The works of young artists are exhibited throughout the year from a certain “place where encounters and stories begin”. In addition to the permanent works, we will actively introduce new works by changing them five times a year according to the event scene, because we want visitors to come across new works.
From November 11th to January 7th, works by Kenta Kobayashi, who is from Kawasaki City, will be exhibited in three locations. You can purchase it after the period ends.
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■ Kenta Kobayashi profile
Born in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1992.
Based in Tokyo and Shonan. photographer, artist. His representative work is known as the “#smudge” series, which uses image editing software to transform a part of a photo or video into something like the strokes of a painting. In recent years, he has been working across media such as three-dimensional works, performance, CG, VR, and NFT. Major solo exhibitions include “THE PAST EXISTS” Mitsukoshi
Contemporary Gallery (Tokyo, 2022), “Tokyo Debris” WAITINGROOM (Tokyo, 2022), “#smudge” ANB Tokyo 6F Studio 1 (Tokyo, 2021), “Automobile Entomology” / What is beauty?” G/P gallery (Tokyo, 2017), major group exhibitions “COMING OF AGE” Fondation Louis Vuitton (Paris, 2022)) “Hello World Towards the post-human era ” Art Tower Mito (Mito, 2018) “GIVE ME YESTERDAY” Prada Fondation Osservatorio (Italy, 2016), etc. His major collections include the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco (USA).
■ Installation date: November 11, 2022 to January 7, 2023
■ Installation location: Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki, 2nd floor lobby, entrance, front desk
■ Installation location and work details
◇ Elevator Hall
Zombie #blur #sharpness [Size] H72.8 x W103 cm
[Material] Archival pigment print, frame [Year] 2018
[Image 1

◇Windbreak room (Restaurant entrance)
Fire #smudge #repeater [Size] H128.7 x W72.8 cm [Year of production] 2019
[Material] archival pigment print, acrylic mount
Dan #smudge #repeater [Size] H128.7 x W72.8 cm [Year of production] 2019 [Material] archival pigment print, acrylic mount
Cabin #smudge #repeater [Size] H128.7 x W72.8 cm [Year of production] 2019
[Material] archival pigment print, acrylic mount
[Image 2

◇ Front
[Art work] Nehiilistic glitter
[Size] Diameter 120cm
[Material] Photo acrylic
[Production year] 2022
[Image 3

Neither time nor gravitation
[Size] Diameter 120cm
[Material] Photo acrylic
[Production year] 2022
[Image 4d30117-751-b80ce0e557cd70483d8c-0.jpg&s3=30117-751-5d8722ba67bc00b0f5740e9aa0fcf56e-600x400.jpg
◇Message from art director CHIE SAIKI ART PROJECTS
Kobayashi develops works like abstract paintings in his own creative activities that go beyond the framework of “photography”. “Dunhill” It is attracting attention from around the world, such as
collaborating with the Spring / Summer 2020 collection and working on the campaign image for the Fall / Winter 2019 men’s collection of “Louis Vuitton” led by Virgil Abloh.
In the exhibition, a circular acrylic mount was created using computer graphics to create a view of the city reflected in a broken mirror, and printed in high definition.
We will deliver the photographic works of the “#smudge” series of works and representative works.
In his representative work “#smudge” series, he uses software tools to express parts of photographs and videos like brushstrokes in abstract paintings. Software tools are generally used for correcting
photographs, but Kobayashi uses them excessively to treat photographs like a palette of paints and transform the image. Smudge’s
brushstrokes are traces of physicality that straddle the boundaries between photography and painting.
■ Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki
 Opened in May 2020 1-5 Omiya-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa  https://kawasaki.metropolitan.jp/

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