JR East Kikaku Co., Ltd. Soccer World Cup news is being broadcast on Train Channel and J/AD Vision!!

JR East Planning Co., Ltd.
Soccer World Cup news is being aired on Train Channel and J・AD Vision!! -Broadcasting tournament-related news, match results and topics-
◆ JR East Planning Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Ryoji Akaishi) has established Train Channel and J/AD Vision for the purpose of creating “meaningful time” from “free time” in transportation. , we will broadcast news, match results, history of the World Cup, etc. of the football World Cup in Qatar in a timely manner.
The broadcast will be held from 11/21 (Mon.) to 12/3 (Sat.) during the group stage, and from 12/4 (Sun.) to 12/19 (Mon.) until 18:00 during the knockout stage. .
◆ News is provided by Kyodo News Digital Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masakazu Hosoda), and we will deliver timely news by updating information several times a day.
Implementation overview
■ Content provider: Kyodo News Digital
Broadcast period: Monday, November 21, 2022 to Monday, December 19, 2022 * Group stage period: 11/21 (Monday) – 12/3 (Saturday)
* Knockout stage period: 12/4 (Sunday) to 12/19 (Monday) until 18:00 Train Channel Broadcasting routes: Yamanote Line, Chuo Line Rapid, Keihin Tohoku Line/Negishi Line, Keiyo Line, Saikyo Line, Yokohama Line, Nambu Line, Joban Line Local Train, Chuo Line/Sobu Line Local Train, Yokosuka Line/Sobu Line Rapid, Yurikamome
■J・AD Vision Broadcast Stations: JR East metropolitan area 21 stations 35 areas *Some programs/bases may not be broadcast.
*Please refrain from contacting the station or station staff. ■ Broadcast content: news, match results, history of the World Cup, etc. Broadcast image
■ In-vehicle signage broadcast image
[Image 1d41458-139-1bc279ba09368e95da6d-2.jpg&s3=41458-139-f9b7ddc6f99f235f5fda252cf59dfdf4-1920x1080.jpg

[Image 2d41458-139-51edb765e3cb57eeddbe-1.jpg&s3=41458-139-02544bb0dd660b49e6f2903a57344ae2-1920x1080.jpg
■ Station signage broadcast image
[Image 3d41458-139-14817b348d046f2329d3-4.jpg&s3=41458-139-8cd8b4cbe54cff5db0ea0e48f318fe3a-1080x1920.jpg

[Image 4d41458-139-0faa3ce6f35176be1f52-3.jpg&s3=41458-139-6be5542a620f5a978ff3d7a1d4255e76-1080x1920.jpg

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