JR East Planning Co., Ltd. jeki launches a media representative business specializing in digital signage, the first being “ABC Cooking Studio Vision”!

JR East Planning Co., Ltd.
jeki launches a media representative business specializing in digital signage, the first being “ABC Cooking Studio Vision”!

JR East Kikaku Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo: President Ryoji Akaishi; hereinafter referred to as jeki) is a classroom of ABC Cooking Studio operated by ABC Cooking Studio Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo: President and CEO Narumi Shimura). We signed a contract as a media rep to sell a part of the distribution frame as advertising media for the digital signage installed in the building.
This is the first media representative business of the new business department “Digital Signage Business Department” established on July 1, 2022.
The new medium “ABC Cooking Studio Vision” will utilize the sales management system of the jeki Transportation Media Headquarters and will be sold through a contracted advertising company.
Also, taking into account the compatibility with this medium, we have developed a set product with the “JR East Women-only Car Train Channel”.
About Digital Signage Business Bureau
Consolidate functions related to digital signage within the company and group, from hardware design and construction to distribution and advertising sales
This is a new business office established to provide comprehensive services. In anticipation of the future expansion of the digital signage market, we will newly establish the “Digital Signage Business Department” as part of the organizational reform on July 1, and develop a
full-fledged media representative business specializing in digital signage. This is a service for location owners and digital
signage-related businesses that utilizes the unique knowledge of jeki, which has worked on digital signage for stations and trains as an advertising company of the JR East Group.
We will respond to all consultations regarding digital signage, from those who are considering introducing digital signage for the first time to cost reduction and monetization of signage that is already in operation.
■ Website: https://www.jeki.co.jp/digital_signage/
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About ABC Cooking Studio Vision
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ABC Cooking Studio is one of the world’s largest cooking classes, with about 100 studios in Japan and 37 studios overseas, boasting about 1.63 million domestic and overseas members (as of October 2022). Based on the corporate philosophy of “bringing smiles to dining tables around the world”, we propose the importance and enjoyment of “homemade food”.

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[Media overview]
■ Name: ABC Cooking Studio Vision
■Characteristics: A digital signage medium that can be deployed nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
      About 95% of the participants are women, which makes clear targeting possible.
■Number of monthly users: Total of 200,000 to 220,000
■Sales unit: Total area: 89 classrooms, 118 surfaces (as of October 2022) ■ Broadcast period: 1 month
■ Number of broadcasts: 4 to 5 times per lesson
■ Monitor size: 40 to 100 inches, horizontal
■Broadcast roll: Maximum 30 minutes (advertisement slot is 6 minutes) ■Broadcast start date: 1st of every month (except January)
■ Advertising menu
1. Advertisement price list
[Image 5

2. ABC Cooking Studio tie-up advertisement
   This is an advertisement menu that applies a special rate when broadcasting a tie-up video with ABC Cooking Studio.
3. Content-based advertising
   Special rates are applicable if you wish to broadcast content that students can enjoy or entertainment videos.
This is an advertisement menu that can be used. Please consult us in advance about the contents of the broadcast, and let us determine whether the content sales frame is applicable or not.
I’ll enjoy having this.
⓸ “JR East women-only car Train Channel + ABC Cooking Studio Vision” set You can effectively and efficiently appeal to the female target with the set price with the “women-only car train channel”.
■ Application acceptance: From December 1, 2022 (on sale from January 2023) [Inquiries regarding this project] JR East Planning Co., Ltd. Digital Signage Business Department info@jeki.co.jp

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