JR Tokai announces the details of the plan of “Virtual Nagoya Station”, a station on the metaverse that will be deployed in the virtual market 2022 Winter! !

HIKKY Co., Ltd.
JR Tokai announces the details of the plan of “Virtual Nagoya Station”, a station on the metaverse that will be deployed in the virtual market 2022 Winter! !

HIKKY Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yasushi Funakoshi, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as HIKKY) will hold the world’s largest* VR event on the Metaverse from December 3 (Sat) to 18 (Sun), 2022. Virtual Market 2022 Winter” will be held. Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) and JR Tokai Agency Co., Ltd. will exhibit for the first time at this event, and will develop a “Virtual Nagoya Station” that reproduces Nagoya Station on the Metaverse.
*The virtual market has been certified by Guinness World Records (TM) as “the largest number of booths at a virtual reality market event”. The JR Central Group aims to realize people’s affluent lives by improving the value of cities along railway lines and transportation, starting with railways, and will accelerate innovation by
collaborating with various partners. At the “Virtual Nagoya Station” created by HIKKY and the JR Tokai Group this time, we will create new experiences that link the virtual and the real, and create new experiences in line with the theme of “Virtual Market 2022 Winter”, “NEXT Journey”. We will challenge to improve the value of travel. [Image 1

Virtual Nagoya Station main visual
[Image 2

Virtual Market 2022 Winter Parareal Nagoya Venue
[Image 3

Virtual Nagoya station exterior
Full of Metaverse real thrills! Contents that can be enjoyed in “Virtual Nagoya Station”
In this “Virtual Nagoya Station”, the real JR Nagoya Station has been elaborately reproduced with a 3D model. The landmarks of Nagoya Station have been faithfully reproduced, including the JR Central Towers and JR Gate Tower that rise above the station, as well as the gold and silver clocks that are famous as meeting spots, as well as the “Flying” object that was recently removed. I’m here. Inside the station, we have prepared a lot of content unique to the Metaverse realized through collaboration with various companies. An avatar of Nagoya Station’s specialty chick-shaped sweets “Piyorin” will guide you around the station.
[Image 4

Virtual Nagoya Station gold clock area
[Image 5

Piyorin the guide (avatar)
1. It is possible because it is Metaverse! Maglev/Shinkansen Virtual Ride At Virtual Nagoya Station, you can experience a virtual ride on the Linear Chuo Shinkansen (L0 series improved test car) and the Tokaido Shinkansen (N700S). If you pass through the ticket gates inside the station and run up to the Shinkansen platform, the Tokaido Shinkansen that looks just like the real thing awaits you. While enjoying a journey in the Metaverse space on the bullet train, a warp space appears in front of you…? Be sure to check it out at Virtual Nagoya Station!
[Image 6

N700S stopping at the virtual Nagoya station platform
[Image 7

L0 series improved test car running in metaverse space
[Image 8

Inside the improved L0 series test car
2. Who can climb to the top the fastest? Virtual Climbing Experience at JR Central Towers
We will prepare content that allows you to climb the side walls of JR Central Towers (over 50F above ground, about 245m in height), a station building facility directly above the station, with simple keyboard operations. Challenge yourself to see if you can reach the top!
*It is very dangerous, so please do not climb the walls of JR Central Towers in the real world.
[Image 9

Avatar during a climbing experience
3. “Love Live! Sunshine !!” Introducing tourist attractions in Numazu at the collaboration booth
At the collaboration booth with “Love Live! We will introduce the sightseeing spots of Numazu that appear in Sunshine!! along with the famous scenes on the map. In addition, we have prepared a
commemorative photo spot with the members and a gimmick that swings “Love Live Blade! Sunshine !!” along with the realistic live video. [Image 10

Live video on stage (image)
4. You can take a commemorative photo with Nobunaga Oda! “Nobunaga’s Ambition” Booth
At the booth, which collaborated with Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.’s popular game series “Nobunaga’s Ambition”, which is loved by a wide range of generations, a 3D model of Nobunaga Oda, a main character of the game who was born in Owari Province, which is now in Aichi, was placed. Feel the power next to you that you can’t imagine in the virtual world, and take a 2-shot with Nobunaga, which is impossible in the real world! In addition, we will introduce the warlords who built castles along the Tokaido Shinkansen along with the highlights of each castle.
Source titles: “Nobunaga’s Ambition: Rebirth”, “Nobunaga’s Ambition: Hajime” [Image 12

3D model of Nobunaga Oda standing on the concourse
5. An avatar of Ayako Suzukawa, a railway entertainer from Yoshimoto! Mr. Suzukawa, any news that railway fans need to pay attention to? Somewhere in Virtual Nagoya Station, a cute avatar of Ayako Suzukawa, a well-known railroad lover affiliated with Yoshimoto Kogyo, who is also active as a YouTuber, has appeared! In addition, we are planning to announce the collaboration project (*) between Mr. Suzukawa and JR Tokai, which is currently under preparation, at Virtual Nagoya Station. We are preparing a project that both Mr. Suzukawa and railway fans can enjoy, so don’t miss it!
*The collaboration project with Mr. Suzukawa is scheduled to be held after the virtual market period.
[Image 13

Ayako Suzukawa
6. Digital art works by up-and-coming creators float in Nagoya station “Advent gallery” collaboration
In collaboration with Chukyo TV’s art project “Appearance Gallery”, digital art works by young creators will be exhibited in the virtual gold clock area of ​​Nagoya Station. Please take advantage of the characteristics of the Metaverse space to see a variety of unique art floating in the air that is impossible in reality. You can also purchase the works you care about as real art in a frame. (If you click on the art work in the virtual Nagoya station, it will transition to the online sales page)
[Image 14

A work of art floating in the gold clock area
7. Announcing the popularity vote results of fashion and CG works by Mode Gakuen and HAL students at virtual Nagoya station!
In the virtual Nagoya station, a collaboration booth with Nagoya’s representative vocational schools “Nagoya Mode Gakuen” and “HAL Nagoya” will be set up, and from November 21 (Monday) to 23
(Wednesday) JR Tokai Agency will open a real Nagoya station. We will announce the voting results of the “Fashion / CG work general election with Nagoya Mode Gakuen / HAL Nagoya” held in the inner event space. In the booth, 3D models of the participating students’ works will be exhibited, and avatars wearing some fashion items will walk on the runway of the Metaverse space.
[Image 15

Results announcement stage in the course
Virtual and real linked projects such as “Metaverse Experience Meeting” will also be held at Real Nagoya Station!
In line with the “Virtual Market 2022 Winter” period, a special booth will be set up in the event space of the central concourse inside Nagoya Station from December 3 (Sat) to December 18 (Sun), and the following virtual and real interlocking projects will be held. will be carried out.
1. Fully experience the charm of Metaverse with VR goggles! “Metaverse Experience Meeting”
We will hold a “Metaverse Experience Event” where you can wear VR goggles and experience all the contents of Virtual Nagoya Station so that even those who do not have VR equipment at home can enjoy each content of Virtual Nagoya Station to the fullest. I will. Anyone can use it without reservation, so please feel free to drop by!
-Date and time-
12/3 (Sat) – 12/16 (Fri) 10:00-19:00 (14:00 only on 12/3 (Sat)) *Experience time is limited to 10 minutes at most. If it is crowded, you may have to wait in line.
[Image 16

VR equipment (PICO 4) to be used at the Metaverse experience event 2. Interact with popular VTubers in real time at Nagoya Station! Eat “Push! Nagoya Meshi” and Get Limited Goods
We will hold an event (*) where you can interact with popular VTubers over the monitor. Aoi Fuji and YuNi will appear on December 17th (Sat), and Rei and Rio from “Omega Sisters” will appear on December 18th (Sun). We will communicate with the participants in real time while introducing “Nagoyameshi”. On both days, the facilitator will be El Otsuta, the official VTuber announcer of the local Chukyo TV. *The event will be held in four parts on both days: 13:30-, 14:30-, 15:30-, and 16:30-. Due to the expected large number of applicants, a lottery system will be used, with a maximum of 25 participants per session. If you wish to participate in the event, please enter the lottery from the QR code installed in the special booth in the central concourse of Nagoya Station between 10:00 and 12:00 on the day. (Each division will announce the winning results around 12:30)
In addition to the exchange event with VTuber, during the event period, each VTuber’s “Recommended! Nagoya Meshi” can be eaten at the target store (*) in JR Nagoya Station, and at the store cashier, “I saw virtual Nagoya station!” For customers who say so, we will present a collaboration sticker with each VTuber with an original design of Virtual Nagoya Station (limited to 1000 each, it will end as soon as it runs out)!
*Each VTuber’s “Recommended Nagoya Meshi” and target stores
Fuji Aoi: Hitsumabushi at Maruya Main Store (JR Nagoya Station) YuNi: “Misokatsu” from Yabaton (JR Nagoya Station) *Take-out only Omega Ray: “Ankake Spa” at Spaghetti House Ciao (Nagoya JR Gate Tower) Omega Rio: “Taiwan Ramen” from Misen (JR Nagoya Station)
[Image 17

In addition, at the collaboration booth with each VTuber in Virtual Nagoya Station, we will display and sell the official 3D model of “Oshi! Nagoya Meshi”.
[Image 18

*Please note that if you do not have a VR device or gaming PC, you will only be able to enjoy some content (Mr. Suzukawa’s avatar, Piyorin’s mystery solving rally, etc.).
*All posted images are images. The 3D model is an image under development and may be updated before the Virtual Market 2022 Winter. *The content of each virtual Nagoya station content is subject to change without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.
[About the virtual market (commonly known as Vket)]
The world’s largest VR event where you can buy and sell 3D items such as avatars and real products (clothes, PCs, food, etc.) at venues on the Metaverse. It is a pioneering event of Metaverse, which has been held since 2018 and boasts more than 1 million visitors from all over the world, including Japan, and has been certified* by Guinness World Records (TM). In addition to buying and selling products, we also provide “experiences” unique to virtual spaces, such as riding vehicles, watching movies, and participating in live music in the venue. In addition, voice communication is possible between visitors, and you can enjoy the presence as if you were walking around the city together in the real world. The virtual market started with the purpose of buying and selling 3D data products between individuals, but in recent years, major companies that want to enter the metaverse business have expanded the sales of real products and created new possibilities for VR commerce.
*As the largest number of booths at a virtual reality market event [Overview of Virtual Market 2022 Winter]
Name: Virtual Market 2022 Winter
Organizer: VR corporation HIKKY
Date: December 3rd (Sat) to 18th (Sun), 2022 (16 days in total) Theme: NEXT Journey
Corporate exhibition venues: Parareal Paris / Parareal Nagoya / Parareal Sapporo Official website: https://winter2022.vket.com/
Official SNS:
Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/vket_official/
How to visit: You can visit the special world in VRChat from a VR device or gaming PC.
We will also prepare some browser venues where you can enter only by clicking the URL from your smartphone etc.
https://winter2022.vketcloud.com/ (*The page on the left will open from 12/3) Also, some venues can be entered from Meta Quest alone.
Details about this release:


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