JR West Japan Isetan Co., Ltd. Isetan’s annual scent festival is in Umeda! “Salon de Parfum 2022” premiere d in Osaka

West Japan Railway Isetan Co., Ltd.
Isetan’s annual scent festival is in Umeda! “Salon de Parfum 2022” premiered in Osaka

The scent festival “Salon de Parfum”, where domestic and foreign fragrances gather, is coming to Osaka. This event, which is popular every year at the Isetan Shinjuku store, is now in its 10th year. This time, we will offer a lineup of more than 30 brands at multiple venues of Isetan shops in LUCUA Osaka, and propose an encounter with a memorable memorial perfume.
There are plenty of happy projects such as brand director seminars, events, and visit benefits.
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Salon de parfum – main image
Homepage https://osaka.wjr-isetan.co.jp/floorevent/2211sdp/
Date: 11/30 (Wed.) – 12/6 (Tue.)
Venue: Main venue LUCUA ELE / 4th floor Isetan closet
Other venues: Lucua Ele / 1st floor Isetan Seasonal Selection, 2nd floor Isetan Cosmetics, 2nd floor Isetan Urban Market,
8th floor Isetan men’s style
[Example of products]
Limited edition of the Isetan Mitsukoshi group from a British brand As a beauty lifestyle brand, Jo Malone London has gained support from a wide range of generations. This time, a set of 3 types of candles with lanterns that you can enjoy the scents of pine & eucalyptus, lime basil & mandarin, and English pear & freesia will appear as a limited edition at Salon de Parfum.

[Image 2

Jo Malone London
●-Jo Malone London-Travel Candle Trio and Lantern ¥16,390 (60mL x 3 types) Just debuted this summer! Featured Japanese brands
-Ye Bandoo- is a made-in-Japan brand that just debuted in August 2022. The parfum shower was born from the concept of skin care and contains plenty of beauty ingredients made from naturally derived ingredients. The minimal and stylish design is also a popular factor.
[Image 3

Ye Bandoo
●-Ie Bandeau-PARFUM SHOWER Villefranche-sur-Mer 7,150 yen (28mL) Perfume directed by a unique background
Sanoma, a Japanese brand that debuted in Paris in September 2020 with the theme of high-quality everyday life. Directed by creator Yuta Watanabe, French perfumer Jean-Michel Duryea handles the fragrance. After working at an investment bank, Mr. Watanabe went to France and obtained an MBA from the Sorbonne University Graduate School. A consultation by Mr. Watanabe will also be held from November 30th (Wednesday) to December 4th (Sunday).
[Image 4

●-Sanoma-1-24 Suzumushi 8,250 yen (30 mL)
As for the order fragrance event with the perfumer
The Kiresa series was born in 2021 from -Koshi-, which was established in 2010 by Japanese perfumer Hideshi Matsuno. We have a wide range of scents, from unique and complex scents to scents that are supported by users who are not accustomed to perfumes.
We also carry out order planning that is usually done only at stores in Daikanyama. We prepare a fragrance that suits each individual from over 500 kinds of single fragrances. (Reservation required from event website)
[Image 5

●-Koushi-Kiresa Eau de Parfum white lie ¥18,700 (50mL)
Popular vegan fragrance
A vegan fragrance brand that inherits the botanical tradition of the Minimes Abbey, which was established in Provence in the south of France in 1614, -Couvon des Minimes-. The world-famous perfumer Jean-Claude Elena has been appointed as Olfactive Director to develop fragrances that focus on eliminating plant ingredients and additives. [Image 6

Couven des Minimes
●-Couvon des Minimes-Aqua Majestae Collection 5,940 yen
(Botanical Cologne Aqua Majestae 50mL, Aqua Majestae Hand Cream 30mL, original atomizer, limited tote bag included)
[Salon de Parfum Rally]
During the period, in addition to the main venue on the 4th floor, we will give you a present if you visit two other places from the other venues. (Limited to the first 1,500 customers) *Registration with the Isetan Mitsukoshi app is required.
*All prices include tax
※The photograph is an image.
*Some products are limited in quantity, so please forgive us when they are out of stock.

“Salon de Parfum 2022”
Date: November 30th (Wednesday) to December 6th (Tuesday), 2022 Location: Main venue/4th floor ISETAN closet
Other venues: 1st floor Isetan Seasonal Selection, 2nd floor Isetan Cosmetics, 2nd floor Isetan Urban Market, 8th floor Isetan Men’s Style Business hours: 10:30 am to 8:30 pm
Address: 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City LUCUA ELE
Inquiries: 06-4301-3825 (Main venue/Isetan closet direct)
Homepage https://osaka.wjr-isetan.co.jp
* Due to various circumstances, business days, business hours, planned events, etc. may be changed or canceled.
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