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-On November 14th, sweet friends will come to JR Tennoji Station- Overturn the concept of frozen cake!?
Making the JR Osaka Loop Line even more convenient!
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[Image 2d95753-305-f294d348daf5d4f68c14-10.png&s3=95753-305-b57349f86fa2ce88c00efc69b4e7e1c2-924x607.png
[Image 3d95753-305-f3bcbbec14a4560ed049-11.png&s3=95753-305-d58ed8649c98770153ace2a23ebce113-924x612.png
 On November 14, 2022 (Monday), a frozen vending machine for “MASAKI FARM’s Candy Friends” will be installed and open in JR Tennoji Station. This will be the second frozen vending machine for “MASAKI FARM Sweet Friends” to be installed in JR West Station, following Ashiya Station.
 Not only for customers using JR Tennoji Station, but also for those living in the surrounding area, you can stop by on your way home from shopping or work, and enjoy it at home. There are 7 types of products for sale, such as “baked cheesecake” and “gateau chocolate” that you can enjoy at home. (* Products are subject to change without notice) We will meet a variety of needs, such as those who want to enjoy gifts at home, snack time, etc., and those who want to purchase
Overview of “Masaki Ranch”
A company with a history dating back to 1903, it manufactured and sold dairy products, which was rare at the time. In the Heisei era, we have evolved the form of manufacturing and selling desserts and the changes of the times, and now we have become a sweets maker for hotel business that delivers to hotels all over the country.
A company that knows a lot about milk delivers truly delicious milk under the brand of “MASAKI FARM sweet friends”.
Installation overview
 Installation location: Outside the ticket gate at the central exit of JR Tennoji Station
 Address: 10-45 Hiten-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka
Number of installations: 1
Business start date and time: around the evening of Monday, November 14, 2022  Usage hours: According to station business hours.
      ※Please forgive us when we are sold out.
Location map
* Outside the central ticket gate
[Image 4d95753-305-36eaf99b9e3903ff6014-12.png&s3=95753-305-2a90a7f795b5dbbf121c351f3365ad1c-367x177.png

Products/Prices <d95753-305-8d787125a5168296e12c-7.png&s3=95753-305-0a41f865ddb916120e8a22c766afa1e1-827x506.png
[Image 6d95753-305-e81fdb20dfa148736fec-8.png&s3=95753-305-5b953aebb2de0942cd3d757b8b6cd3ab-824x505.png
[Image 7d95753-305-2bcb1ecd30bbe7f61be9-6.png&s3=95753-305-4628ce59cf85f2dd93c887ceca249639-823x504.png
[Image 8d95753-305-25c16f7d2be760fd1cc5-9.png&s3=95753-305-e135ac372629330116afd605a65cf90c-530x327.png
*All images in this press release are images.
*Contents are subject to change without notice. Please note. *It will be delicious if you defrost it in the refrigerator for about 3 to 5 hours.
*Can be frozen for about 3 to 9 months.

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